Angel Stitches

Great Wall Angel Stitches provides medical and surgical treatment to children in orphanages. Many children in orphanages are too old to be adopted and will have no opportunity to seek advanced medical attention. Great Wall Angel Stitches strives to help these children so they can have the same opportunities in life as the children who are lucky enough to find loving homes.

On our staff’s many visits to China, our partners caring for the children continue to highlight the desperate need for funds to perform these life-changing procedures the children might not otherwise receive.
Great Wall China Adoption accepts monetary donations and sends it to the orphanage with a specific child in mind needing surgery. Your donation includes information that we will provide before and after the procedures, so you can always be involved! Donate to Angel Stitches today!

Great Wall feels strongly about assisting those children who will remain in China. The CCCWA strives to follow this path of American charity. They have established the Tomorrow Plan, which is their own major medical aid program to benefit children with a range of needs throughout every government regulated orphanage in China.

CCCWA’s Tomorrow Plan
The Tomorrow Plan project gathers resources from the community rather than from the government alone.  Often, if there is no specific orphanage or child in mind, donations from Great Wall Angel Stitches go directly to the CCCWA’s Tomorrow Plan Project.

If you know of a child in China in need of a surgery, together we can work to make it happen with your donation. For details, please contact us at 512-323-9595 or contact us here.