12 New Kids Added This Week!

TonyTony is an adorable 5-year old kiddo in need of a forever family! Tony was diagnosed with PKU, but seems to be doing very well! His file indicates that he may have some cognitive delays as well, but we are working hard to learn more updated information. His caretakers describe him as a affectionate kiddo who loves to play with his friends. Despite having a digestive need, he appears to eat a wide variety of foods without issue. If you’d like to learn more about him, please reach out to Great Wall!

JeremiahJeremiah is an adorable little boy from China that recently turned 3 years old. Jeremiah was abandoned when he was about three months old and he has been in the orphanage ever since that time. Jeremiah has PKU but seems to be doign well. His file was prepared in June 2014, so the following information is true as of that time when Jeremiah was only 15 months old. At that time he was able to sit up by himself, he could prop up his head and upper body when he was lying on his stomach and he could reach out for toys and hold them. He was holding his own bottle at the time as well. Jeremiah enjoyed being teased by his caregiver and would giggle when playing with his nanny. He liked bath time and playing in the water.

Since Jeremiah’s file is over a year old we are working hard to get some more updated information about him. You can contact the China Home Finding Team at Great Wall if you would like to learn more about adopting Jeremiah. We hope we are able to find Jeremiah his Forever Family soon!

HuckHuck is a sweet little boy that has just recently turned 2 years old. Huck has a cleft palate and CHD (patent foramen ovale). He has not received surgery on either his cleft palate or his heart. One could probably assume that because he hasn’t had a heart surgery yet, Huck is weaker than many other children his same age. At his time Huck is unable to stand up by himself. Huck uses a baby walker to get around a lot of the time. His caretakers say his cleft palate does not influence his eating and that he eats mainly porridge and milk.

Huck is babbling but he is not yet talking, and his hearing is normal. His caretakers say he is delayed cognitively, but it is unclear if he has any actual mental issues or if he is just generally delayed because he hasn’t had surgery on his heart or palate. Huck does like to imitate the words and actions of those around him.

Huck has an extroverted personality and is active. He is fond of listing to music and he really enjoys being cuddled by his caretakers. If he is upset, he will stop crying right away when he is picked up and cuddled. Huck can grasp toys and play with them.

You can contact the China Home Finding Team at Great Wall if you would like to learn more about adopting Huck. We hope we are able to find Huck his Forever Family soon!

