I Found My Family

taylor3Hooray! This beautiful girl has been matched with a family that is working hard to bring her home Forever.  Congratulations to her and her new Forever Family from all of us at GWCA!

As her file is considered LID, the family that is matched with her had to have their dossier logged in before they could learn more about her! Our LID track provides families with the opportunity to be matched with younger kiddos with more minor or correctable needs. Learn more about the difference between LID and Special Focus below! If you’re interested in learning how you can join our LID track and start your journey towards being matched, contact our matching specialists today!

LID vs. Special Focus

When reviewing children’s files with our matching team, we encourage families to be as open as possible to children of either gender, as there are far more boys available for adoption than girls. We also encourage families to carefully consider the age range and special needs that they might feel comfortable with. This helps us determine if they would be better suited for a Special Focus child, or what we refer to as the “LID Track.”

Non-Special Focus kids are often referred to as LID, meaning “Log In Date.” While families can be matched with a Special Focus child at any point in the process, they must log their dossier in prior to reviewing files for LID children. These kids are typically age 1-4, and have more minor or correctable needs. For families that are open to a Waiting Child with minor or correctable needs, the LID track is a great alternative to other international adoption programs where the referral time for a healthy child can be several years.

Contact our Matching Specialists to learn how you can get started on the LID track today! 

Special Focus

Most of the children in China’s Waiting Child program, are classified as Special Focus. This means that they are considered more difficult to place either because of their age range, or needs. While the idea of special needs can be a bit overwhelming to families, it is important to realize that many needs fall on a spectrum. This means that two children whose files indicate the same need can be affected in completely different ways. One example of this is cerebral palsy. While some of the children that we have seen with cerebral palsy are wheelchair bound, others are able to run, jump, and climb just like any other kid. As such, it is very important for families to thoroughly  research a variety of special needs before ruling anything out!

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New Kids on the Block

callieMeet Callie! She is an adorable 8 year old girl. Callie was born with something called blepharoptosis. This condition affects how far the eyelids extend. It doesn’t seem to have an effect on her vision but GWCA is in the process of asking for an update on her condition to clarify. Callie is described as being talkative, energetic and quick in reaction. She is fond of playing with toys and playing games with her peers. Callie is inquisitive and frequently asks how and why questions. She seems to be slightly delayed compared to her peers but she doesn’t seem to have a language delay. If you’re interested in reviewing Callie’s file, contact GWCA today!

charlotteMeet Charlotte! Charlotte is an adorable kiddo who will be turning three this January! She has been diagnosed with hydrocephalus and some physical and cognitive delays. Based on her file, which was prepared in April of 2015, it sounds as though she has stiff lower limbs and has some delayed mobility. She also was not responsive to being called by her caregivers at the time the file was prepared. Our staff is working hard to get more updated information from Charlotte’s orphanage regarding her need and delays! Her caregivers described her as being a smiley, happy kiddo who loves to laugh and be cuddled. If you’d like to learn more about Charlotte, please reach out to Great Wall!clarkClark is a sweet boy from China that recently turned 11 years old. Clark was born deaf but he has since received a Cochlear Implant and so he has some hearing ability now. Since he received his Cochlear Implant 4 years ago, has attended a special boarding school to help him learn language and speech. Clark has great self-care skills and he is a very easy person to live with. He has an easy-going personality and gets along well with others. He likes to draw and make models with his hands. Clark is good at math and he likes to play basketball with other children at school.

You can contact the China Home Finding Team at Great Wall if you would like to learn more about adopting Clark. We hope we are able to find Clark his Forever Family soon!

sylvieMeet Sylvie! She is an adorable little girl who is 4 years old. Slyvie was born with cerebral palsy. She has a little more difficulty using her gross motor skills than she does using her fine motor skills. She can stand and walk with some support but she can grasp small objects with her thumb and index finger deftly. Sylvie is described as being curious about her surroundings and interested in what others are saying. She has high muscular tension which we believe she is receiving therapy for. Great Wall is in the process of requesting an update on Sylvie but contact one of our matching specialists today if you’d like to review her medical file!

