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We’ve recently added 10 NEW KIDS to our China Waiting Child photo listing who are all in need of Forever Families! As these kiddos are considered “Special Focus,” families can be matched with them right away rather than having to wait until their paperwork is submitted. If you’re interested in learning more about any of these kids, contact our matching specialists, or visit the photo listing to request their files!

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Meet Lottie!New Kids 1 She is a darling 7-year old girl with Down Syndrome. Lottie was in the United States for a month this summer and had a wonderful time with her host family! She loves to laugh and loved to spend time with her host siblings! If your family is interested in learning more about this sweet girl, please contact us today at meredith@gwca.org or visit our China Waiting Child photo listing to request her file!

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TreyNew Kids 2 is an older healthy boy that was hosted in the United States this summer! Here is what his host family had to say about him: “Trey was truly an awesome boy and would fit in to anyone’s family. He tried ALL foods, joined in all activities, and LOVED to help do everything…especially make (and drink) kool-aid. Even when we were doing summer schoolwork (math problems), Trey wanted to join in and indeed, worked out problems in my son’s math book! He tried hard to communicate with us, and used google translate well to ask questions and to tell us what he would like to do. He learned many English words while he was here, and taught us quite a few Chinese phrases. Trey is pretty athletic and loved to play baseball! He also loved board games and readily joined in. He got along very well with all members in our family, extended family, and church family.”

Contact our China matching specialists to learn more about Trey or visit our photo listing to request his file today! 

Ming New Kids 3is an incredible 13 year old boy who is currently being hosted in the US. Here is what his host mom has to say about him: “Thirteen year old Ming has just blown us away with his pleasant personality, his helpful spirit, his determination, his courage, his intelligence and his obvious hopefulness in finding his forever family. This 13 year old boy continues to impress us day after day with the COURAGEOUS way that he faces life. Having spent all of his life in an orphanage, and dealing with medical issues and a prosthetic leg, Ming’s life experiences have been very limited. But he does NOT let fear prevent him from trying new things. Even when he initially is afraid, you can talk him through it, and he WILL give new things a try. Ming’s intelligence makes itself evident in everything that he does. From how quickly he learns a new game, to his creativity, to how he solves problems, and how well he listens, follows directions, and applies prior learning to new situations, Ming is one very sharp young man.

Contact our China matching specialists to learn more about Ming, or visit our China Waiting Child photo listing to request his file today!

Gregory New Kids 4is an adorable 4 year old who will be turning 5 in September! He has cerebral palsy which he receives rehabilitation care for. He has been in therapy for the last 2 years which has helped him tremendously. Around his 4th birthday he was able to support himself with his hands, crawl, and walk with some assistance. Gregory could understand simple sentences from adults and could understand what was being asked of him. He likes interacting with children in his class and is described as being very social! Great Wall is requesting an update on him to see how his rehabilitation has progressed since his file was prepared. Contact one of our matching specialists if you’d like to review his file!Trent New Kids 5is an amazing 12-year old boy in need of a forever family! Trent has been diagnosed with Down’s Syndrome, but overall he seems to be doing great. He was hosted by a family for a month this summer and had an incredible time in the United States! He has an amazing sense of humor and an infectious laugh. He loved spending time with his host siblings and was great and playing games and sharing. He is a bright, happy kiddo who would thrive with the love of a family. Please contact Great Wall if you would like to learn more!Chase New Kids 6is an incredible 12 year old kiddo! He is currently being hosted in the United States. Here’s what his host mom has to say about him: Meet Chase! Chase is an amazing 12 year old orphan from China. He is being hosted in the USA until August 18,2016. He is looking for his forever family. In spite of being deaf from birth, Chase is very observant and a quick learner. He is able to read and write in Chinese and in his short visit is already recognizing and writing some English words. It is so impressive how quickly he learns! Chase wants to try everything. He loves sports, especially batting in baseball. He’s a great hitter! He also loves to swim. Uno Attack is one of his favorite card games. Chase will be a great blessing in a family. His determination, kindness, loving heart, and intelligence will take him far in life.

Visit the GWCA Waiting Child photo listing to request Chase’s file today!

MicahMicah is an incredible kiddo who was hosted in the United States this summer! He is 13 years old and his official diagnosis is a repaired cleft lip and palate. Micah has done wonderfully during his time with his host family in America! He is very smart and inquisitive and loves to explore new things. He has had a blast playing on the trampoline and building in the sandbox. His host family has been incorporating English into his vocabulary and he seems to be doing well with it so far. Micah enjoys playing with legos and matchbox cars. He gets along with everyone in his host family and is described as being very responsive and friendly! Contact GWCA if you’d like to learn more about Micah!EddieEddie is an adorable kiddo who just turned 4 years old! His medical file indicates that he has an extra digit on both of his feet. GWCA is currently trying to determine whether or not he has additional needs. Eddie can walk on his own and he doesn’t have any mobility delays. He can follow simple instructions and express himself clearly. He is cooperative with his caretakers and responds to other’s instructions well. Eddie is described as being an energetic kiddo who is always smiley! Contact GWCA if you’d like to review his file!JordanJordan is an adorable little guy who is about to turn 3 years old! Jordan has some urogenital needs but is developing well cognitively. His file was supplemented this March and his caretakers indicated that his needs have no impact on his daily life. He can stand for a while under the help of his caretakers and can say some simple sentences. He can understand simple instructions such as putting away toys or taking off his shoes. Jordan is very fond of listening to music and dancing! He is closest to his caretakers but gets along with other kiddos too. If you’d like to review Jordan’s file, contact one of our matching specialists today!MaiseyMaisey is an adorable kiddo who will be 5 years old in November! She was born with Down’s Syndrome. She is described as being energetic and happy! Maisey gets along well with other children and familiar caretakers. She is very curious and always wants to be apart of what others are engaging in. She loves toys with bright colors and loud noises. She has language delays but can express herself with some simple language. Maisey loves running and playing outdoors! If you are interested in reviewing her file, contact one of our matching specialists!

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