Volunteer Advocate

Do you have a heart for orphans and are looking for a way to support them? Becoming a Volunteer Advocate is a great way to directly impact the lives of these children! Our volunteers speak on behalf of orphans who may be overlooked for adoption or orphan hosting.

As a Volunteer Advocate, you’ll receive emails from your Volunteer Coordinator with information about featured children who need your help. Afterwards, you’ll spread the word about these kids! Here are some ways you can share their stories:

  • Send an email or talk about the kids to friends, families, neighbors, coworkers, etc.
  • Post about the kids on your social media accounts
  • Advocate for the kids on your blog
  • Speak to local organizations (churches, neighborhood groups, etc.) about the kids

If anyone is interested in adopting or hosting them, please direct them to contact your Volunteer Coordinator. Thanks to you, we can make sure that every child experiences the love and support of a family! It’s time to be a part of something more: join us and be a voice for the children! Our current volunteer opportunities are listed below:


There are thousands of orphaned children in China in need of forever families. To sign up as a Volunteer Advocate to help find adoptive families for these kids, contact our China Volunteer Coordinator Mallory at mallory@gwca.org or 512-323-9595 ext. 3033 today!

Orphan Hosting

We’re looking for families who would be willing to open their homes and hearts to orphans for a few weeks during our summer or winter hosting programs! If you would like to sign up to help find host families for these kids, contact our Hosting Volunteer Coordinator Amber at amber@childrenofallnations.com or 512-323-9595 ext. 3093 today!