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Are you interested in learning more about our adoption programs? Children of All Nations and Great Wall China Adoption will be holding informative webinars throughout the year to provide potential adoptive families with the opportunity to get an inside look at the different adoption programs that we offer from the comfort of their own home! Currently scheduled upcoming events are listed below, register now to save your spot! 


  • McKenzie Drake 6:33 pm - October 7, 2015

    I am not able to attend the China webinar scheduled today (in 30 minutes). I registered, but something has come up and I can’t make it. Sorry for the late notice. I didn’t see a link to reply through my registration confirmation email. Hopefully this reaches you in time.

    McKenzie Drake

    • Heidi Rogers 2:18 pm - October 9, 2015

      McKenzie, the China webinar is actually next Wednesday, Oct. 14th, at 6:00pm CST, so if you’d still like to attend at that time you’re more than welcome to. Have a great day!

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