Adoption Tax Credit

 What is the adoption tax credit?

The Adoption Tax Credit, which can be claimed for eligible adoption-related expenses, has helped thousands of American families offset the cost of adoption since the credit was established in 1997. It has made adoption a financially viable option for many parents who might not otherwise have been able to afford it, allowing them to provide children with loving, permanent families. With over 100,000 children in the U.S. foster care system currently eligible for adoption, and an ever increasing number of orphaned and abandoned children worldwide in institutions, the continuation of the Adoption Tax Credit is vital to providing love, safety, and permanency through adoption to as many children as possible.

For many families, the cost associated with adopting a child or sibling group can be very discouraging. Even for families with the best of intentions and the purest of hearts, a lack of finances can mean the difference between providing an orphan with a loving home and turning a reluctant cheek to the overwhelming need. The Adoption Tax Credit has done so much to bridge this gap, and for that we are forever grateful!

Why do we need your help to save it?

With tax reform up for discussion once more, the Adoption Tax Credit is at risk of being eliminated. We are asking both past and current adoptive families to share their voices to tell Congress about the importance of this tax credit and the difference that it has made in helping them bring their family together. By making adoption more affordable, this tax credit has literally changed the lives of countless orphans around the world, and this is simply not something that we can risk losing.

How you can help!

If your family has benefited from the Adoption Tax Credit, we need your help! Here are a couple of simple ways that you can share your voice to help this cause:

  • Send a Letter to Members of Congress

Use this link to send your thank you letter to Members of Congress to support the Adoption Tax Credit:

  • Tweet Your Support!

Tag your Member of congress and use the following hashtags: #SavetheATC #taxreform!

Example: For me and thousands of families, the adoption tax credit made adoption possible. Watch my story here [LINK] #SavetheATC #taxreform

  • Share a Facebook Post

Link to a family blog post or photo and tell your story! Again, you can use the hashtags #SavetheATC and #taxreform.


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5 New Kids Need Families!

Brian is a sweet little boy from China that just recently turned 4 years old. He has optic atrophy of both eyes which has caused him to lose his sight, but he appears to be physically healthy in all other regards. Due to his lack of eyesight, Brian is delayed verbally, so he isn’t currently speaking. However he can make many sounds and he can communicate some of his basic needs such as when he is hungry.

Brian can walk on his own and he can get up on his own from a sitting to a standing position. He is very curious and if he hears a sound near him he will go over to it and feel around for the object or person that made the sound. Brian can use a spoon to feed himself at mealtime, although he still needs some guidance from caregivers since he cannot see the food. He also needs help getting dressed, brushing his teeth and bathing.

Brian is very close to his caregivers, but because he cannot see sometimes it is hard for him to play with other children. He is not shy or timid though and he likes to be around other people.

If you would like to learn more about Brian, please reach out to the GWCA China Home Finding Team today!

Click Here to Watch one of Brian’s Recent Videos!

Clara is a darling 8-year old girl in need of a home to call her own! Clara was born with thalassemia, hydrocephalus, and Dandy-Walker Syndrome. Clara has spent some time in a foster home, though it is unclear at this time whether or not she is still with a foster family. Clara is described as being a sweet, shy kiddo who loves to smile and read picture books with her caretakers. She is great at imitating her caregivers words and can respond to questions. Clara is an amazing kiddo who would thrive in a forever home! Please reach out to Great Wall to learn more!Meet Harry! Harry is an amazing 10-year old boy in need of a family to call his own. His file is outdated, but Great Wall is working hard to get updated information! Harry was born with a cleft lip and mild cerebral palsy, but overall he seems to be doing well! Harry received surgery for his lip when he was about 2 years old, and it sounds as though he has recovered extremely well. We are working to learn more about his mobility, speech, and general development. Please reach out to Great Wall to talk further about this kiddo!Stacy is a precious little girl from China that is about to turn 3 years old. Stacy has down syndrome and she seems to be doing well for having that condition.  Stacy can walk and pick up tiny objects with her thumb and index finger. Stacy can imitate basic words that her caretaker says, she understands what “no” means, she understands the difference between hot and cold, and she can follow simple instructions and she can express her needs to her caretakers.

