Host Kids Need Forever Families

Our host program is coming to a close very soon and it has been fantastic. There are always bumps a long the way but these children have had an experience that will last a lifetime. Now comes the big task, bringing all of these kiddos home for good! Several of these kiddos are being adopted by their host families or have found a family because of this program, however there are a few kiddos that still NEED families. Their host families have been advocating for them since day one and brought them here to the U.S. to try and help them find a family. The files for these kiddos are far more extensive then a normal file. Their host families are more than excited to talk to prospective families and share all of their experiences. If you can’t bring one of these kiddos home, at least share this blog so we can bring these little ones home for good!

Meet Teddy!

Hi, I’m Teddy I am 6 years old and I am loving my trip to the United States. My doctors say that I have something called Cerebral Palsy, but I obviously don’t let it stop me. My legs are a little weak, but it’s nothing I can’t handle. My host family started a Facebook page to help me find a forever family, it has lots of photos and stories about my visit here in the U.S.

Meet Hope!

Hi, I am Hope and I am 9 years old. I am currently enjoying my time in the U.S. with my host family. My host Mom shared a lot about me in hopes to help me find a forever family.

“Hope is a fun loving 9 year old.  She smiles and laughs alot.  She has cerebral palsy but can walk using a walker and can transfer to low lying chairs as well as use the restroom and dress herself with some assistance. She tries hard but needs encouragement to keep pushing herself to do new things. She responds well to praise. She loves music and after three weeks with our family picked up many songs and even began using phrases in English.  Hope enjoys crafts and will spend hours using markers, making things with foam stickers and always has a pen and paper near by to draw with. While she was part of the hosting program she received glasses which helped her enjoy things like TV shows and movies since she could finally interact with them and know what parts were funny.  She likes the Disney movie Frozen and can sing part of the song “Do you want to build a snowman?”  She also received AFOs (leg braces) and is learning to walk using those and her walker.  We are a large family and she was able to learn our names and get along with each member well.  Hope is strong willed and also a perfectionist. While her initial adjustment to our family was difficult and she had trouble adjusting to schedules, foods and boundaries, she learned to like all American foods and eat well (except pizza!). She benefits from love and a good schedule with consistent boundaries as she learns what it means to be part of a family. Her response to disappointments resembles a much younger child (meltdowns and tantrums). As she made daily progress in our home, these became less frequent. She has learned what it means to have a “mommy”, “daddy” and lots of brothers and sisters but might thrive in a smaller family than ours. We believe she would do well in a family that understands the complex needs of cerebral palsy, who have the physical strength to attend to daily needs and also possibly older siblings that could praise her often. She will need help learning to manage emotions and behaviors in positive ways and how to be part of a family and accept love but not demand constant attention or help with the things she can do for herself. ” – Hope’s Host Mom

WOW Kids








Hi, I’m Minnie and I recently turned 5 years old!  I love to play music and especially love to sing with my friends.  I have been diagnosed as being an HIV carrier. I came into the orphanage in 2011 when I was 2 years old.  When I came into care, I was behind my friends developmentally.  Since I have been living with my foster family, I have been learning and growing.  I am still a little small for my age, but I can take care of my own needs.  I take my medication daily and I seldom get sick anymore.  My favorite things to do are sing and dance.  Sometimes I have been a little b it shy but I warm up once I get to know strangers.  I love going to school and I recently won 1st place in an event in my school!









Hi, I’m Kolby and I am 3 years old.  I love to blow kisses and wave good-bye to my caregivers!!  I have hydrocephalus but my caregivers say that I am doing well developmentally.  I am able to say words, follow commands, and respond to questions when asked.  I also have a deformed femur that has caused me not to be able to stand or walk around.  When I was younger I had a minor heart condition, ASD, but I had surgery for this and I am doing really great!  I am super friendly and my caregivers love to make me laugh.   I always have the attention of my caregivers, and I love to play with my toys.









