5 New Kids on the Block

This week our China matching specialists have added FIVE new kids to our Waiting Child photo listing, three of which are from orphanages that GWCA is partnered with! Turner, Zoe, Fiona, Blake and Tanner are all in need of loving families, and we are so hopeful that they will be matched soon. If you or someone you know is interested in learning more about them or viewing their profiles, contact our China matching specialists or visit our Waiting Child photo listing today! 

turnerTurner is a precious kiddo who just turned 3 years old! He was born with left side schizencephaly but it doesn’t seem to have a big impact on his development thus far. He has great physical development and is described as being bold, extroverted and energetic! Turner’s self-care skills are similar to those of his peers. He can feed himself, take on and off his clothing and can wash his hands and face on his own! Turner can follow simple instructions and understand what is being asked of him. He has been receiving some rehabilitation services since he was about a year old. Turner’s caretakers say that he’s a very brave boy who loves to be adventurous!

Contact one of our matching specialists today if you are interested in learning more about Turner!

zoeZoe is a cutie who just turned 3 years old! She was born with Down’s Syndrome and Esotropia. Zoe is delayed on her language abilities but we believe that with the proper attention and therapies, she can catch up to her peers! She doesn’t have any mobility delays and is a very active child. She does a great job at completing self-care tasks such as getting dressed on her own and eating by herself. Zoe can understand and follow simple directions and she gets along with other kiddos. She has a ready smile and is described as being a little trickster! She loves to jump and play and she especially loves to dance with her caretaker.

Contact one of our matching specialists today if you’d like to learn more about Zoe!

fionaFiona is a precious little one who is about to turn 3 years old! She was born with Down’s Syndrome and a heart defect known as a PFO. When she was 1 years old, she would sit up on her own, crawl and babble. At the age of 18 months she could stand up with a little support and was babbling and saying simple words. Fiona has been receiving rehabilitation services and she seems to be doing great! She is walking for longer distances while holding onto some support. Fiona is described as being compliant, cute and affectionate. Although her speech is slightly delayed, communication does not seem to be an obstacle for her.

Contact one of our matching specialists today if you’d like to learn more about Fiona!

blakeMeet Blake! He is a healthy 12-year old boy who is doing great in school and in the institute. He is currently in sixth grade in school and is doing very well. He gets along great with his classmates and also helps his caregivers with the younger kiddos in his orphanage. He loves to perform, and he participated in a performance at his school that his teachers and students loved. He also loves to draw and play basketball. His caregivers describe him as being very brave, but that he sometimes lacks the confidence to try new things. He would thrive with the love and consistent care of a family.

Please reach out to Great Wall if you would like to learn more!

tannerTanner is a smiley kiddo who is 4 years old! He was born with Hypospadias which he has received surgery for. Tanner seems to be on target developmentally for his age! He can follow instructions, communicate his needs and cooperate well in school! His caretakers describe Tanner as an active child who is quick in reaction. He always has a ready smile and is always eager to learn new things. GWCA is currently trying to get some more updated information on Tanner!

Contact one of our matching specialists if you’d like to learn more about Tanner!


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Help Nash Find His Family!

 | 2 | Boy

Meet this 2 year old cutie from China named Nash! This sweet boy’s favorite type of food is just like him: sweets!  Nash is not only known to have a sweet tooth, but he is known to be a sweetheart among his peers. Nash does have exceptionally thin, long fingers and toes, and he has a speech delay, but that does not slow him down!  Nash is able to craw and even can walk when he assisted! His fine motor skills are on par with his peers. Nash is able to tear paper, use his thumbs, etc. Nash is on the shyer side, but is definitely an active two year old. He loves playing with toys and jamming out to some awesome music!

Nash is looking for his forever home! Help make that happen by visiting the Great Wall of China Adoption today!

Visit GWCA’s Waiting Child photo listing to request Nash’s file today!