WOW Kids

These adorable little ones are this week’s Not So Terrible 2’s. All of these kiddos are right around 2 years old. It is very common that families look for a child under the age of two to adopt. It’s unfortunate the older a child gets the less likely they are to be adopted. These precious faces are fast approaching that first threshold that makes them less ‘desirable’. Their needs are a little more complex than some, but they are still children in need of that one family who will care for them, love them, and give them the chance that they deserve. To learn more about these waiting children or our other waiting children, contact one of our International Adoption Consultants at 512.323.9595.









Hi, I’m Travis and I am 2 years old. I love when my caregivers tell me stories and I can stare at the books. The doctors say that I have cerebral palsy. I am sitting up on my own and standing with a little bit of help. My caregivers say that I am one happy little boy. I love to listen to stories and try to babble. I can put blocks into a cup and bang them together loudly. My favorite toy is my rattle and I love when my caregivers tickle me! I am able to climb into my own bed and walk with holding onto supports. My caregivers think that my cognitive abilities are on target with my friends. I am able to understand daily words and interact with my friends!









Hi, I’m Madeline! I am a quiet two year old little girl. When I was born, I was premature and my doctors say that I have a heart defect: patent ductus arteriosus; aortic incompetence; pulmonary hypertension(severe); and tricuspid incompetence(mild). I am a bit delayed compared to my friends in the orphanage because of my heart. Regardless, I love to get around and play with toys. I am able to walk several steps if someone helps me and I can understand when adults instruct me. I like to try and imitate the aunties in the orphanage. I am working hard to learn words and imitate sounds. I am most happy when I get snacks and I get along well with others too.









Hi! I’m Zachary and I love to smile! I have Cerebral Palsy and though I cannot walk or crawl I can sit up all by myself. I like to rock on the rocking horse in the orphanage. I will hold on to the rail and will kick my feet so that the horse will go super fast! I enjoy playing with toys and I love getting hugs. I am working on saying more words and my caretakers love paying games with me. When they sing it is such a pretty sound that I really enjoy!









Hi, I’m Lila and I am almost 2 years old! I have been diagnosed with Down syndrome. I also have been diagnosed with an umbilical hernia and mild anemia. I am a great eater and I love to eat all sorts of new foods. In June of 2012, I was working on rolling over and holding my head up. I love to listen to music and I am super smiley! My file is older so my friends at GWCA are trying to get more information about how I am doing today!









Hi, I’m Hudson and I am 2 and a half! I love to ride on my toy horse. I was born with a facial cleft, but I had surgery for it and it has been repaired. I can hear my caregivers when they speak to me, follow their voices, and look for my toys when they are hidden. My caregivers think that I am able to fully hear. I am able to speak and identify objects that are asked. I can call for my caregivers and identify them by name. My facial cleft has had no affect on my eating or drinking! I can identify all my body parts and my caregivers think that I am very smart! I know my animals, colors, and my fruits and veggies!

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WOW Kids

Look at our five lovely ladies this week. The beautiful girls are all anxiously waiting to find their forever family. Share this blog with anyone you know that may be interested in international adoption, help bring these ladies home! To learn more about these girls contact









Hi, I’m Shannon and I am 4 years old! I am outgoing and I love to talk. I am only able to say simple words, but I love to be the life of the party. I have something called Down Syndrome and two mild heart defects, ASD and VSD. I also have been diagnosed as a Hep B carrier. My caregivers say that I live a life just like my friends. I love to eat, play, and watch cartoons! I am always smiling and playing!









Hi, I’m Jessica and I am 6 years old. When I was younger I was diagnosed with PDA type of CHD. However, I had surgery for this in 2010 and I had a ECG that shows I am doing great since the surgery! I am deaf, but I am able to understand concepts of language even though I do not know sign language yet. I am getting therapies through Half the Sky and I am learning how to use sign language. I had a CT in May of 2013 that mild fourth ventricular expanding. I am outgoing and very active. I love to dance when I can feel the music. I am always smiling and my caregivers describe me as “sunny.”









Hi there! I’m Callie and I just turned 14 months old. I have been diagnosed as premature and have cephalohematoma with esotropia of my left eye. I am able to lay on my stomach and raise my head up to look around. I can visually follow toys and I look for them if they fall down. I try hard to imitate others and I like to follow people with my eyes. I am close with my caretakers and I love bright colors.