Hi, my name is Allie, and I’m 3 years old. My legs don’t seem to work as well as they should, and I need help from my caregivers to walk around. But, I am able to stand up all on my own and walk around my crib if I’m holding on to the railing! I’m a little behind my friends and I still need help eating. I am able to say a few words and I love to babble! I am super happy all the team, and I love watching the other kids at the orphanage play. I also love pretty clothes! When my caregivers accidentally put me in pants I can’t help but sit sadly in the corner. But, as soon as they realize their mistake and put me in a pretty skirt I am all smiles and giggles! My favorite toy is anything that makes noise, and my favorite part of the day is when my caregivers take me outside to play!









Hi, my name is Sydney, and I’m 2 years old. I have something that called epilepsy which causes me to have seizures about every 15 days. When I had a CT scan done it looked like I might have hydrocephalus, and I am not able to walk but I do babble! But this doesn’t keep me from smiling all the time! I really like getting to spend time with my caregivers, but right now what I really want is a family all to myself!








Hi, my name is Romeo, and I’m 2 years old. The doctors tell me I have postoperative lumbosacral meningomyelocele, hydrocephalus, Chiari malformation, left limb deformity with paralysis, and Neurogenic Cystitis. I healed really well after my surgery and I am able to crawl, sit, and can stand while holding on to something for support all on my own! I am a super happy boy and when my caregivers put on music I like to wave my hands and feet. I really like listening to music, playing with toys, and giving my caregivers happy smiles. I am able to imitate speech, and I can follow the instructions my caregivers give me!

Welcome Home Legacy Journey Families!

Last week we welcomed home all of our families from this summer’s heritage tour! Every year the CCCWA invites Chinese adoptees to return to their homeland to discover their culture.

Between our staff in China and our Legacy Tour expert, Kayley, we strive to plan and coordinate an unforgettable experience for all members of the family. We have already heard wonderful testimonies and have seen adorable photos, here are just a few we wanted to share!

We liked the mix or sightseeing and cultural classes. Everything went so smoothly. It was a wonderful experience for family. – The Dalby Family

This was a wonderful experience for our girls and they made many wonderful friends. Thank you for everything! – The McCall Family

Again..overall…it was the trip we could have never done ourselves. was the big touristy things..but we never got to see those while in adoption mode, so it was good. It included the big cities and big attractions..and it slowly worked its way to a more rural area as we went south. When you think of China…Great Wall, Terra Cotta Warriors, pandas, limestone mountains…they were all included. Plus, the little things..culture class at CCCWA, calligraphy and cooking classes too…getting to walk around Hutong, Jinli Street, bike riding on the city wall ( awesome!!!!) West Street – really gave us a more up close view of China. Our daughters are still talking about it, and we hope that these memories of China, their homeland, will stay with them and become a source of great pride. Thank you so much…it was a trip of a lifetime! – The Devakos Family

Overall we were extremely impressed with the amount of value for our money, and the coordination. I hadn’t expected so many shows, so many banquets, so much good food. Having one in country guide who stayed with us was great! Her English was wonderful, and she did all kinds of behind the scenes stuff to make it all work. I am sure every family had some little crisis, from lost cameras, to twin beds in the hotel when queen beds were expected. She handled it great! Overall – I thought this was very top drawer, and appreciate all the hard work GWCA puts in to make this a great, solid vacation experience! – The Craft Family

Best – The range of places we visited, the variety of programs, and how well organized the trip was. The accommodations and food were very good. Also, the visit to the orphanage and finding place was very well done and we were warmly and generously received. – The Katz Family

We loved the families we got to travel with (the kids really bonded over the course of the ten days), the guides were wonderful (especially Vicki, our national guide), and we loved getting to see so much of the country over the course of the tour. -The Delpha Family

The best part about the trip was seeing all of the wonderful sites we were taken to. It was also very special having the CCCWA officials at the welcoming dinner, and visiting their office for the culture classes. Our children also made very good friends on the trip, which we felt was important.  -McNamara Family

A big thank you to Katie Lamb Photography for sharing photo’s taken on the trip.

