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Great Wall Re-Adoption and Finalization Services

Many families make the journey abroad to receive their child and finalize the adoption in the child’s country of origin.  While these are the crucial steps of an adoption, it is also very important for a family to re-adopt their child in the United States.

Who can use this service?

GWCA/CAN has partnered with highly reputable adoption attorneys in Texas to offer low-cost and hassle-free United States re-adoptions.

For a one-time fee of $1,180 (including court filing and birth certificate fees), our attorneys can assist families living in all 50 states and overseas. In most cases, our attorneys can provide re-adoption services without the family present.  The attorney will represent the adoptive parents in a re-adoption, and obtain a certified adoption decree issued by a Texas Court. This decree will establish, in a form that is accepted by any state, that the adoptive parents are the legal parents of the child. The decree will also allow our attorney to obtain birth certificates from the State of Texas for the child, which will be accepted by any state. In most cases, the adoptive parents should not need to come to Texas.

This service is also available to families wishing to complete the re-adoption process for two or three children at one time. It is not required that the children were adopted at the same time or even from the same country. A one time fee of $1,580 including court filing and birth certificate fees) would cover the expenses for two re-adoptions, and a one time fee of $1,730 would cover the expenses for three re-adoptions, and $1,880 would cover the expenses for four re-adoptions.

To change your adoptive child’s date of birth, the fee is $200 per family. (You pay $200 regardless of the number of children that need their birth dates changed.)

Why re-adopt in the United States?

  • To gain a domestic Adoption Decree and Birth Certificate, issued in a form that is accepted in all domestic courts and recognized by American institutions.(There have been some cases where U.S. courts have not been able to “recognize” a foreign adoption decree, and/or children have not been able to participate in activities that require a United States Birth Certificate.)
  • Domestic adoption and birth records are available in the United States (The replacement of foreign birth certificates and adoption records may be impossible to obtain. At a minimum, the replacement process may be very time consuming and expensive.)
  • To change the name of the child: If there is a change to a child’s legal name after their entry into the United States, a family must re-adopt, and then re-apply to USCIS for a new Certificate of Citizenship to establish this revision.
  • To guarantee your child’s right to inheritance in every state: Not all states recognize the validity of foreign adoption decrees in all legal cases. If there were ever a question as to whether a child was eligible to receive inheritance or other legal benefit, the re-adoption provides a domestic record of a child’s legal status.
  • To obtain school benefits: From a practical stand-point, many school systems require a domestic final order of adoption or domestic birth certificate in order to qualify for activities, benefits, etc. In some instances, colleges require a domestic final order prior to admittance.
  • To have an accurate Date of Birth: the “Accuracy for Adoptees Act,” requires that a Federal Certificate of Citizenship for a child born outside of the United States reflect the child’s name and date of birth as indicated on a State court order or State vital records document issued by the child’s State of residence after the child has been adopted in that State. You will be able to change your adoptive child’s date of birth to reflect his/her true age.

A breakdown of the services is listed below:

  • Preparing Petitioners’ Original Petition for Adoption, Affidavit; preparing social study order;
  • Filing petition with the Court; submitting social study order to Court for signature;
    forwarding petition and social study order to social worker;
  • Reviewing social study report; preparing Final Adoption Decree; preparing Certificate of Adoption; preparing for hearing;
  • Pre-hearing conference with clients and appearing in Court with clients for final hearing on the merits (if attended by clients); filing Social Study report; forwarding Certificate of Adoption to Texas Department of Health, Bureau of Vital Statistics, requesting new birth certificates;
  • Three Certified Final Adoption Decrees, in a form accepted by all states, that will
    establish that you are the parents of the Child under U.S. law;
  • Two Certified Texas Long Form Birth Certificates, in a form accepted by all states,
    listing you as the child’s parents.

I’d like to use this service. What do I do now?
Simply fill out our re-adoption service payment form, and email it to us! We’ll get started immediately! You can also submit your payment online here, just check the box for Adoption fees and services and then Additional Services and at the bottom you will see the Re-Adoption Service checkbox.

For more information about GWCA/CAN Re-Adoption and Adoption Finalization Services, please call 512-323-9595 x 3080 or contact us here.