Welcome Home Legacy Journey Families!

Last week we welcomed home all of our families from this summer’s heritage tour! Every year the CCCWA invites Chinese adoptees to return to their homeland to discover their culture.

Between our staff in China and our Legacy Tour expert, Kayley, we strive to plan and coordinate an unforgettable experience for all members of the family. We have already heard wonderful testimonies and have seen adorable photos, here are just a few we wanted to share!

We liked the mix or sightseeing and cultural classes. Everything went so smoothly. It was a wonderful experience for family. – The Dalby Family

This was a wonderful experience for our girls and they made many wonderful friends. Thank you for everything! – The McCall Family

Again..overall…it was the trip we could have never done ourselves. Yes..it was the big touristy things..but we never got to see those while in adoption mode, so it was good. It included the big cities and big attractions..and it slowly worked its way to a more rural area as we went south. When you think of China…Great Wall, Terra Cotta Warriors, pandas, limestone mountains…they were all included. Plus, the little things..culture class at CCCWA, calligraphy and cooking classes too…getting to walk around Hutong, Jinli Street, bike riding on the city wall ( awesome!!!!) West Street – really gave us a more up close view of China. Our daughters are still talking about it, and we hope that these memories of China, their homeland, will stay with them and become a source of great pride. Thank you so much…it was a trip of a lifetime! – The Devakos Family

Overall we were extremely impressed with the amount of value for our money, and the coordination. I hadn’t expected so many shows, so many banquets, so much good food. Having one in country guide who stayed with us was great! Her English was wonderful, and she did all kinds of behind the scenes stuff to make it all work. I am sure every family had some little crisis, from lost cameras, to twin beds in the hotel when queen beds were expected. She handled it great! Overall – I thought this was very top drawer, and appreciate all the hard work GWCA puts in to make this a great, solid vacation experience! – The Craft Family

Best – The range of places we visited, the variety of programs, and how well organized the trip was. The accommodations and food were very good. Also, the visit to the orphanage and finding place was very well done and we were warmly and generously received. – The Katz Family

We loved the families we got to travel with (the kids really bonded over the course of the ten days), the guides were wonderful (especially Vicki, our national guide), and we loved getting to see so much of the country over the course of the tour. -The Delpha Family

The best part about the trip was seeing all of the wonderful sites we were taken to. It was also very special having the CCCWA officials at the welcoming dinner, and visiting their office for the culture classes. Our children also made very good friends on the trip, which we felt was important.  -McNamara Family

A big thank you to Katie Lamb Photography for sharing photo’s taken on the trip.

2015 Heritage Tour Registration has begun, here are a few reasons why you should grab your spot today.

The Beautiful Sites…

Fun Cultural Activities…

New Friendships…

And Creating Family Memories That Will Last Forever!

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