2015 Heritage Tour Registration has begun, here are a few reasons why you should grab your spot today.

The Beautiful Sites…

Fun Cultural Activities…

New Friendships…

And Creating Family Memories That Will Last Forever!

Contact Kayley for more information today.



WOW Kids










Hi, my name is Huck, and I’m 11 years old. I’m a healthy and happy boy looking for my forever family! I am very clever, outgoing, energetic and my caregivers say I adapt very well to knew environments. I get along really well with my peers and they tell me I am great at telling stories! I know some English, and my teachers tell me I am very expressive and have great language and communication abilities. As soon as I get home from school I start working on my homework right away (I’m a straight A student by the way), and then I like to help my friends if they are having trouble with their work. I also love sports! I’ve received multiple prizes in my P.E. class. Before coming to the orphanage I used to live with Tom, and he is available for adoption too! I would love to be able to stay in touch with him after I find my forever family!








Hello, my name is Tom, and I’m 12 years old. I am a super healthy boy! When you first start to talk to me you might think I’m a little shy, but once you get to know me you’ll see I’m actually really talkative! My teachers tell me I am very smart and independent. I take care of all my tasks and work without having to be reminded! I also love to read and play chess. I’m also ranked 36th out of the 300 students in my school! I am really good at focusing on my work, and I really enjoy learning new things. I get along really well with the other kids at the orphanage and am always up for a good game of basketball! I came to the orphanage with my brother named Huck, and he is available for adoption with Great Wall too!








Hi! My name is Audrina and I am 8 years old. I currently live with a foster family but I sometimes go back to the orphanage to visit my friends. My foster family says that I keep a good mood and am an extroverted girl. My favorite things to do are to go shopping in the super markets and play outside. My caregivers say that I am a bit behind my friends in my language and motor skills and my doctors say that I have epilepsy. I go to school and have improved a lot. I am a good girl in school and always show respect to my teachers and classmates. I hope that my forever family will bring me home soon!








Hi, I’m Miller! I am 11 years old and I love to dance and sing. I came to the orphanage when I was 5 years old. I have a blood condition called thalassemia. When I came into care I was diagnosed, and I have been getting transfusion about every 1-1.5 months since then. I am going to school and I keep up with my friends in all aspects of school. I am able to do all my chores independently. I enjoy doing new things and meeting new people. I love to read books and tell stories. My favorite thing to do is draw dragons!









Hi I’m Paul and I am 7 years old. I have a complex heart condition that includes acyanotic congenital heart disease, single ventricle, patent foramen ovale, severe pulmonary hypertension, cardiac function III degree. I had surgery to increase the blood flow in my pulmonary artery and this has helped; my cardio pulmonary function is normal! I am going to school and doing well. I am keeping up with my friends cognitively, but I am a little behind physically because of my heart condition. I love to draw and play with robots! My favorite things to do are play games, watch TV, and play on my computer!

CCCWA Heritage Tours

The CCCWA welcomed our 49 children this week to China. Our children and families will be touring China and learning all about their homeland. Some of the children will even be visiting their orphanage. What a great way to connect our adopted youth to their heritage! We are looking forward to more updates on how the trip is going. Visit our Legacy Journey site to learn how to be a part of next year’s trip!

LID Families: Avoid the Wait

Attention LID Families: 

An announcement released by the CCCWA has stated that families with dossiers logged into China are currently eligible to be matched IMMEDIATELY with a child over six years old that is HEALTHY.

If your family is remotely interested our Referral Team is standing by ready to help your family skip the long line and bring home your child soon. We must hear from your family by Friday June 27th in order to consider this option for your family.

To be eligible, you must have your dossier registered in China, your family should have a current home study and a current CIS approval. If your family does not meet these requirements and you are interested in pursuing this unique opportunity, contact our staff NOW.  We are here to discuss how to help your family move forward quickly and be matched with a HEALTHY child over six years old.

We look forward to finding these children their forever family, and bringing them home soon.

