Meet Nathan!

Nathan is an adorable 4 and a half year old boy who is currently living with a foster family in China. He is described as being extroverted, active and happy, and he enjoys spending his time jumping on the trampoline and playing outside with his friends.

Nathan’s cognitive development is on target compared to other kids his age. He has good fine motor skills, and he can follow instructions given by his caretakers.

Nathan has post-operative CHD and post-operative cystostomy. He has normal bowel movements and urination, however, he has to have a urine bag and he wears a diaper since he has not been potty trained yet. Nathan’s file also indicates that he has scoliosis, but it based on a recent update it appears to be minor. If you’re interested in reviewing Nathan’s full file or watching the videos from his recent update, contact today!


– Visit GWCA’s Waiting Child Photo Listing to request Nathan’s file!
–  Contact a China Adoption Specialist
– Learn more about China adoption

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