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I Found My Family!

zhao-jia-ning-photo-2We are so delighted to announce that one of the families in our China adoption program has begun submitting their paperwork to bring this beautiful girl home FOREVER! We are so excited for her and her new family, and we can’t wait to see them come home!

Despite the fact that this little lady will just be turning one year old this January, her file was considered Special Focus, meaning her family was able to review her information prior to logging their dossier in. All of the kiddos that are on our photo listing are in need of loving Forever Families, and you can be matched with them right away! If your family is interested in learning more about any of the Waiting Children in our China adoption program, contact one of our China matching specialists or visit our photo listing today!


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Forever Home for the Holidays

1One year ago this beautiful girl was listed on our Orphan Hosting photo listing with the nickname “Miss Happy.” When our interview team met her in China, they were captivated by her incredible smile and her playful spirit. She was excited to play dress up and show everyone her drawings, but behind her smile was a girl who was holding on to hope. She was hopeful that meeting with these strange people and answering their questions might lead to something new – something outside of the orphanage.

Last winter, Miss Happy was matched with an amazing host family and she had the opportunity to come to the United States to live with them for one month over the holidays. She had the chance to see life outside of the orphanage and she had the opportunity to experience the love of a family

Now, less than one year later, Miss Happy’s host family is in China preparing to bring her back to the United States and welcome her home forever. Although we’ve simply been following their journey through photos, it’s clear that Miss Happy has already gone through a huge transformation. While her smile is still as big as ever, it has changed in so many ways. It’s the smile of a beautiful girl who finally has the opportunity to be carefree. After years of worrying and waiting for a family to come get her, she finally gets to relax and be a kid, because she’s not “Miss Happy” anymore – she’s Celia Ginger Stark. She is a daughter and a sister, but most importantly she is loved.

31Celia will never have to spend another holiday season longing to be part of a family, and she will never spend another birthday worrying that she’s one year closer to “aging out.”   The days ahead of her hold so much love and so many firsts, and we can’t wait to continue following the amazing journey that began with Orphan Hosting.

There are so many children in China that spend their lives waiting. They are overlooked not because of choices they’ve made or because of things they’ve done, but because of their age or their special needs. These kids are INCREDIBLE, and our Orphan Hosting program gives families the opportunity to get to know them, not as they’re described in their medical file, but for who they really are.

We are currently matching children for our upcoming winter Orphan Hosting program, and we’re so hopeful that these kids will have the same experience that Celia did. If they are hosted this winter, they may never have to spend another holiday season in an orphanage. Our host families play a huge role in helping these kids find families, whether they themselves adopt their host kid, or whether they advocate on their behalf. There are only a few days left to be matched with one of these amazing kiddos, so if your family or someone you know is interested in learning how you can become a host family, contact our hosting coordinator at shannon@gwca.org today! Together, we can end their wait.

Congratulations Celia, and safe travels home!



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9 New Kids Recently Added

pierceMeet Pierce! Pierce is a sweet kiddo who is about to turn 3 years old this month! He was born with a hernia and mild cerebral palsy. He lives in a foster family and has done so well there. Pierce was 2 years old when his file was prepared. His caretakers indicated that at that time, he could follow instructions to wave goodbye, and answer how old he was! He has strong imitating ability and always likes to dance when his foster mom dances. He can imitate words, speak in 3-5 word sentences and respond to other’s asking for his objects. Pierce can point to different body parts and use his words to express his needs! He is currently receiving rehabilitation therapies and is improving. While he still needs the assistance of a walking aid to be mobile, he is making progress. If you’d like to review Pierce’s medical file, contact one of our matching specialists today!

