LID vs. Special Focus

As China adoption programs have transitioned from healthy child to Waiting Child, GWCA prides itself in being recognized by the CCCWA as the #1 agency in the US for placing Special Focus children. As such, we are proud of our elite matching team for working diligently with each adoptive family to place them with a child that fits their adoption desires.

When reviewing children’s files with our matching team, we encourage families to be as open as possible to children of either gender, as there are far more boys available for adoption than girls. We also encourage families to carefully consider the age range and special needs that they might feel comfortable with. This helps us determine if they would be better suited for a Special Focus child, or what we refer to as the “LID Track.”


Non-Special Focus kids are often referred to as LID, meaning “Log In Date.” While families can be matched with a Special Focus child once their home study is completed, they must log their dossier in prior to reviewing files for LID children. These kids are typically age 1-4, and have more minor or correctable needs. For families who are open to a Waiting Child with minor or correctable needs, the LID track is a great alternative to other international adoption programs where the referral time for a healthy child can be several years.

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Special Focus

Most of the children in China’s Waiting Child program, are classified as Special Focus. This means that they are considered more difficult to place either because of their age, gender, or special needs. While the idea of special needs can be a bit overwhelming to families, it is important to realize that many needs fall on a spectrum. This means that two children whose files indicate the same need can be affected in completely different ways. One example of this is cerebral palsy. While some of the children that we have seen with cerebral palsy are wheelchair bound, others are able to run, jump, and climb just like any other kid. As such, it is very important for families to thoroughly  research a variety of special needs before ruling anything out!

 How quickly can you be matched?

The time that it takes for a family to get matched with their forever child depends on their openness to gender, age range, and special needs. Since families play a role in the matching process, they determine when they have found their child and wish to move forward with the process.

  • LID: For families who feel that a younger child with mild special needs is the best fit the referral process with GWCA takes about 12-18 months after your dossier is sent to China.
  • Special Focus: For our families that are open to an older child or a child with moderate to severe needs the referral process often takes place once the home study is completed and prior to submitting the dossier.

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