The LID Edge: Families with log in date have the EDGE!

The CCCWA adds new children to the Waiting Child shared list once a month. For the first month that a child is available for adoption, they can only be matched with a family that is logged-in. CCCWA allows families who already have a dossier logged in (like you) to adopt a child with a treatable or correctable condition. You would work directly with our staff to select, review and be matched with a child with minor health conditions. Only families with a LID can request these children. The Waiting Child team monitors the shared list for potential matches for our LID families. You are able to designate the gender, age range, and conditions you are open to. When families hear the term “special needs”, many may assume this means a child has a severe, life-long, life-altering medical or developmental condition. In the Waiting Child Program, we often see young children with needs which are correctable and easily manageable. LID families who are open to special needs such as cleft lip and palate, minor orthopedic issues, minor heart conditions, and others are currently being matched in just 1-6 months. Children with commonly accepted or “minor” conditions will generally be placed very quickly with a family who has a LID.

Our Waiting Child Team is offering a Waiting Child webinar which will go over special needs and include information about the LID Edge. Join us to learn more about the Waiting Child process for LID families, as well as some of the special needs we see most often.

China Waiting Child Webinar: Adopting a Child with Special Needs
Tue. Feb 12, 2013 11:00 am – 12:00 PM CST

To register for this webinar:

If you are interested in the Waiting Child program help us get to know your family and what you are hoping for in an adoption! We encourage families who are interested to complete our Waiting Child Profile. This is a free, brief survey that doesn’t commit you to the waiting child program but will allow us to gain a better understanding of your adoption desires. To fill one out, please visit:
I hope that you will consider attending the webinar and then get back to us with any questions or concerns.

USCIS Paperwork Information

Please remember you are NOT required to continue refiling for the I800A approval.

Families have two options: you can apply for extensions of your paperwork with USCIS, or allow your paperwork to lapse and re-file with USCIS under the I-800A once closer to referral. Keep in mind that we do recommend families interested in adopting a child through our Waiting Child Program keep their USCIS approval current.

Per CCCWA guidelines, families are now required to work with a COA accredited or Hague accredited home study agency for post adoption reports, unless using the same home study agency that you worked with during your dossier phase. If you have moved during the process and are working with a new home study agency other than the agency that assisted you during the dossier phase, your new agency must be COA accredited or Hague accredited for the purpose of your post adoption reports. If you are no longer working with your original home study agency please let us know so that we can confirm your current agency’s accreditation status. Remember GWCA must review and approve each home study and home study update before it is finalized. Do not hesitate to contact us directly should you have questions about this process.

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