Stacy is an active child with a ready smile. She likes being around others, she enjoys playing games with her friends, she likes music and she enjoys having books read to her.

If you would like to learn more about how you can adopt Stacy, please contact the GWCA China Home Finding Team today!

Meet Ruby! Ruby is a precious 6-year old girl in need of a home to call her own. She was born with Down Syndrome and congenital heart disease, but after having surgery on her heart in 2013 she appears to be doing great. Ruby is a bright, happy girl who is curious and loves to learn. She is currently in class within the orphanage and appears to be thriving. She follows instructions well, can observe and mimic the teacher’s behaviors, and is active and engaged. She does not appear to have any mobility delays overall. Ruby is a sweet kiddo who is very attached to her caregivers and teachers. Please reach out to Great Wall to learn more!


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I Found My Family!

Hooray! We’re so delighted to announce that one of the families in our China adoption program has begun submitting their paperwork to bring this little guy home forever. We are so excited for him and his new family, and we can’t wait to see them come home!

As an older Waiting Child, this sweet boy’s file was considered Special Focus, meaning his family was able to be matched with him right away. All of the kids who are currently listed on our Waiting Child photo listing are also considered Special Focus, and families can be matched with them as soon as they begin their adoption journeys. If your family is interested in learning more about any of the incredible kids in our China adoption program, contact one of our China matching specialists or visit our photo listing today!

– Visit the Waiting Child Photo Listing to learn about kids in need of Forever Families!
– Contact our China Matching Specialists to learn how you can start your adoption journey!

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Meet Nathan!

Nathan is an adorable 4 and a half year old boy who is currently living with a foster family in China. He is described as being extroverted, active and happy, and he enjoys spending his time jumping on the trampoline and playing outside with his friends.

Nathan’s cognitive development is on target compared to other kids his age. He has good fine motor skills, and he can follow instructions given by his caretakers.

Nathan has post-operative CHD and post-operative cystostomy. He has normal bowel movements and urination, however, he has to have a urine bag and he wears a diaper since he has not been potty trained yet. Nathan’s file also indicates that he has scoliosis, but it based on a recent update it appears to be minor. If you’re interested in reviewing Nathan’s full file or watching the videos from his recent update, contact today!


– Visit GWCA’s Waiting Child Photo Listing to request Nathan’s file!
–  Contact a China Adoption Specialist
– Learn more about China adoption

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New Kids on the Block

Pax is a sweet little boy from China who recently turned 6 years old. Pax is an optimistic little boy that enjoys the company of others. He is very attached to his caregivers and loves receiving cuddles from them. Pax needed some rehabilitation when he was younger to help him learn to stand and walk, but with hard work and dedication Pax was able to learn how to do this. Pax was born with hydrocephalus, but it is not clear from his file if has received a surgery for a shunt or not. Since Pax’s file is a little out of date, our Great Wall staff is working hard to learn more about him.

If you are interested in reviewing Pax’s full file, please contact the GWCA China Home Finding Team today!

This precious boy’s name is Elijah! Elijah is 8-years old and in need of a home to call his own. He has been diagnosed with thalassemia and siderosis, which refers to a excess of iron that may be effecting his lungs. He was also diagnosed with hydrocephalus, but he received a shunt and has not appeared to need any follow-up treatment. Elijah’s file also indicates that he had a arachnoid cyst, but it appears that he has received surgery for that as well. Elijah is an active, energetic boy who loves to run, jump, ride bicycles, and jump rope. He has a clear language ability and is able to imitate adults and have conversations. He is in school now and is taking courses in Chinese, English, and Mathematics! He can follow instructions well and is even able to sing the Happy Birthday Song in English! He doesn’t always like to do his homework and likes to try to convince his caretakers to get out of it. He is a clever, mischievous little boy who would thrive with the love of a forever family. Please reach out to Great Wall to learn more!Ivette is a lovely little girl from China who just recently turned 4 years old.  Ivette lives with a foster family and is very close to her foster mother.  She gets very happy when she hears music and will get a big smile on her face.  She likes to talk a walk with her foster mother every evening after dinner.  Ivette tends to be more extroverted and outgoing, but she does get a bit shy around strangers.

