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NAOMINaomi is an adorable little girl from China that is about to turn 2 years old. Naomi has spina bifida and was born with a lumbosacral meningocele that was removed when she was only 4 months old. She has healed well from her surgery and she is receiving rehabilitation services to help her with her gross motor skills. Naomi’s file was prepared when she was only 10 months old, so this information is as of that time. At that time she was still recovering from her surgery and she could not yet sit up on her own. However she was able to push herself up when she was lying on her stomach and could reach and grasp nearby toys and play with them. She could visually follow moving objects across the room with her eyes. She loved being teased by her caregivers and she will giggle a lot.

You can contact the China Home Finding Team at Great Wall if you would like to learn more about adopting Naomi. We hope we are able to find Naomi her Forever Family soon!

Watch Grace’s Video: Video 1


Bronx is a sweet little boy from China that is about to turn 4 years old. Bronx seems to be healthy physically and is just developmentally delayed. He had an IQ test when he was younger that ranked him lower on IQ, but we have found from experience that many of those tests are inaccurate because they do not take into account that a child is going to have institutional delays from growing up in an orphanage. So whenever there is an IQ test in a child’s file, we suggest taking it with a grain of salt. However the testers did say that he might have autism, but again that is something that may or may not be completely accurate based on the testing.

Based on what is in this child’s file, he seems to have the same basic delays as other children his age who have grown up in an orphanage. He is a bit more delayed in his social skills, including how to play with others, but again that is to be expected with a child growing up in an orphanage. Many children lack the skills to play well with other children because no one has taught them how to share or how to play constructively with other children. Often times children in orphanages have very few toys, so sharing can be hard for children in orphanages and so they can tend to play by themselves so no one takes their toys.

Bronx likes to play outdoors and is quite active. He likes to look at books and newspapers and pretends to be reading them. He speaks several words and short phrases. His caretakers say that he will say “Good Morning, teacher” when they come into a room. Bronx likes to listen to music and claps his hands when listening to children’s songs. Bronx goes to school in the orphanage and his teacher’s say that he is making progress in learning every day and that he is a happy boy.

You can contact the China Home Finding Team at Great Wall if you would like to learn more about adopting Bronx. We hope we are able to find Bronx his Forever Family soon!

Watch Bronx’s Videos: Video 1Video 2


Cade is a smiley little guy who is 2 years old! He was born with a spinal meningocele which has been repaired with surgery. Cade still has some trouble using his legs but doctors suggest intensive rehabilitation for him to gain strength. Through rehabilitaiton services, he has grown strong crawling capabilities and upper body strength. He is currently practicing standing using some support. His update indicates that he has come a very long way since he first began his rehabilitation! Cogntiviely he is on target with his peers. He can complete puzzles, understand what is being said to him and he can communicate actively and clearly.  He is described as a pleasant, bright and active boy with a ready smile! He likes playing with kids his age and older kiddos too. He loves participating in group activities and loves to observe people around him. His caretakers indicate that he learns very fast and is quite the little problem solver! He is great at imitating adult’s language and actions and can understand some simple instructions. Contact one of our matching specialists if you’d like to review his file!

Watch Cade’s Videos: Video 1Video 2Video 3


Everett is an adorable 3 year old! He has a urogenital need but it doesn’t seem to impact his daily life. His file was prepared in May of 2015 and at that time he could walk steadily with holding and independently for short distances. He was mimicking adult’s actions and words and could recognize familiar objects and people. He is described as being open minded and adorable! He gets along very well with other children and loves to play games. His favorite activity is being outside. Everett had some delayed physical development when he was about a year old but went through some extensive rehabilitation training which helped him overcome these obstacles. After training he could sit up alone, crawl, stand and walk for short distances. Contact one of our matching specialists if you’d like to review his file!

Watch Everett’s Video: Video


Gracie is a cutie who is 5 years old! She had both a VSD and an ASD that have both been repaired with surgery. Gracie was also born with a chromosomal abnormality that we are currently trying to learn more about. She is described as being extroverted and cheerful! She loves being close to her caretaker but also loves to play with the other kiddos. Gracie loves to sing and dance and especially likes to listen to her caretaker play the piano. She is slightly delayed on her cognitive and physical development compared to her peers. Her language development is delayed and she is shorter than her peers. We are currently trying to learn more about Gracie! Contact one of our matching specialists if you’d like to review her file.

Watch Gracie’s Videos: Video 1 |  Video 2

BROOKLYNBrooklyn is a cute little girl from China that just turned 3 years old. Brooklyn has Down’s Syndrome and seems to be doing very well. An update we received indicates that her cognition is higher than her peers. She has some language delays but she can say some simple words. She can feed herself, put on her shoes on her own and crawl into bed independently. Brooklyn is walking and likes to dance when music is on. She will wave “hi” and “goodbye” when people leave and enter the room. She likes looking in the mirror and kissing her reflection. She has good fine motor skills and can pick up small objects like candy, hairpins and breadcrumbs. She understands and follows simple instructions by caretakers. She likes to be around people, is described as being outgoing and is very active and cheerful. She likes to hold other children’s hands when she plays with them. She is getting some special education in an orphanage class. She likes being cuddled by her caregivers.

You can contact the China Home Finding Team at Great Wall if you would like to learn more about adopting Brooklyn. We hope we are able to find Brooklyn her Forever Family soon!

Watch Brooklyn’s Videos: Video #1!Video #2!Video #3!Video #4!Video #5!Video #6!

FinnFinn is a cutie who is 2 years old! He has a special need that affects the development of his teeth. After receiving an update on him, it seems like Finn might have a condition that affects the development of his hair, skin, teeth, nails and sweat glands. Finn is sensitive to the heat and his caretakers make sure to keep him cool. Finn is slightly delayed on his language development compared to his peers. He can understand simple language and commands and knows how to communicate simply with his caretakers.

Please contact our matching specialists if you’d like to learn more about him!

Connor - Update Photo (5)

Connor is a sweet little boy from China that recently turned 3 years old. Connor was born with deformities of both of his arms and legs, but he seems like a resilient little boy that has found ways of getting around even with his limb deformities. And Connor can walk by himeself now!  Connor is described as being strong willed and optimistic and never considers himself different from children without disabilities. Connor does not let his special need get him down and he maintains a positive attitude and problem solves ways to live his life despite his limb disabilities.

Connor can speak in short sentences and he likes to learn new words all the time.  Connor imitates the words and actions of his caregivers.  Connor can now express himself with words and tell people what he wants. Connor is described by his caretakers as being very smart.

Connor enjoys playing with other children and he enjoys kicking balls with his friends and caretakers. Connor especially enjoys playing with an older boy in his orphanage that has similar limb disabilities. Connor likes to greet his caretakers when they come into the room and say goodbye to them when they leave. He enjoys when you lift him up and cuddle him.

You can contact the China Home Finding Team at Great Wall if you would like to learn more about adopting Connor. We hope we are able to find Connor his Forever Family soon!

Watch Connor’s Videos: Video #1Video #2!

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