kenzieThis darling kiddo’s name is Kenzie! She is a sweet girl who is about a year and a half old. She was born with Down Syndrome and a congenital heart defect. She is described by her caregivers as a sweet, adorable little girl who’s smile is beautiful and heartwarming. She is babbling to communicate her needs and is now able to stand with support. She also is able to hold on to a milk bottle and drink milk without assistance! She is a precious kiddo who would thrive with the love of a forever family. Please contact Great Wall if you would like to learn more!Tteddyhis kiddo’s name is Teddy! Teddy will be turning four this January. He has some general mobility delays, but he seems to be doing well! He is able to walk in a walker and is now able to take several steps without assistance. He can understand his caregiver’s basic requests and is able to follow instructions. He may have language delays as well, but we are currently working to find out more information from his orphanage. Teddy is a sweet, smiley kiddo who loves to listen to music and spend time with his friends and caretakers. If you’d like to learn more about Teddy, please reach out to Great Wall!rachel**AGING OUT – FEB. 2, 2017** Rachel is a sweet girl from China who is 13 years old. Rachel will age out of the China Adoption system on Feb. 2, 2017, so she needs a family to adopt her that will be traveling soon to China for another adoption.

Rachel has some sight issues and she is delayed cognitively compared to her peers.  She has lived in a Foster Family since she was 4 years old. Rachel is in 6th grade at a school for children with visual impairments. She lives at the school during the weekdays and then goes to live with her foster family on weekends. Rachel has an outgoing personality, she is talkative, active, quick thinking, thoughtful, a good observer and helpful with younger children.

You can contact the China Home Finding Team at Great Wall if you would like to learn more about adopting Rachel. We hope we are able to find Rachel her Forever Family soon!

jonahJonah is a precious little boy from China that is 2 years old. Jonah was born with CHD but he received surgery on it and appears to be doing well now. At the time Jonah’s file was prepared when he was 17 months old he was babbling and saying simple words like “ma ma” and imitating the words that adults would say. Jonah could crawl on his hands and knees, standing for a while, and he could grasp toys and pass them from one hand to the other. He is described as being a smiley boy that gets along well with others. His favorite toy is a rattle. He loves being held by his caretakers.

You can contact the China Home Finding Team at Great Wall if you would like to learn more about adopting Jonah. We hope we are able to find Jonah his Forever Family soon!

juliaMeet Julia! Julia is an adorable kiddo who is almost 6 years old! She had surgery to repair a heart defect when she was much younger and recovered very well. She is described as being cute, ready to smile, polite and positive! She is always helpful and full of enthusiasm. If other kiddos need assistance, she is always the first to let her caretaker know. Julia is active and loves playing games with other children. She can express her needs normally and always pays close attention in school! She can get dressed on her own and can manage daily tasks! Julia is described as clean and tidy by her caretakers who note she loves folding her clothes before bed. Contact one of our matching specialists today if you’d like to learn more about Julia!elsieMeet Elsie! Elsie is a precious 5-year old kiddo with Down Syndrome. She also has a congenital heart condition and possible vision impairment. Elsie is a shy, sweet kiddo who loves to read picture books and play games! She is able to communicate her needs by babbling and does an excellent job at following the directions of her caregivers. If you’d like to learn more about her, please reach out to Great Wall!

Check out her NEW video!

robbieMeet Robbie! Robbie is an adorable kiddo who is 11 years old. He was born with hydrocephalus that he has received surgery for and a growth hormone deficiency that makes him a little smaller than his peers. He has normal cognitive development and is currently in school! He loves singing, dancing, playing the piano and is said to have a rich imagination. He is fairly introverted and is described as having so many hobbies! He loves reading and playing football outside and he gets along very well with other children! Contact one of our matching specialists today if you’d like to review his medical file!colbyMeet Colby! He is a sweetheart who is 4 years old. Colby was born with Congenital Heart Disease. His file indicates that he has received a surgery for this but GWCA is currently requesting some additional information. He is described as having a very outgoing personality! His language development does not seem delayed compared to his peers based on his file. Colby loves playing with blocks and toys with other kiddos. He can successfully complete some self-care tasks such as getting undressed on his own and eating without assistance. Colby is very fond of listening to music and always has a ready smile. Contact a matching specialist today if you’d like to learn more about Colby! Read More

5 Steps to Begin Your Journey


1. Talk to our Matching Specialists

GWCA and CAN’s matching specialists are here to help you find an adoption program that’s right for your family. Contact us today to take advantage of our free adoption consultation offer and speak directly to one of our adoption specialists!

