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Welcome to the Great Wall China Adoption/Children of All Nations payment processing form. This form allows for simple transactions via credit card/debit card via our secure site to make donations to our charitable programs and for families contracted with our agency to conveniently make payments for contracted services. This form accepts Visa, Mastercard, and Discover. Please note if you are receiving a donation or grant through a third party, a standard processing fee will be deducted from the total amount. If you have any questions regarding payments you are making, please contact our business office during regular business hours at 512-323-9595.

We appreciate those who offer assistance to our adopting families with their adoption expenses. We graciously accept your contributions, however at this point we are unable to accept any contributions under $100. If you choose to make contribution under $100, there is a nominal processing fee for each contribution and we want to discourage you from making such contributions if the contribution is under $100. We encourage you to still contribute to the adoptive family, but in a different manner so that they will receive the full benefits of your contribution. We suggest gathering funds from other contributors and submitting one lump sum, or provide the money directly to the family. We thank you for your cooperation.

Please note that any contribution over $100 per transaction will be assessed a service and financial processing fee. Please contact our accounting department for detailed fee information prior to making the contributions.

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By signing my name below I agree that any adoption fee(s) paid to Great Wall China Adoption DBA, Children of All Nations, as indicated above, is nonrefundable. I verify that by signing the above credit card authorization form, I choose to pay by credit card for all services listed above and agree to all terms and conditions stated within the accompanying signed Agreement(s) or form(s). I acknowledge and understand, should I choose to stop my adoption at anytime during the process, all fees rendered on the above form are non-refundable.

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