Family Stories and Videos

Family Stories

chelsea2-300x300Over the years, GWCA has worked with families to bring thousands of children home from China. While the adoption process itself remains the same from one family to the next, each family’s journey is completely unique. Here are a few of the stories that families have shared about

Family Videos

We love when families share their stories through videos. Take a moment to watch some of our sweet families’ stories!

The Journey to Adopt Jillian Kate – China

Bringing Eve Home – China


The Adoption of Duo Ezra – China Hosting and Adoption


City on Our Knees – Haiti 


Jude’s Adoption – China


Bringing Ben Home – China


Avery’s Story – China


Our Adoption Story – China


Super Man is Coming Home 

This video shows the wonderful journey one of our families made bringing home their son. It’s a beautiful story that we hope can encourage many to take the leap of faith and become a forever family for one of our beautiful children.

The password for this video is superhero.


Welcome Home Zeke


Bringing Natalie Home


“This video tells our family’s story as we’re waiting to adopt our third child, a baby boy in China!” -The Belote Family

Help ChuChu Come Home

His family has set up a site to donate to bringing him home, check it out!

Bella’s Story

Bella came home in 2012, look at how far she has come!


Zoe’s Story


Sean Wants Equality

After learning about MLK at school Sean wrote this song to share with everyone.