(512)323-9595 | info@childrenofallnations.com

2. Review Your Eligibility

Each country that GWCA and CAN work with has its own set of eligibility requirements. These eligibility requirements are put in place by the countries themselves, and not by GWCA or CAN. If you have any questions regarding your eligibility for a specific country or you would like to speak to a matching specialist about your eligibility, contact us today!

Here are links to some of the eligibility requirements for GWCA and CAN’s top programs:

3. Consider Your Adoption Parameters

One of the most important steps to beginning your adoption journey is figuring out what your open to in terms of your adopted child’s age range, gender, and possible special needs. Often, the more open a family is in their adoption parameters, the quicker they’ll receive a match!

4. Learn more about GWCA and CAN’s Waiting Children

If your family is open to adopting an older child, a child with needs, or a sibling group of two or more, our Waiting Child adoption programs might be right for you! Many of our Waiting Child adoption programs provide families the chance to play a role in the matching process, and often you can be matched right away!

Visit GWCA and CAN’s Waiting Child photo listings!

5. Apply Today!

Once you’ve found the program that ‘s right for you, the first step is go submit your application!

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I Found My Family

w1-4Congratulations, Lottie!

As we prepare to welcome the kids for our upcoming winter Orphan Hosting program, we are so THRILLED to announce that this beautiful girl from our summer hosting program has officially been matched with a family! Lottie’s family has already begun submitting their adoption paperwork, and they are working towards bringing her home as soon as possible.

Like many of the children in our Orphan Hosting program, Lottie was hosted by an advocate family. By welcoming her into their home for four weeks during the summer, they were able to learn more about her personality and her needs so that they could help her find the perfect Forever Family!

Congratulations Lottie, we can’t wait to see you come home!

Winter Host Kids Arrive Soon!

The kids who are participating in this winter’s Orphan Hosting program will be arriving NEXT WEEK! While some of our host families have already decided to pursue the adoption of their host child, others, like Lottie’s host family, are hosting as advocates. If you are interested in learning about the host kids who are in need of families, visit our Orphan Hosting advocacy page or contact our hosting coordinators today!

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5 New Kids on the Block


Meet Brady! Brady is an adorable little guy who is 3 years old. Brady was born with additional limbs which were removed shortly after birth. As a result, he has urogenital needs and a wider gait. Since the surgeries and treatments, Brady has made incredible progress! He is now able to stand without assistance, walk, and hop on his legs. He is currently living with a foster family and is doing well in regards to his cognitive development. Brady is very close with his caregivers and plays well with the other children in the orphanage and foster home. He loves to sing and dance to music and often is seen imitating adults. He is a bright, happy kiddo who would thrive with the love of a forever family. Please reach out to Great Wall if you would like to learn more!

Check out Brady’s video!

brysonBryson is a sweet little boy from China that just turned 1 year old in October 2016. He lives with a foster family, so he is receiving much more one-on-one attention than he would be in an orphanage. He is cheerful and will smile when seeing familiar people. He is very interested in toys that can move and make sounds. Bryson turns his head when someone is calling his name. He likes to babble to express his needs and to draw people’s attention. He like to be held and cuddled. He is very close with his foster parents. If someone shows that they want to give Bryson a high five, he will give them a high five.

Bryson can push himself up on his stomach and reach for toys. He can raise one hand up to a shelf to try and get a toy down. Bryson can sit up by himself. Bryson can crawl on his hands and his knees. Bryson loves playing with others and he will laugh when being teased. Bryson has something called cerebral agenesis, but it doesn’t seem to be affecting him much because he appears to be developing normally according to his brand new file.

You can contact the China Home Finding Team at Great Wall if you would like to learn more about adopting Bryson. We hope we are able to find Bryson his Forever Family soon!

calvinMeet Calvin! Calvin is a sweet 6-year old kiddo born with differences of sex development. Calvin can be very shy around strangers and new people, but after he gets to know someone he becomes very loving and friendly. He loves to play with other kiddos! If you’d like to learn more about Calvin, please reach out to Great Wall!adaAda is a sweet little girl that just recently turned 4 years old. Ada has post-operative spina bifida and post-operative hydrocephalus. It appears that Ada may not be able to walk at this time, but she can sit up by herself. Ada is receiving rehabilitation for increasing her leg strength and she really enjoys going to rehab.

