Meet Gabe!  Gabe is a precious 1 and a half year old boy from China that was born with Dandy Walker Syndrome and post-operative hydrocephalus. He received a shunt for his hydrocephalus and seems to be doing great overall!  His file indicates that he might have had a hemorrhage in his brain previously. Gabe is a sweet, happy kiddo who loves to laugh with his caregivers. He is able to turn his body and has excellent fine motor skills. He is unable to stand and walk at this time, but he appears to be making excellent progress overall. He is able to kick his legs and seems to be gaining strength. He can recognize his name and says “Mama!” when he is upset. He can distinguish between strangers and his caregivers. His caregivers love him very much and hope that he can have a happy childhood and a bright future.

If you’d like to learn more about this amazing kiddo, please reach out to Great Wall China Adoption!

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