Ivette was born with cerebral palsy but it doesn’t appear to affect her mobility much.  Ivette can walk on her own, can pick up toys off of the floor and can turn the pages in the book.  Her muscle tension appears to be the same as other children without cerebral palsy.

Ivette cannot speak words currently and only makes sounds.  Ivette does have some cognitive delays and does not appear to understand simple instructions given to her by adults.  She cannot feed herself and she needs an adult to feed her.  Ivette is not potty trained at this time and need an adults help when changing her diapers and getting dressed.

Ivette needs to be adopted by a Forever Family that will help her get the rehabilitation services she needs to learn how to communicate her wants and needs.  Ivette needs a family who will be patient with her as she continues to develop her communication and cognitive abilities.  If you would like to learn more about Ivette, please contact the GWCA China Home Finding Team today!  

**AGING OUT SOON**  Gemma is an incredible and essnetially healthy 13-year old girl who will be aging out of the system this coming Fall. She needs a loving Forever Family to adopt her before she turns 14 or she will never have a chace to know the love and acceptance of a family.

Gemma is a smart, bright, and active girl who would thrive with consistent care and a forever home. She has refractive error in both her eyes, but it is likely she will only need glasses in order to correct her vision.She has been in a foster family since 2006 and has been described by them as being very sensible and obedient.

Gemma likes to do housework and is always available to help her foster family! She is currently in school and is excelling in her studies. She can write over 100 Chinese characters and is able to perform addition and subtraction. She is a great listener and always finishes her homework right after school! Gemma gets along great with her classmates and is well-liked by everyone she meets.

The orphanage and foster family care very much for Gemma and hope that she will have a forever family soon. You can contact the GWCA China Home Finding team today to learn more about how you can adopt Gemma!

This precious kiddo’s name is Gia! Gia is 4-years old and has been diagnosed with Apert Syndrome. Gia also has syndactyly of her hands and feet. She is a precious kiddo who is described by her caregivers as being very active and a lovely little girl. She has attached well to her caretakers and can be shy when meeting strangers. Gia would thrive with the love and affection of a forever family! Please reach out to Great Wall to learn more! Meet Paul! Paul is an amazing 6-year old boy in need of a home to call his own. Paul is fully deaf in his left ear and has moderate hearing impairment in his right. He is an active, extroverted, and intelligent boy. His file indicates that he is not very verbal, but he does a phenomenal job expressing his needs through writing or gestures. He is in school currently and is described as having a very curious mind. He does not have any mobility delays and is very active with his friends at the orphanage. He loves to play on the slide, ride on the rocking horse, and play with puzzles! He’s an incredible child who would thrive with consistent care. Please reach out to Great Wall to learn more!

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I Found My Family!

This week we are thrilled to announce that a family has begun submitting their paperwork to welcome this beautiful girl into their family FOREVER! Our China matching specialists have been advocating for this sweet girl for quite some time, and her radiant smile never fails to brighten our days. We are so incredibly happy that she is now one step closer to coming home. Congratulations from all of us at GWCA and CAN!

China Waiting Child Adoption

Our China adoption program allows families to be matched with Special Focus children at any point in the process, making the adoption journey as a whole relatively quick! We receive new children’s files each week, both from our orphanage partnerships and from the Shared List, which provides our families with the opportunity to review multiple files until they find a child that they feel would be a good fit. Contact our China matching specialists or visit our photo listing to learn more about the kids that we’re currently advocating for!

Visit the China Waiting Child Photo Listing
– Contact our China Matching Specialists
– Learn more about the China adoption process

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An Update on “L”!

Eight months ago we shared a story about a family reuniting with their host kiddo to bring her home forever. It was a reunion that they had been anxiously awaiting from the moment they had to say their goodbyes at the end of the hosting program. Although the family was certainly sad to see their daughter, “L,” return to China after the hosting program, they knew that they would be seeing her again soon as they had already begun submitting their paperwork to adopt her.

