Back Up Host Family – We Need YOU!

Are you interested in hosting a child from China or Philippines, but not quite ready to take the full plunge into being a full time host family for 4 weeks? If so, consider participating as a Backup Host Family to gain valuable experiences and opportunities with host children who may need to be relocated from their primary host families. These host children may need to be moved on a rare occasion for several possible reasons, but ultimately they need a safe, encouraging environment while they are here.

Here are five great reasons to be a Backup Host Family:

1)      All hosting fees for the Host Child placed with your family are already paid in full by the Primary Host Family (excluding potential travel expenses to pick up child and expenses during the child’s stay with your family)

2)      All necessary paperwork and action items for you to qualify as a host family will already be accomplished, so if you enjoy your experience, signing up to be a Primary Host Family the next go around will be simple and easy

3)      You can always discuss the child’s habits, likes, dislikes, and learn more about the child from the first-hand experience of the Primary Family before you bring the child into your home.

4)      You will receive full file disclosure from the country (medical history, personal interviews, etc) on the Host Child staying in your home

5)      If you are asked to take over as a Backup Host Family, you will have access to a Program Mentor, Program Coordinator, and Translator to support you full time during the program.

Backup Host Families are needed in cases in which the Host Child can no longer stay with the Primary Host Family. Often, these are through no fault of the child and may simply be due to an unforeseen emergency within the Primary Host Family. There will be a transparent line of communication with Backup Host Families about any issues the child may experiencing that might have cause the need for a move. You can let us know, for any reason, that you will not be able to serve as the Backup Host Family for a particular child after we contact you.

The children from both China and Philippines are accompanied by Chaperones from their orphanages or social workers from the Chinese/Filipino Governments to the United States, and the Chaperone will check in with the child during his or her stay with your family. You are always supported as a backup host family.

If you are interested in this opportunity, please contact or call April at 512-323-9595 x3061.


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Oh Boy! The Joy of Boys!


Oh Boy! The Joy of Boys!
Forty percent of our adoptions from China in 2013 were little boys. We have come a long way to bring these little guys home. However most people don’t realize how many boys are actually waiting. There are over 1200 boys waiting to find their forever families. It is not uncommon for the little boys to be overlooked, it is sad to think that just because they are born a boy it is more unlikely that they will find a forever family than if they were a girl. Many of these boys have very minor needs and may be just a little bit older. It’s a common misconception that there are only girls waiting in China but that idea is far from true. GWCA is constantly striving to find these young boys a forever family. This week we wanted to point out the NEW boys added to our listing. Some are young, some of the needs are very manageable and most importantly these boys just want to find a forever family.Meet Jasper!
Hello! I’m Jasper and am 11 years old. I had surgery when I was 5 years old to repair my left ankle. I can now walk normally as well as run and jump. I am in 6th grade and doing well! My teachers say that I am very receptive and I like to observe. Sometimes I am shy and I need to relax, so I sing a song! I will be aging out of care in a few years and am hoping to find my forever family soon!

Contact my friends at GWCA to learn how to bring me or any of buddies home. Visit thephoto listing to learn more about us.

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