16 days left for placing! 120 boys awaiting a host family!

Are you interested in sharing the Chinese culture with your family? There are some great Chinese students who are eagerly awaiting news to find out where in the US they will be spending the next 10 months. For most, coming to the US has only been a dream until now, and Great Wall China Adoption and Children of All Nations families can help to make the students’ dreams come true.

Here is some information about a few students:

  • Yusheng, or Jerry, is happy, optimistic and easy going. He loves to watch movies and dreams of being a movie director. Jerry also loves to sing and has been learning many English songs. He likes traveling, shopping, cooking and photography. Jerry is close with his friends and family and enjoys spending time with them. He believes he will “get along very well with his host family and can have a lot of fun in the coming year together”!
  • Chongyang, or Alex, is outgoing, friendly and polite. He is well liked by friends. Alex likes playing soccer and games with his friends. He likes reading, especially history books. Alex spends time playing chess with his grandfather every week and also enjoys cooking. He looks forward to improving his English while staying in the USA. He can’t wait to meet you!
  • Hongrui, who’s English name is John, is kind and polite. He says, “I am an outgoing, kind-hearted and polite boy. I can take good care of the people around me. I believe that true heart is the most important element during the interpersonal communication.” He is always curious about many things. He likes Do It Yourself projects and his favorite hobby is making models of anything- figures, electric models, and paper models. He even paints and enjoys drawing. He likes to swim every day in the summer to say healthy and fit. He also has a great interest in physics, science, and engineering.

To learn more about other Chinese students, visit this website.

The host families can be retired couples, newlywed couples, couples with children, single parents, and even those who have never had children. The Center for Cultural Interchange is a non-profit organization that has been open since 1985. The students are fully insured and they will receive a monthly allowance from their natural parents for whatever necessities they may need. All that is required of our host families is understanding, compassion, a spare bed, and an extra plate at the table during dinner time. They are between the ages of 15 to 18 1/2. They are polite, well mannered, and very mature.

Hosting an exchange student can be the experience of a life time! You will get to share your culture with a student and change his life while he changes yours. You can make a friend for life, and you will have special memories with an outstanding young person who wanted to broaden his horizons. The Center for Cultural Interchange will always need host families, but I hope that will you think about the young man who is sitting at home, right now, and hoping you will pick him to become your international son.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. If you would like to learn more about becoming a host family, whether now or in the future, www.cci-exchange.org or call 800.634.4771.

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