Throughout the month that L spent in the United States with the hosting program, she was able to see life outside of her orphanage and experience the love of a family. These experiences ultimately helped to ease their transition transition upon returning home as a family of three. Now, eight months later, L is thriving in her new family! Read our blog below to learn more about L’s transition and the many firsts she’s experienced in the eight months that she’s been home.

Click here to read about L’s journey home!


L loves to drive by and point to the EIU castle.  She begged and pleaded to go there and finally got her chance during EIU’s Homecoming.  She got to meet Billy the Panther and go to her first parade.  We visited Tent City and she cheered on the Panthers at her first football game.

We had a special afternoon with Papa Swing and Grandma Barb at Aikman’s Wildlife Adventure in Arcola.  The highlight was the Wagon Tour where we got up close and personal with the animals and even got to feed them.  The zoo is going to seem boring after this special trip.

This was her first Halloween and she enjoyed carving her first pumpkin.  Mommy also visited her school for her classroom Halloween party.


By this time, we have gotten our rhythm and routine down.  L is loving going to school and making new friends.  We enjoyed a visit from special friends and L loved all the extra attention. It’s always so great to catch up with good friends!

We visited Santa Claus at the Festival of Trees and enjoyed face painting with Kinsley and Charlie.  We also had a great Thanksgiving with family and friends.


L started the month with the Trojet Dance Clinic.  She loves to cheer and dance so it was no surprise that she loved it.  Even now months later, she randomly starts doing dance moves from the routine she learned.

L had been asking to go on a train ride so we obliged by having lunch with Santa on the Polar Express in Monticello.  She asked Santa for a dress because what girl doesn’t want a dress?!  It was a snowy afternoon and really set the mood for the trip.  She was just excited because she got to eat chips in her sack lunch.
L was the star of the Broadway Christian Church Christmas Program.  She sang her heart out and was very enthusiastic about her performance.  She kept up with the hand motions and was also one of the loudest.  Unfortunately, she didn’t know most of the words even after weeks of practicing.  She could sing Jesus very clearly, but that was about it.  Everyone still seemed to enjoy watching it.
Santa Claus found our house for Christmas.  She was very excited about him going up and down our chimney.  He left L a new bicycle.  She was awfully concerned because her bike was too big and she needed a little bike like her best friend’s.  A great ending to our 2016 and fun to see how much she has changed in one year.


We started the year by taking L to her first movie at the theater.  She did really well.

Due to the unseasonably warm temperatures, we were able to visit the St. Louis Zoo in January.  She loved visiting all the animals and can’t wait to plan another visit.

L celebrated the 100th day of school and enjoyed dressing up as a “grandma” with all her classmates.

This was our first year celebrating the Chinese New Year.  The holiday fell on Saturday, January 28th.  This was the first day of the Chinese lunar calendar.  CNY 2017 was the year of the Rooster.  We celebrated by making decorations and re-decorating our Christmas Tree, enjoying traditional Chinese food from the Asian market, and reading a few books about the holiday.  We also went to a special event at the Urbana Free Library.
We ended the month with L’s 10th birthday party.  We enjoyed a small party with close family at home.  She enjoyed the special cake [Peppa Pig] that Grandma Barb made for her, unwrapping gifts, and having everyone sing to her.  This girl isn’t shy about being the center of attention.


L and Baba enjoyed their first daddy-daughter dance at Broadway Christian Church.  They were a beautiful couple and had a great evening. L’s favorite part was going out to eat for “china food” beforehand.

L loves all things dancing, cheerleading, and gymnastics.  So when we have events that she can participate in, we try to take full advantage.  She is so limber and flexible, we have no doubt that with practice, she will probably excel.  This month she did an EIU cheer clinic and did a beginner gymnastics class through the Recreation Department.


As the weather has warmed up, we have spent more and more time outside.  She loves to play bubbles and use sidewalk chalk.  She is working on riding her bicycle but after a couple of falls, she is understandably apprehensive.  She has gotten so much stronger!  We did a fun science experiment where we inflated a balloon by the reaction of vinegar and baking soda.  She has also learned how to play baseball with a wiffle ball and bat.  Her hand-eye coordination has improved so much she learned immediately and gets tons of hits.