GWCA Families Meet With CCCWA Director

Thursday June 19th, five of our families graciously attended a reception at the NCFA  conference in Orlando, Florida. This reception was to honor the CCCWA Director Li and his delegates as this was his first visit to the United States. GWCA was honored to be a part of his visit. It was an incredible opportunity for Director Li to witness the benefits of American families adopting children from China.

At one point Director Li was chatting with GWCA’s President when he stopped mid conversation as he spotted a familiar face. He and his interpreter rushed over to greet a family and figure out where he knew them from. If you recall ‘Maya’s Journey Home‘ Director Li was present for the adoption of Maya. It was Maya’s family that he recognized, he was so pleased to see how far Maya has come in just one month and how genuinely happy she is.

One of the sweet girls that attended was our little Bella. She has been home about a year and half. Just months after coming home her family had her fitted for prosthetic legs. (Read her story here.) Bella is moving and grooving like any other child, it was heart-warming for all to see her beautiful smile and active personality as nothing can stand in her way. It’s strong kiddos like that with supportive families that encourage our staff to keep fighting for these children.

One of our families brought their three stunning daughters to meet Director Li.

These girls are all academic superstars and got a real kick out of meeting the Director. After overcoming many challenges this family is a beautiful example of how far these children can come with just a little love from their family. Look at those beautiful smiles!


GWCA is so honored to have been able to meet and greet with the CCCWA Director and delegates. We are so thankful to the families that contributed to this experience and for reminding us all why adoption matters.

WOW Kids

These children are anxious and ready to come home, can you help us find their forever family? Share this blog with someone you know or reach out to our International Adoption Consultants to learn how you can make a difference in one of their lives by bringing them home.









Hi, my name is Dallas and I am 10 years old. The doctors tell me I have something called thrombocytopenia, which means I don’t have as many platelets in my blood as I should. I am in school right now, and I’m very smart! Math is my favorite subject, and I’m a straight A student. I get along great with my classmates, and I always like to help them when I can. I am very close with my aunts, and I always like to say goodbye as they leave and make sure they know to be safe on the roads! I enjoy watching cartoons, flying kites and picking flowers when I’m outside. I am also very good at taking care of myself, and I like to make sure my clothes and school supplies are neat and tidy before I go to bed. My caregivers say I am very friendly, and I always like to take care of the younger boys and girls whenever I can!









Hi, I’m Ty and I’m 12 years old. I’ve spent some time with doctors having my cataracts removed, and they say I have congenital cataract, congenital microphthalmia, microcornea and an undescended testicle. I’ve had an operation for my cataracts and I’m now able to see some objects and walk on my own! Right now I’m in school learning to read braille and even some English words! My caregivers tell me that I’m great at adapting to new environments and that I love getting to meet new people. My favorite things to do are rope skipping, playing ball, hula hoop and singing! Everyone tells me I’m an amazing performer and that I’m famous here at the orphanage!









Hi, My name is Ziggy I am 9 years old. The doctors tell me I have profound hearing loss, but I’ve learned how to communicate through sign language! I was a little frustrated and scared when I first came to the orphanage, but now that I’ve learned how to communicate I am much happier. I like to play and I am very active, I run, jump, hop and skip. Around new people I can be a little shy. I have good relationships with caregivers and friends, and I get along well with others. I also tell my caregivers how much a want a parent and family!









Hi! My name is Emily and I am 5 years old. I am a sweet girl and I get along well with other children. I try to always keep a ready smile and I enjoy going to school. My doctors say that my physical development is great but I have problems with my memory. I haven’t learned how to count yet, but I am performing just the same as my peers in school. I am a talkative girl and am full of energy. I hope to be adopted one day and have a forever family of my own! **Only families with a registered dossier (LID) are eligible to pursue this child.**









Hi, I’m Autumn and I am 12 years old! When I was younger, I had a cleft lip and palate, but I have had 2 surgeries to correct this. I am now doing wonderful and I can keep up with my peers in everything that I do! My caregivers say that I am very courteous and kind. I enjoy helping around my orphanage and doing my homework. I love to sing and dance. My caregivers describe me as active, outgoing, and considerate. I have learned about adoption and I want to find my forever mother and father!!