Past Orphanage Projects

June’s Playground Fund Donation Drive!

During the month of June 2011, we raised money to build playgrounds for the children of the Shenzhen and Chengdu SWIs. At the time they had very few toys or even a space for these young children to play. Wanting to encourage the healthy development of these orphans as much as we could, we fundraised to provide a space for kiddos to be active and play with friends, which is essential. These playgrounds are one way we can assist and better the quality of life for them as they wait to be adopted.

GWCA’s Playground Project for Chengdu has been completed, and here’s a photo of the children’s beautiful playground. A huge thanks to all of our families! Without you, this would only be a dream for these children, and now it’s a reality!

Libraries of Love

GWCA believes that children who learn to read will excel far beyond those that remain illiterate. Through our experience, we have seen that some orphanages are not able to supply sufficient reading materials for children. Through this mission, we provided sufficient materials for literacy to the entire whole of children in YC. Though this will most certainly benefit those who are in orphanages, it will also benefit every child who is given access to the library.

Update: YC Library of Love is completed! We are proud to debut YC’s Library of Love. With the hard work of our staff and your generous donations, we have been able to build a place for orphans of YC to learn and read.

We turned a dark room into a bright and colorful library! Although this library is officially renovated, we still need your help to add more books, computers and additional resources.

Social Welfare Institute Project

GWCA staff has traveled to YC and SZ social welfare institutes (SWIs) to meet the children and visit with orphanage staff and foster families. They worked directly with the foster families and orphanage staff to thoroughly evaluate the children’s needs and development. GWCA staff provided developmental assessments of the children and reviews of medical needs and care as well as discussed with orphanage directors what information is important to include when preparing a child’s file.