We had special visitors came over to play.  She was excited about eating pizza, doing puzzles, playing Barbies, and playing Go Fish. We were so amazed at how far she has come in interacting with other kids, playing, and communicating.  It was an eye-opener for us.  Especially since it had been several months since she had seen them.

We celebrated our first Easter.  She talked about wearing her special dress to church for weeks.  She enjoyed coloring Easter eggs and seeing which colors could be combined to make new colors.  The Easter Bunny found our house and left her a basket with some special treats.  Since she does not like sweets at all, the eggs that she found contained coins and she was very excited about taking them to the bank.  We compromised and she added them to her bank at home.

She also got to attend a birthday party for one of her classmates.  It was held at the Flip Zone.  She was very uneasy around the trampoline, but by the end, she loved it.  She practiced walking on the balance beam and can’t wait to go back.  She has made some great friends in her class and it was fun to watch them play together.

Overall, it is amazing to see how far L has come.  She has lost three baby teeth and has new permanent teeth coming in.  She has gained some weight and is now up to 38 pounds.  She has grown in height, advanced a shoe size, and started to gain muscle strength and fill out.  Her hair is growing and thickening up.  She begs to have long hair.  She loves to put together puzzles, build with Legos, and play Barbies.  Food is still her love language.  She out eats us most days.  She is always open to trying new foods and is such a good eater.  She loves to snuggle with Mommy and Baba.  She is absolutely in love with her “sister” Bessie.  Bessie is our dog and if you remember when she visited last winter, she was absolutely terrified of the dog and screamed bloody murder.  If you have had a recent conversation with her, she probably asked you if you had a dog, what its name is, if it is big or little, and whether it is inside or outside.  If you asked her dog’s name, you likely got the response “B-E-S-S-I-E.”  She really likes to spell the words that she knows.  She is doing great in school and above average in her recognition/reading of sight words.  It makes my heart-swell to hear her read the leveled readers that she brings home.  This girl loves math.  Her vocabulary improves everyday and her spoken English continues to get stronger.  Her handwriting is beautiful and she concentrates so hard to make every letter or number “pretty.”  Astounding progress for a girl who had never been to school, had never used a pencil, put together a puzzle, and whose coloring consisted of scribbling.  She loves to sing along to the radio.  One of her favorites is Hillary Scott’s “Thy Will Be Done.”  She loves to belt out songs in the car and exclaims, “I know this song.”  Still working on the concept that songs are made up of words:)  This girls loves to sleep.  Every Friday night she says “sleep long time” aka let me sleep in.

I’m not sure how we got so lucky for God to choose us to be her parents, but our lives are blessed by her presence every minute of every day.   She fills our lives with joy with her smile, orneriness, and sassy personality.

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5 New Kids Are Waiting!

Caden is a sweet little boy from China that is 5 years old. Caden is described by his caregivers as a very lovely boy that gets along well with other children. Caden is will blow kisses at his caregivers when they walk in and out of the room. Caden likes to play with toys and play games with his friends in the orphanage.

Caden has cerebral palsy, so his lower limbs are a little bit weaker, but he can stand and at the time his file was prepared in 2013 he was learning to walk. Caden’s upper body and limbs appear to be normal and it sounds like he is doing well cognitively. He is a little behind on his language development, but he can understand what his caregivers are saying to him. Caden will wave bye-bye to his caregivers as they leave the room.

Because Caden’s file is a little bit out of date, we are working hard to get more updated information on him.

If you would like to review Caden’s full file, please contract the China Home Finding Team at Great Wall today!