Ada can understand the instructions her teachers are giving her and can follow those instructions. She is very good at imitating adult’s words and actions. Ada can speak sentences and she is good at communicating with her caretakers. Ada can hold toys and other items by herself. Ada likes to sing and dance when she hears music. She can count numbers and her caretakers say she is very clever.

You can contact the China Home Finding Team at Great Wall if you would like to learn more about adopting little Ada We hope we are able to find Ada her Forever Family soon!

Click Here to Watch Ada’s NEW Video!

maddie**MATCHED** Maddie is a cute little girl from China that is about to turn 1 year old in January 2017. Maddie has some minor genitalia malformations, but they do not affect her health in any way and can easily be corrected with surgery. Maddie is otherwise healthy and developing normally. Maddie is babbling, scooting on her stomach and learning to crawl, and is learning to sit up by herself. She loves to listen to music and to be cuddled by her caregivers. Maddie is living in a very good foster care facility in China.

Maddie has found her family, however, if you would like to learn more about how you can get matched with a little girl with similar needs, please contact the GWCA China Home Finding Team.

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I Found My Family

just-matched-blogHooray, this beautiful girl from one of our new orphanage partnerships has a family that is working towards bringing her home Forever! We are so happy for her and her new Forever Family, and we can’t wait to see them come home!

As a younger child with very minor needs her file was considered LID, meaning her family had to have their paperwork logged in before they could be matched with her. Our China LID track is a great program for families that are drawn towards adopting from China, yet feel that a Special Focus child may not be the best fit. Since we receive most of our LID files from our orphanage partnerships, we are looking forward to seeing this program continue to grow as we partner with more and more orphanages across China. If your family is interested in learning how you can begin your journey towards being matched with a child through the LID track, contact our China matching specialists today!


– Contact a China matching specialist
– Learn about our LID adoption track
– Learn about our China Waiting Child adoption program
– Visit our Waiting Child Photo Listing

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Ford Is GWCA’s Sponsored Star for December!

As our Sponsored Star, Ford has a $2,000 grant available towards his adoption fees! If you are interested in seeing Ford’s file or learning how you can be matched with him, visit our China Waiting Child Photo Listing or contact our China Matching Team today!

shi-en-rui-2Ford is a precious little boy from China that just turned 1 year old. Ford has mild CHD (ASD) and was born with syphilis and Hep C.  His syphilis has been treated and is no longer an issue and he is on medication for his Hep C and it does not affect his everyday life.  One of our GWCA staff members met Ford when she visited China earlier this year and she would be happy to speak with any interested family about Ford!

Ford can crawl, stand up by himself and is learning to walk. He can grasp toys near him, can take blocks and put them in and out of cups, and he can go look for toys when he drops them. He knows his name and turns to look when called, he responds to his caretakers asking him for objects, he babbling and saying some words like “ma ma” and “go.”  Ford can take his socks on and off by himself.  He will point to the correct parts of his face when asked “Where are your eyes?” or “Where is your nose?”  He is fond of listening to music and likes to laugh when teased by his caregivers.

Below is a video that a GWCA staff member took of Ford when he was just 5 months old!You can contact the China Home Finding Team at Great Wall if you would like to see Ford’s other videos or learn more about adopting him. We hope we are able to find Ford his Forever Family soon!

What is a Sponsored Star?

On the 1st of each month, Great Wall China Adoption will feature one of the kiddos from our Orphanage Partnerships as our monthly “Sponsored Star!” As our Sponsored Star, that child will be provided a $2,000 grant towards their adoption fees! Each of the kiddos selected will be a Special Focus child,  meaning they have not found their Forever Family yet due to their age, or the degree of their needs. Together, we can find loving homes for these amazing kids!

We encourage any families interested in learning more about our Sponsored Star of the Month to visit our China Waiting Child Photo Listing, or contact our China Matching Specialists to learn how you can be matched today! Check back on the first of each month to meet the newest featured child!

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