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On April 10, 2013 the China Center for Child Welfare and Adoption (CCCWA) released they completed matching for families whose dossiers were logged in through 10/24/2006.  I am monitoring the status of referrals regularly and will keep you updated.

If you are in the 10/26/2006, 11/7/2006, and 11/13/2006  LID group and have not been in contact with me please call or email me at 512-323-9595 ext. 3092 or email kristin@gwca.org ASAP to review your status.



Great Wall and Children of All Nations has just started a new Adoption Forum, so all our families can connect to have positive, inspirational, and informative discussions. The Forum will have discussion topics about our country programs.  Our Adoption Forum also contains a book club. Each month we will post an intriguing adoption book to explore and discuss.  Join our Adoption Forum today and become more interactive in the Great Wall and Children of All Nations family herehttp://childrenofallnations.com/forum/

China Waiting Child Program: Craniofacial Conditions

I want to  let you know about a new webinar being hosted by our Waiting Child Team: China Waiting Child Medical Conditions Overview: Craniofacial Conditions. In this webinar series we will be providing information on specific special needs that we see in the China Waiting Child Program. The goal is to provide some education to help demystify a special need. We know the medical terms can be overwhelming and even intimidating, so our goal is to help you understand a certain special need that you may not even have previously considered. And of course, we’ll be telling you about beautiful Waiting Children who have that special need.

This webinar will cover common Craniofacial medical conditions that we see in the Waiting Child Program. Topics will include Cleft Lip and Palate, Hemifacial Microsomia, Microtia, and Facial Deformities. You’ll have a great introduction to learn more about this common medical condition, to see before and after pictures, and an opportunity to ask questions.  When families hear the term “special needs”, many may assume this means a child has a severe, life-long, life-altering medical or developmental condition. In the Waiting Child Program we often see children of varying ages with needs which are easily treated, correctable or manageable, such as Craniofacial conditions.  Everyone is encouraged to attend!

 Be sure to register to for this webinar which will be held on Wednesday, April 24, 2013, at 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM CDT. To sign up please follow the link below:


Help us get to know your family and what you are hoping for in an adoption with our Waiting Child Profile! Waiting Child Profile. To fill one out, please visit: http://www.gwca.org/waiting-child-profile-init-2/

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