This sweet kiddo’s name is Breccan! Breccan is an 8-year old boy in need of a home to call his own. He was born with hydrocephalus and a meningocele on the base of his skull. Breccan’s caregivers say that he is an active, restless kiddo who loves to play with toys and listen to music. He is a smiley little guy who is described as being very extroverted and lively. He has attached very well to his caregivers and loves to spend time with the other children. His favorite activities include playing with toy cars and being outside! Please reach out to Great Wall if you would like to learn more!This cute kiddo’s name is Deacon! Deacon is 9-years old and is in need of a family to call his own. Deacon was hosted in the United States for one month in December of 2015. Sadly, he still waits to be matched with a family to call his own. Deacon has cognitive and language delays, but he appears to be making incredible progress with the consistent care of his orphanage! His caregivers describe him as kind, helpful, and respectful of others, saying that is playful and loves to make friends with new people. He is very sweet and loves to spend time with his caregivers. Deacon would thrive with the love of a family. Please reach out to Great Wall if you’d like to learn more!

Check out my NEW video! 

Meet Cal! Cal is an amazing 11-year old boy in need of a forever family. He was hosted through our Winter hosting program for one month in December of 2015, but sadly he still waits for a family to call his own. His host family has advocated strongly for this incredible kiddo since he arrived back in China and would love to talk to any interested families further about his time spent in the United States. Cal has differences of sex development and identifies as a boy. He also has possible hydrocephalus, but overall he appears to be on target in regards to his cognitive development. He is a bright, sweet kiddo who would thrive with the consistent care of a family. Here are some words about this amazing boy from the family who hosted him!

Host Mom: “Cal is a bright 9-year-old boy who lives in China. He is in the fourth grade and loves math and science. He is observant and a quick learner. He speaks some English and understands even more. He is very polite and is eager to learn. He flourishes from individualized attention and praise. His favorite pastimes include basketball, soccer and riding bikes. He also loves logic and math games. Cal is very small for his age but is persistent and determined. When he came to stay with his host family, he couldn’t hang onto the monkey bars, much less make it across. After two weeks, he can now do both. He enjoys new experiences and soaks up praise for his accomplishments. He is a reserved child who has a sensitive side but he can become quite animated when he’s excited. He gets along well with other children and enjoys working toward a common goal (building something, puzzles, etc…). He is affectionate little guy who likes to hug. He has amazing potential in a family!”

Host Dad: “From Day One, while reserved Cal had a ‘want’: a want to play football with others, a want to wrestle and a want for us to treat him no differently than the other kids. While small, he loved the physical contact of football, the excitement of being thrown in the air just to get caught, the joy and laughter of being in a human dog pile or having someone watch him while he was riding the bike or skateboard. Joining a family with or without other kids he has a want and a need to be physically active – that is exactly what I would want in a kid joining my family.”

Host Grandmother: “Christmas is a time of family getting together, so I wondered how Cal would feel being with our family. At first, he was a little reserved. But he soon settled in. Cal goes with the flow and just rolls right along. He is a sweet, smart, easygoing, affectionate child.  One night when I was helping get everyone to bed, he came downstairs with arms opened wide to give “Grandpa” a big hug. Another night, after watching me fluff pillows and smooth the sheets for Jessica’s children, he wanted me to do the same for him. He was so delighted over something so minimal. We got him a watch for Christmas. You would have thought it was a year’s pass to Disneyland or SeaWorld when in reality it was just a little inexpensive Spiderman watch. When you have few possessions, even something small is a really big deal.  Frequently from the expression on his face, you could see he was enjoying being with us but was wistful for a family of his own. This is heart wrenching and we have been praying for a family to come forward.”

Please reach out to Great Wall if you would like to learn more about this amazing boy!

Jacob is an awesome little boy from China that is 4 and a half years old.  Jacob is described as being an active, cheerful boy with a ready smile.  He likes to play games with his friends and spend time outside.  Jacob is very close with his caregivers. Sometimes when his nanny is doing laundry he will sit next to her and try to help her fold clothes.  He is a very helpful little boy who is empathetic and aware when other people need help.  Jacob’s physical abilities appear to be normal compared with his peers, such as his ability to walk, jump up and down, and go up and down stairs.

