Behavioral and Mental Issues Referral Program

Are you dealing with emotional issues such as attachment, grief, or bonding with your adopted child? Our behavior and mental issues counselor can help guide you on addressing these issues so that you and your family grow healthy.

Our Expert, Dr. Patrick S. Bordnick

Dr. Patrick S. Bordnick is a professor with the University of Houston Graduate College of Social Work. Dr. Bordnick is the director of the Child and Family Center for Innovative Research and the Virtual Reality Clinical Research Lab. He has over fifteen years experience in clinical and laboratory research on addictions and mental health issues. Research interest areas include clinical trials, treatment development, human laboratory studies, virtual reality, and international adoption. Dr. Bordnick has been funded as a research fellow and has individual grants from the National Institutes of Health (NIH). Dr. Bordnick is co-researcher on many NIH funded projects and has conducted numerous state and privately funded projects. Dr. Bordnick received an international award in 2004 for outstanding scientific merit in VR drug abuse research from the Canada Chair in Cyber Psychology. He is also a licensed clinical social worker inTexas.

Dr. Bordnick is the father of three adopted girls from China and has worked with Great Wall’s Hope Camp in China. His wife, Allison, helps to educate parents on the China Waiting Child program and hosts monthly webinars.

Dr. Bordnick’s publications include a preliminary investigation of the effectiveness of attachment therapy for children with reactive attachment disorder in the Child & Adolescent Social Work Journal.

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The Behavioral and Mental Health Specialist provides information on waiting children issues based on their experience, knowledge, and the information provided in the child’s report. Parents recognize that the specialist does not make any medical or psychological diagnoses. The specialist provides education and information on conditions based upon this information for the sole purpose of educating families on various mental health and behavioral conditions. GWCA/CAN and the Behavioral and Mental Health specialists are not responsible for any information provided that is used for purposes beyond education.