Shorter Wait for Kids with Minor Needs

Procell2It has been a very exciting time for the families in our China LID track adoption program, as we’ve recently received several files for LID kids from our orphanage partnerships! As each file that we receive means one more child is matched with their Forever Family and one less family is waiting, this is a great time for families to sign up for our LID program and start their journey towards being matched!

While the length of every family’s adoption process varies depending on how quickly they’re able to complete their paperwork and what needs they’re open to, a shorter list of families ahead of you means you’ll be at the top of the list to review LID files once your dossier is logged in.

In the China adoption program, kids’ files are designated as either Special Focus or LID based on the severity of their needs and their age. While LID kids are typically under age 5 and have more minor or correctable needs such as cleft lip and palate, Special Focus kids are considered more difficult to place since they are older or have more moderate to severe needs.
If you’re interested in starting your journey towards being matched with an LID kiddo, contact our China Matching Specialists today, or visit our Waiting Child Photo Listing to see some of the LID kids that have recently been matched!

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