Jacob was born without any ears but he can still hear, though not as good as most of his peers.  Jacob understandably has a language delay, but he is able to respond to his caregivers when they call his name and ask him to do simple tasks.  Jacob can also say some words and is able to communicate with others. The right side of Jacob’s face also droops somewhat, but it has improved with acupuncture.  Jacob was very brave and behaved well when he was receiving acupuncture, even though i twas painful.

If Jacob could be adopted by a loving Forever Family and come to the U.S. to get the surgical procedure’s he needs to be able to hear better, there is no telling how far he could go in life!  However he will never get that kind of medical care in China, so he will most likely be unable to hear much and never get much better at his language skills if he stays in China.  Will you be the family who helps Jacob live his life to the fullest?

If you would like to learn more about Jacob, please contact the China Home Finding Team at Great Wall today!

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Post-Adoption Report Day!


The Office of Children’s Issues at the U.S. Department of State has declared May 15th Post-Adoption Report Day. It’s an opportunity to highlight the importance that parents who have adopted through intercountry adoption keep their promises and submit post-adoption reports as they committed to during the adoption process.

Here are 3 simple reasons NCFA believes Post-Adoption Reporting matters!

– You promised!
As a part of the adoption process, you were entrusted with the care of your child and promised to share about their future experiences. While it is easy to forget about extra paperwork in the important work of caring for your children, we think keeping your promise to report back on the wellbeing of your child is critically important.

– It’s a great opportunity for reflection.
Post-adoption reports are a good time to do some reflection and assessment. Consider your reporting dates an opportunity, not an obligation.  You can review and celebrate progress and milestones. Take a moment to consider what types of support might help your child (and you!) to grow and thrive. And consider what your goals are for your child and your family between now and the next reporting date. It’s also a terrific time to touch base with your adoption agency or other adoption professionals if you need any support. For some countries, you’re required to connect with your agency at this time anyway. It’s a natural and convenient time to touch base about any questions, concerns, or supports your family might find valuable.

– You’re helping to support future adoptions.
Post-adoption reports are one of the ways countries assess whether children are healthy, safe, and loved as a result of intercountry adoption. This information can be critical to deciding whether future children will have the option to join families through intercountry adoption or might otherwise languish in institutions or other impermanent situations.

So, what exactly is a post-adoption report? While the number and timing of reports required varies, generally the report’s goal is to discuss the child’s development and adjustment to a new family, home, and country. It’s important to pay special attention to the specific requirements in the country a child is adopted from. The type of information, how it should be assessed (through an agency or by parents themselves), and how it should be submitted can vary widely from country to country. Below, we’ve listed some basic information on several countries reporting requirements. If you have specific questions about what your reporting requirements are, we encourage you to reach out to your adoption service provider to learn more. Department of State also provides country specific information and can be contacted if you need more information.

Post-Adoption Report Requirements

We aren’t listing in detail all the country requirements, but wanted to give examples of some common countries of origin and their general guidelines, we’ve also linked through to more specific information at Department of State for each country. Of course, the best way to get information on what is required for your adoption is always to contact your adoption service provider and confirm what was required by the country at the time of your adoption and any other requirements the agency might have that you agreed to during the adoption process.

Bulgaria: 4 reports required. One every six months after adoption for first two years.

China: 6 reports required. Six months after adoption and at 1,2,3,4, and 5 years after adoption. First 3 reports must be prepared by the social workers who prepared the homestudy. Families may write last three reports themselves.

Haiti: 7 post-adoption reports are typically required. The first 4 must be completed with the adoption service provider at 6, 12, 18, and 24 months after adoption. The last 3 reports at moths 36, 48, and 60 may be submitted directly to IBESR by adoptive parents.

To find the requirements for the country you’re working with, you can search here or contact our adoption specialists today!



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My Heroes in Disguise – GWCA’s First Adoptee Shares Her Story

Shortly after GWCA first opened its doors in 1996, Samantha was one of three adoptees to come home with from China with GWCA’s very first travel group. Now, nearly twenty one years later, she’s studying in college and looking at all of the exciting options her future could hold. We asked Samantha to share her perspective on life as an adoptee, her connection to China, and the impact that her incredible family has had on helping her become the person she is today:

They say the best gifts are the ones money can’t buy, and I’m learning each day how much truth is in that statement. Appreciate the people who are genuine, kind, supportive, and who will love you no matter what. Twenty one years ago, I was granted God’s greatest miracle – a family.

