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Hi, I’m Leo and I am almost 2 years old. I love to go to the park and play with my foster family! I have been living with them since I was very little. I was diagnosed with hydrocephalus and CHD. Since I have been with my foster family, I have been taking supplements in order to get stronger. I am able to follow my caretakers voices and locate them when they call my name. I used to have some high muscle tension in my legs, and I am working on getting them stronger. My file is a little bit older, but my friends at Great Wall are working on getting more information!









Hello! My name is Ellie and I am an energetic and restless girl. I am very talkative and I love listening to music. After coming into care, I was able to live with a foster family and adapted well. I learned how to walk steadily, progressed in communication and was able to recognize familiar people. My doctors say that I am cognitively delayed compared to the other children and suffered from an external hemorrhoid. I am taking medicine for treatment and am now living back in the orphanage so that I can go to kindergarten. I know a huge amount of words and can recognize many objects. I get along well with others and am a joy to be around.









Hi, I’m Sawyer and I love to play with anything with wheels. I have a deformed wrist and a dropped foot and it causes me to walk a little bit slower, but it doesn’t stop me from playing and being super active. I came into care when I was 3 years old and I have not been sick since then. I am doing great in school at the orphanage and I make excellent grades! My caregivers say that I am talkative and I am kind. I love to play with any type of toy and I especially love to build towers out of blocks!









Hi! I’m Gavin! I just started school at home last September and am learning a lot! I know my numbers and can count different objects I see. I am still working on learning my colors. I like to charm others and I love getting to play with my friends. My doctors helped me correct my cleft in my palate and lip and they also tell me that I am a Hep B carrier. I can hear well but I do have to eat softer foods. My favorite things are watching little bear cartoons and playing with cars and legos.









Hi, I’m Landon and I just turned 2! When I was younger, I had a CT scan done of my brain and it shows that I have something called “Limitation missing of occipital bone, including occipital meningocele, including congenital dysplasia.” I am behind my friends in my physical development. I am able to follow toys with my eye sight, turn my head to find noises, and recognize when someone is calling my name!

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