Aging Out

??????????In China, international adoption of a child is only possible until that child turns 14 years old. If the adoption is not finalized prior to a child’s 14th birthday, that child “ages out” of the orphanage and is no longer eligible for international adoption and will never know the love of a permanent, stable family relationship. Once a child ages out of the orphanage, they may be allowed to stay in the orphanage and work, but may also be forced to leave the only care system they’ve ever known.

Any child that is 13+ is considered to be “aging out” and therefore our agency places high degree of urgency in finding that child a forever family. Depending on how far into his/her 13th year that kiddo is, a family may need to be already logged in with their adoption paperwork to be matching with an “aging out” child, however it is possible for a family to complete the necessary paperwork extremely quickly. We highly recommend any adoptive family open to older children to think about adopting an “aging out” child as many of these children do not have special needs, have no behavioral issues, and are simply languishing in a system through no fault of their own.

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Will you consider taking a leap of faith and giving one of these aging out children a 14th birthday that they will never forget?  Contact our China matching specialists to learn more about Waiting Children that are in danger of aging out. 

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