Hello to anyone who is reading this! My name is Samantha. I turned twenty one years old this past February, and was born in Lishui, China. In 1996, Snow Wu established what you know as Great Wall China Adoption. Who knew one woman was about to change the lives of many orphaned children like mine? I was the first child to be adopted at ten months old from the Great Wall of China Adoption Agency along with two other girls, Meghan and Rachel, back in 1996. Life in the United States has truly been a blessing, and I owe it all to God and the people he’s put into my life.

I was adopted by a family that has been able to provide beyond a child’s basic needs. My parents, Scott and Angela, weren’t able to have children of their own. They prayed that one day they would have a family. God answered their prayers, and led them to adoption. Never in a million years did they think that adoption would be the route they would take. Of course they were scared, but there wasn’t anything more they wanted than to have a family. With a strong faith and the help of Snow Wu, their dreams finally came true. They flew across the world to find me. Four years later, they went back to China, and adopted my brother, Alexander.

Ever since I was little, my parents have always encouraged my brother and I to try new things and put ourselves out there; I don’t remember a time where we weren’t involved in some type of physical activities. My greatest accomplishment related to sports was when I decided to join competitive gymnastics at four years old. At eleven years old, I ranked twelfth in Texas for my division. I endured many long hours, days, weeks, months, and years of hard work to accomplish the success that I did at such a young age (4 ½ + hrs. a day).  I was not even in middle school at the time and learned to balance my academics, social life, and my extracurricular activities. After I ranked in the state I decided to leave competitive gymnastics and try other sports. I was able to play competitive volleyball, basketball, softball, pole-vault, tennis, track and field, and dance. I was honored to be named one the Silver Dancers in high school, whose team has ranked five consecutive years at the annual Nationals Competition. I’m so blessed for all of the people I’ve met along the way and the memories I’ve made so far. Through everything, my parents have made it a priority to be involved in me and my brother’s lives. Since day one, they have always been our biggest cheerleaders out there.

We were privileged to attend private school for the majority of our lives, where we grew in our spiritual faith and met people who would serve as a positive influence in our lives. Each year we are committed to going on a family trip. I’ve been extremely lucky to explore different cities, states, countries, and continents all around the world. I love travelling, hiking, going to concerts, shopping, interior design (DIY projects), hanging out with friends, blogging, and fitness. I’m currently in college where I am double majoring in Business Marketing and Public Relations, and have made the Dean’s List two years in a row. I plan on either becoming a wedding planner who focuses on destination weddings or being heavily involved in corporate event planning/sports entertainment.

We live in America, where dreams come true. If you’re scared of adoption, don’t be. I wouldn’t be the person who I am today, if it weren’t for the greatness of God, my family, and Great Wall China Adoption. Family doesn’t necessarily mean you’re related by blood. The people who will love you on your best days and even more on your worst days are considered family to me. My parents have hearts of gold, and will forever be my heroes. I know that whatever obstacles life throws my way that my parents will be there to support my brother and I, and they’ll have our backs like no one else. I’ll forever be grateful for my parents pushing us to be the best we can be, and teaching us to live a Christ like life every day. They truly inspire me like no one else I have ever met, and have taught me to stay true to who I am no matter what. I’m a strong believer that even though life can seem scary and unpredictable, everything happens for a reason. God has a journey for each and every one of us, so trust that he will guide you to the path you’re meant to be on. For my parents, their paths sent them across the globe, to find what they were yearning for, which was a family.

People ask me all of the time if I would want to meet my biological parents, and my response is always the same. The people who’ve raised me since I was ten months old are my parents, they’re all I’ve ever known, and having them in my life is all I really need. I wouldn’t trade them for the world, and will forever appreciate everything they’ve done for our family. Thank you to God, Snow Wu, my parents, mentors, and my lifelong friendships I’ve established in America. I hope someday I can leave an imprint on somebody else’s life like they have all made on mine.

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