I called GWCA because I found “my daughter” and she was listed with GWCA. We had already started with another agency, so we would have to switch. Jessie was immediately helpful, kind, and courteous. She took her time to talk to me and discuss all my questions in great detail. Now just a few short weeks later, we find ourselves matched with our daughter and could not be happier! We are beyond thrilled with the service we have been given up to this point!

-The Parks Family

Lora was a pleasure to work with. Very professional, knowledgeable and friendly. Perfect blend of excellent attributes. I would recommend Lora as a referral counselor with no reservations and give her high marks all around. 

-”Satisfied Daddy to be”

- The Ewing Family

Kayley made the travel phase seamless and stress free! She explained in detail everything that would take place, what steps we needed to do and everything worked out exactly as she stated. It made this portion of the total adoption process the easiest and least stressful. The entire travel phase (before and in China) was great!
The guides in China were also amazing! Emma and Kelly went above and beyond and really made the stay more of a 5 star guided event. They took care of everything, so that we could focus on our new son, without having to worry about what paperwork or meeting we had to be at next.

Very pleased with the entire travel phase – great job Kayley!!!

- The Olson Family

“Despite living in Minnesota and Great Wall headquarters being based in Texas, I always felt I was treated as if I were family. My questions and concerns were always promptly addressed. After a wonderful experience the first time around, I couldn’t imagine using any other agency for my second!”

– The Mercil Family

“We are so glad we chose the Premier Plan! The best part about the Premier Plan includes Great Wall staff completing the dossier for you. We would not have been able to complete our dossier within 4 months without using the Plan. We highly recommend it.”

– The Johnson Family

“We chose Great Wall because they specialize in Chinese adoption and it has been the best decision we’ve ever made.”

–The Steiner Family

“From beginning to end it has been a great experience. Great Wall was there for us 24-7 in our effort to bring Joci home. We cannot stress the gratitude we express towards Great Wall in all phases of the adoption process. Thank you, although the waiting period has been stressful at times, for making this experience a joyful one.”

– The Badessa Family

“Although Great Wall is located hundreds of miles away from us and we haven’t had the pleasure of meeting any of the Great Wall staff, we still feel connected to them. They are the lifeline to our daughter. We couldn’t be happier with the way we have been treated and the assistance we have been given; professionalism with patience, kindness, and caring from the heart.”

– The Helleis Family

“The Waiting Child team was very helpful over the months we hoped to find our daughter. The Waiting Child Manager was a true blessing to have on our side. She was sensitive, caring, and always concerned about what was best for us as we tried to make decisions about our future daughter. Thank you for your faith in us, and for helping us to build our family.”

– The Hunsberger Family

“We originally started with a local agency in our state. Great Wall was our second choice… because it wasn’t located in Georgia. To our surprise, our calls and emails weren’t returned until almost two weeks later. We didn’t get that warm fuzzy feeling. We then elected to change to Great Wall and immediately it was blue skies again. Our calls and emails were returned within 24 hours and often sooner. It’s been a great experience thus far thanks to the caring, dedicated staff at Great Wall!”

– The Adams Family

“I used another agency for my first adoption in 1999 as I did not know about Great Wall. While I was satisfied with my first adoption experience and absolutely overcome with love for my oldest daughter, my experience with Great Wall was lightyears above compared to the level of service from my first agency. I was certain that living in Pennsylvania would cause problems in communication and timing since Great Wall headquarters are in Texas. This was absolutely not the case. I received better articulated and much more frequent communication with Great Wall.”

– The Hoban Family

“We adopted our first daughter through another agency and when we decided we wanted to adopt again from China, our first agency wouldn’t help us because we appeared at first glance to not be qualified. We appreciated the time Great Wall spent trying to make a second adoption work for us. Because of that, we were able to qualify with China and bring our darling angel home. Both my Chinese daughters Hope and Grayce are amazing children. Thank you Great Wall. Because of your dedication, our family is complete and we have an awesome daughter who is achieving her goals and dreams of happiness.”

– The Valentino Family

“When we were ready to adopt from China a second time, we knew we wanted an agency that provided better communication than our first agency did. We found that and more with Great Wall! Every email and phone call was answered quickly and competently – which is very reassuring to the waiting family.Thank you!”

– The McCloskey Family