Special Focus

Great Wall feels that special focus children are the most vulnerable. That’s why we’re proud to be recognized by the CCCWA as the top agency for placement of these children. A special focus child is defined as a child who has been on the shared agency list for more than two months without being matched, or has participated in an agency’s CCCWA sponsored Hope Camp. The CCCWA may also designate children as “special focus” if they feel the child might be harder to place. If a family wishes to adopt a special focus child but does not have a completed dossier, they will be allowed six months to gather dossier paperwork.

Types of Special Focus Adoptions
The CCCWA will also allow special consideration in regard to the adoption of a special focus child in the following ways: simultaneous, concurrent, and successive adoptions.

  • A simultaneous adoption is defined as the adoption of two children at the same time (one child should be special focus). Before Great Wall will consider allowing your family to adopt two children at the same time, we will require your social worker to submit an approval for this adoption. We want to be sure your family has discussed the possible issuess related to a simultaneous adoption with your social worker. Keep in mind you will need to provide home study and immigration approval for two children. Families can only be matched with a second waiting child before the letter seeking confirmation for the first child is issued by the CCCWA.
  • concurrent adoption is defined as the adoption of a special focus child while maintaining your log-in date (LID) for the referral of a child through the regular track. The CCCWA will utilize a photocopy of your dossier to process the adoption of your special focus child. You will receive a new LID for your dossier copy. You can travel to bring home your special focus child, and continue to wait in the regular referral program. Prior to receipt of your referral through the regular referral program, the CCCWA will require your family to submit an updated home study and immigration approval.
  • successive adoption is defined as beginning a second adoption within one year of a previous adoption. The CCCWA will allow families to begin a second adoption within one year if the second child is considered a special focus child. In order to utilize the same dossier for a successive adoption, your dossier copy and supporting documents for a second child must be registered with the CCCWA within 12 months of your first child’s adoption finalization in province. Families will not be required to complete a new dossier but will need to submit a current home study meeting China’s guidelines, current immigration approval, and a photocopy of the original dossier.

All families will need to meet the minimum income standards set forth in the CCCWA’s eligibility requirements. Families completing a successive adoption will be reviewed per the current eligibility requirements in place when their dossier copy is submitted.

There is additional paperwork required for these types of adoptions through the Special Focus track. To receive all details regarding the steps required to adopt a child through the Special Focus track, please request a Waiting Child guide.

If you have any questions about our Special Focus Program, call the Waiting Child team at 512-323-9595 or contact us here.