Waiting Child Matching Team

How have we matched 57 waiting children in just 3 months?

Here at GWCA we are proud of our elite matching team. Our Matching Team works with each individual family to determine the best suitable home for our waiting children. We encourage a family to review files that may not be what they initial considered in their adoption desires. Many of the children have needs that families may have never heard of, or don’t know much about. We strive to educate and prepare our families. Our first and foremost concern obviously is the well being of these children, we would never match a child with a family that is not suitable.

How quickly can you be matched?

Of course we can’t guarantee a family on how quickly they can matched, a lot of that will depend on your family and how open you are coming into this process. We have been able to match families within a week of their dossier being submitted to China. We are also willing to chat with your family before you submit an application with our agency, we are happy to discuss our kiddos files with you and even begin looking for your family once you’ve applied. Once we have declared that you are eligible to adopt in China, our team will do everything we can to match your family with your forever child. The more children that find their families, the more children that come home.

What children are available?

The first place to begin looking for your forever child would be our photo listing. Those children are exclusive to our agency for the time being. We actively advocate for those kiddos and counsel families we feel would be a good match. Once speaking with our matching team, we can also assess the children on the shared listings for families. Often times we receive children that never quite make it to the photo listing because we know our families, and what they are or could be open to.

The well being of the children matter the most, but so do you. You will never be a number on a list or classified as anything other than a family longing for a child, and we will do our best to find you your forever child.

If you are interested in speaking with our team to begin the process of finding and bringing home one of our waiting children, our International Adoption Consultants are anxiously awaiting to hear from you. They can be reached by email, info@gwca.org or by phone 512.323.9595. Call us today so we can begin searching NOW for your family.