Hi, I’m Marley and I am 12 years old! I have a CHD (including hypertrophic obstructive cardiomyopathy, mild tricuspid regurgitation, mild mitral regurgitation, mild aortic regurgitation and pulmonary regurgitation, decreased left ventricular diastolic function) and mild anemia. I sometimes have a difficult time breathing and the doctors think I have slight asthma. I am doing great physically, and there are no signs of my CHD in my daily life. My caregivers say that I am outgoing and love to participate in activities. I do not attend a formal school because of my heart condition, but I am cognitively on target. My caregivers say that I am very sweet and I love to dance! I know about adoption and I would love to find my forever family!









Hi, I’m Nicki! I am 9 and a half. I have been living in a foster family since 2006. When I came to the orphanage I was just over 2 years old. I was diagnosed with cerebral palsy. Since then, the orphanage has been working with me and I have made so much progress. I am able to walk with holding on to items and I am going to school. My caregivers say that I am extroverted, kind, and love to play with my friends. I am able to express my needs with my words, and I am very clever!

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Summer Hosting Adoption Scholarships

GWCA/CAN is SUPER excited to announce that we are giving away up to $25,000 in ADOPTION SCHOLARSHIPS for the 2014 SUMMER HOST CHILDREN! This applies to any families that move forward to adopt a child they host from the 2014 Summer China or Philippines hosting programs. Every sibling group in the Philippines WILL have a scholarship. Scholarship amounts are subject to a committee decision on amounts and who receives the scholarship.

Get Started!

  • Families must submit proof of income, scholarship application form and motivation letter to be considered.
  • Families must be adopting through the 2014 Summer China and Philippines hosting programs. Scholarships are not applicable to past host families or for any children who were not hosted.
  • Families must have turned in an agency application and contract to adopt in order to be granted a scholarship prior to August 15th.

Early applications will be accepted and given special consideration (an agency application and contract can be turned in at any time before August 15th, however scholarship applications will not be reviewed until these are received.)
Scholarship awards will be announced by August 29th and recipients will receive a notification from GWCA/CAN. Scholarship applications will be distributed to families who have applied to adopt through GWCA/CAN. Please contact your adoption counselor for a scholarship application if you have already applied to adopt through GWCA/CAN.

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WOW Kids










Hi, I’m Leo and I am almost 2 years old. I love to go to the park and play with my foster family! I have been living with them since I was very little. I was diagnosed with hydrocephalus and CHD. Since I have been with my foster family, I have been taking supplements in order to get stronger. I am able to follow my caretakers voices and locate them when they call my name. I used to have some high muscle tension in my legs, and I am working on getting them stronger. My file is a little bit older, but my friends at Great Wall are working on getting more information!









Hello! My name is Ellie and I am an energetic and restless girl. I am very talkative and I love listening to music. After coming into care, I was able to live with a foster family and adapted well. I learned how to walk steadily, progressed in communication and was able to recognize familiar people. My doctors say that I am cognitively delayed compared to the other children and suffered from an external hemorrhoid. I am taking medicine for treatment and am now living back in the orphanage so that I can go to kindergarten. I know a huge amount of words and can recognize many objects. I get along well with others and am a joy to be around.









Hi, I’m Sawyer and I love to play with anything with wheels. I have a deformed wrist and a dropped foot and it causes me to walk a little bit slower, but it doesn’t stop me from playing and being super active. I came into care when I was 3 years old and I have not been sick since then. I am doing great in school at the orphanage and I make excellent grades! My caregivers say that I am talkative and I am kind. I love to play with any type of toy and I especially love to build towers out of blocks!









Hi! I’m Gavin! I just started school at home last September and am learning a lot! I know my numbers and can count different objects I see. I am still working on learning my colors. I like to charm others and I love getting to play with my friends. My doctors helped me correct my cleft in my palate and lip and they also tell me that I am a Hep B carrier. I can hear well but I do have to eat softer foods. My favorite things are watching little bear cartoons and playing with cars and legos.









Hi, I’m Landon and I just turned 2! When I was younger, I had a CT scan done of my brain and it shows that I have something called “Limitation missing of occipital bone, including occipital meningocele, including congenital dysplasia.” I am behind my friends in my physical development. I am able to follow toys with my eye sight, turn my head to find noises, and recognize when someone is calling my name!

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