First Father’s Day

Mullis2comp-209x300One of our adoptive dads who was recently matched with a child through our China adoption program is preparing to celebrate his very first Father’s Day. While his daughter is still waiting in China, he’s experiencing all of the typical excitement that accompanies preparing to be a father. Below is a post that he shared with us about his feelings leading up to Father’s Day.

This weekend will be my first Father’s Day.  I am really excited and happy about being a father.  Some people might say that since I don’t currently have a child in my home, or even go so far as to say since I didn’t biologically create a child, that technically I am not a father.  That couldn’t be farther from the truth.  The moment I saw our daughter’s picture and watched her video, I fell in love.  Similar to what I imagine that same feeling of love is when you see your child born in a hospital room for the first time.  I knew from that moment that she was mine.  I said to my wife, “That is our daughter!” And every long night of paperwork and busy day of running errands to get everything in order has been one step in bringing my daughter home.  So I may not get to hug on her and love on her in person this Father’s Day but that doesn’t dampen the love and excitement I feel at being her father.  She is my daughter and this weekend I will be celebrating that with the idea that next year, we will be celebrating together.

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