Eleanor is a sweet little girl from China that just turned 5 years old. Eleanor’s left ear looks slightly different than some of her friends. GWCA received an update on Eleanor and it indicated that she has normal hearing in both of her ears! Eleanor has been living with a foster family since she was one and a half years old, so she has been receiving better one-on-one attention and care than she would be if she was in an orphanage.

Eleanor likes playing with other children in her neighborhood and she enjoys playing outside. She enjoys dancing and will happily clap her hands she hears music. Eleanor gets along well with her foster family and she likes to help out with simple chores around the house. She is very sweet and when a guest comes to the house, she will carry a chair to the table so they can sit down, and she will wave goodbye to the guest when they leave. Eleanor can point out the different parts of her body when asked. Her speech and cognitive abilities have increased greatly since being in a foster family but she is still considered to be slightly delayed compared to her peers. Eleanor doesn’t currently have a very large vocabulary, but she understands what other people are saying to her and she can follow directions.

You can contact the China Home Finding Team at Great Wall if you would like to learn more about adopting Eleanor. We hope we are able to find Eleanor her Forever Family soon!

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