Anyone Can Advocate!

In July, our Waiting Child team sent out an urgent request for a beautiful little girl named Winnie. She was fast approaching her 14th birthday, which means she would shortly be aging out of the international adoption system. We wanted so badly for her to find her forever home. Because so many of you took action so quickly we were able to help this little girl find her forever family. There was a video of her posted on our Facebook page that was viewed by almost 17,000 people. A big thanks also goes to the 113 individuals that shared her posting, and everyone else that took part in efforts to advocate for Winnie.

Our team here was inundated with responses for this sweet girl. It is wonderful to know how truly incredible the Great Wall family is! The staff here is so overwhelmed with all the support she received, and we know her forever family is excited to be bringing this sweet girl home soon. Just one person can make such a big difference and ANYONE can help advocate! We look forward to everyone’s continuous support as we push to find these beautiful children a loving forever home.

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Officially Introducing GWCA’s China Hosting Program!

Orphan hosting provides children an amazing opportunity to see
life outside their orphanage and their country. We call these people who
host waiting children Orphan Warriors.

Will you consider being an Orphan Warrior for these Chinese orphans? Great Wall China Adoption is collaborating with New Horizons for Children, the largest faith-based host program that has brought over 2,000 children to the U.S. through hosting, to bring Special Focus children from multiple orphanages all over China to the U.S. to experience the love of a family and the holiday season for 5 weeks. The approximate dates are December 15, 2013 – January 19, 2014. Photo listings of the children available for hosting will be available here on approximately October 1st, and final details of the program will be available at that time. Special Focus children that may be hosted are aged 6-13 and are older and healthy or have minor to moderate special medical needs. The cost to host a child, which covers their airfare, visa, medical insurance, etc, is $3150.

We are also looking for host families for our Chinese Chaperones traveling with the children, who will be caretakers from the children’s orphanages. There is NO COST to host a chaperone! If you are interested in hosting a chaperone and a wonderful opportunity to gain insight into Chinese culture, please let us know. For more information on the details of the hosting program, please contact New Horizons for Children via their website at and be sure to fill out a pre-application for hosting and get connected with your regional coordinator. There are a limited number of children for this first hosting trip, so be sure to sign up early!


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Thank You Willis Family!

Recently, one of our adoptive families sent us these shirts as a thank-you for helping them in facilitating the adoption of their daughter. This week as they are traveling to China to bring their daughter home, we wish them the very best of luck! We are so thankful for families like the Willis’ that are true champions in adoption, opening their hearts and homes to orphaned children.

Congratulations, Willis Family! Your baby girl is on her way!

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Children in Families First Act of 2013 (CHIFF)

Children Need Families. We Need Your Voice!
Children in Families First Act of 2013 (CHIFF) Introduced in the Senate Today!

As you know, every day, all over the world, more children find themselves living without families – on the streets, in orphanages, in refugee camps. By some estimates, there are now 200 million orphans in the world. But the U.S. Government, through our foreign policy and programming, is not helping to turn this around.

Americans know that family is the bedrock of any society, and that children need the permanent love, care, and protection of a family to grow into healthy, productive adults. Although U.S. foreign policy in theory emphasizes preserving or creating safe, permanent families for children through family reunification, kinship care, domestic or intercountry adoption, the structures and coordination are not there to make it happen. We need change, and NCFA believes this legislation will get us on the right path.

It seeks to redirect a portion of the funds the U.S. currently spends on children living abroad toward ensuring that all children grow up in a family. It restructures the way intercountry adoption is more appropriately placing an office in the Department of State, providing clear direction to not just regulate, but advocate for children in families, and a better balance of adoption support and administration between Department of State and USCIS. (For more detail see the attached, complete legislation.)

You can play a key role in helping to make this happen. Tell your stories. Explain your concerns. As trusted experts in this professional community, your voices will be valuable in explaining to congress and the public why this matters.

Here are specific ways you can get involved.

1. Call your Members of Congress! Ask them to cosponsor the Children in Families First Act of 2013 (S.1530). Let them know that you want your government to make a family for every child a priority!
2. Connect with Congress online. Social media allows you to directly connect with your elected officials.
3. Visit your members of Congress or their staff.
4. Email a letter to your 3 Members of Congress.
5. Be a part of the community! Like CHIFF on Facebook and Twitter!

To learn more, please regularly visit:

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