OwenOwen is a healthy older boy who is 12 years old! He had a cleft lip when he was younger but it was repaired in 2005. Owen has lived in a foster family environment since he was a child and has done very well. He has been receiving education since he was 4 years old and can introduce himself in English. Owen has always done well in school and in 2014 he got 2nd place in the art competition! He enjoys running and riding his bike. He gets along with everyone around him and is described as being active, bright, kind and grateful. Contact one of our matching specialists if you would like to review Owen’s file!OttoOtto is a cute little guy who is 1 years old! His file indicates that he has cerebral palsy. It also indicates that he currently takes medication to control twitches he was experiencing upon entering the institute. The medication is controlling his symptoms very well. Otto loves smiling at familiar people and being cuddled and touched! He likes being around other children and happily waves his arms and legs when playing with his caretakers. Otto receives rehabilitation training daily to strengthen his physical development. He can turn his head when seeing moving objects and can express to his caretakers when he needs something. Otto is happiest outdoors and loves to observe his surroundings! If you’d like to review his medical file, contact one of our matching specialists!GrahamGraham was recently apart of our JOY program! A family spent a week getting to know Graham and these are some of the amazing things they have to say about him! If you would like to learn more about Graham, contact GWCA and we can connect you with his advocate. 5 year old Graham’s yearns for a family of his own. He was born with a congenital heart defect that he will most likely need surgery for upon coming home to the United States. From the very first moments that we met him, he opened up to us and made an emotional connection. He is fully able to bond with a family as evidenced by how quickly he interacted with us and showed trust and affection. Graham is alert, intelligent, and interested in everything around him. He has a wonderful sense of humor and loves to laugh, make silly faces, play games, dress up in hats, sunglasses and adult size shoes. He loves to play with all sorts of toys, but will also sit quietly and look at books, sing songs, and other activities that take a longer attention span. His medicals needs are significant, but he is able to walk and play and even run. Graham is truly a treasure just waiting to be discovered by his forever family. Contact our matching specialists today to learn more!PeterPeter was recently apart of our JOY program! A family spent a week getting to know Peter and these are some of the amazing things they have to say about him! If you would like to learn more about Peter, contact GWCA and we can connect you with his advocate. Little Peter is truly a kind and gentle soul waiting for a family to come and open up his world. He is a quiet little boy who loves to take walks with a caregiver holding each hand to give him a feeling of security. The joy he feels when being held and bounced up and down in your arms produces a twinkle in his eyes and a huge smile on his face. Small manipulative toys fascinated him as did soft stuffed animals that he enjoyed hugging and cuddling with. He also enjoyed large motor activities like climbing up and down a set of steps and sliding down a slide. Peter loved going out to eat and trying new foods. He quickly learned a hand clapping game to let us know when he wanted to try something new or have more of a certain food. Peter was very patient while traveling in the van and waiting for activities to begin. Peter would be a loving addition to any family that is open to some unknowns. Contact our matching specialists today to learn more!WinnieWinnie was recently apart of our JOY program! A family spent a week getting to know Winnie and these are some of the amazing things they have to say about her! If you would like to learn more about Winnie, contact GWCA and we can connect you with her advocate. Let’s talk all about Winnie, gorgeous little lady Winnie!! Winnie is as sweet as cinnamon French toast & she would love to share some with you, too! As most of you know Winnie has Downs (UP!) Syndrome (DS) but that doesn’t stop this girl from loving life to it’s fullest. She is oh-so-happy and very smart. Winnie loves her baby doll almost as much as she loves food & that is a WHOLE LOT! I have yet to see Winnie not eat any food item offered to her; she is not a picky eater. She loves to wear dresses & a bow in her hair, because she’s a princess! As loving and affectionate as Winnie is, she is also a healthy balance of independent and self-entertaining. Her favorites are her babydoll, finger puppets & a glitter wand! She can play for hours with toys and not make a peep. In fact, I have only heard her cry twice and that was because she was mocking the other crying baby in the room! Which brings me to one of my favorite things about Winnie: her impeccable copycat skills! And her smile… it’s infectious & with one flash of her dimples and big brown eyes she has the whole room around her melting! Winnie is healthy and in good weight and condition. She is wearing a 4T and fits in it wonderfully! It’s nice to see her so filled out and not skinny like so many orphans are. She does wear AFO’s (ankle foot braces) to help her with stability and walking. When not wearing them her ankles are a bit weak and have a hard time supporting her weight fully. So she will “bear crawl” when they are not on. When they are on she will walk a few feet & then she will sit down and crawl because she’s learned it is easier and faster! She will need someone to continue to teach her good walking skills and work with her to strengthen her legs! I also think getting her in much less bulky shoes will help a TON. Currently her shoes are thick, VERY heavy & not easy for her to ambulate. And of course with her UP! Syndrome she will need someone to adopt her that is either savvy with DS or willing to learn all about it. Children, people with DS are some of the most inspirational, loving people I have ever met. Winnie is truly a gem with her incredibly mind and intelligence. Contact us to learn more!MiaMia is a sweet 5-year old girl in need of a forever family! Her official diagnosis indicates that she may have a cognitive delay, but Great Wall is working hard to find out more recent information. She seems to have excellent motor development, and is able to sit up and walk without assistance. Her language seems somewhat delayed, but she is still able to call to her caregivers to express her needs. She also does a great job imitating words! Mia is shy around new people but loves to smile. Please reach out to Great Wall if you’d like to learn more!AlexaAlexa is a happy 12 year old with Microcephaly. She is an active and optimistic girl who always has a ready smile! She is described as being very polite and always wants to share her things with others. She loves taking part in group activities and especially likes being outdoors. She often helps take care of younger kiddos and is described as being an older sister! She is currently receiving speech therapy to enhance her communication skills. She does a great job at following instructions and understanding her teacher’s orders. When she has needs, she can express those needs to her caregivers on her own initiative. Alexa loves taking part in all types of games, especially with other children! If you are interested in learning more about Alexa, contact one of our matching specialists!SavannagSavannah is a precious little girl from China that is about to turn 5 years old. Savannah has CHD, specifically a kind called cyanotic congenital heart disease. Savannah was abandoned when she had just turned 3 years old, so she has only been in the orphanage for a year now.

Savannah has normal intelligence development and can read simple poems. She has a quiet personality and she is fond of playing with toys and listening to music. She gets along well with other children in the orphanage. She has good self-care skills such as taking on and off her own clothes. She speaks 5-10 word sentences and asks questions like “what is that?” Other than her heart condition, Savannah appears to have normal physical development.

Savannah’s file is brand new, so this information is very current. You can contact the China Home Finding Team at Great Wall if you would like to learn more about adopting Savannah. We hope we are able to find Savannah her Forever Family soon!

ChristianChristian is a sweet little boy from China that just turned 3 years old. He was born with a meningocele on his back, but had surgery to have it removed, and he doesn’t appear to have any other medical issues now. Christian seems to be doing really well based on the information in his file. Christian was abandoned at the entrance of a church when he was almost 2 years old. Because he was probably raised by a family for two years before he went to the orphanage, his delays don’t appear to be as significant as a child who was raised from birth in the orphanage.

Christian is now able to sit, stand and walk by himself. He can use his thumbs and index fingers to pick up small objects, to take a block out of the cup and knock two blocks together. Christian has normal hearing and vision, so he can locate the sound source and follow a moving toy visually. Christian can some words and knows many people’s names and can call out for them. He can communicate with others normally, he understands the meaning of “no,” and he knows how to give the object he is being asked for to the person who is asking for it. He can wave goodbye and blow kisses.

Christian is able to cooperate with his caretakers when he is being dressed, and is able to put on his own shoes by himself. He is very happy when a caretaker he knows well comes in the room. Christian is quiet and shy, but he gets along very well with other children. He likes to listen to music and whenever music is turned on he lights up with joy. Christian’s caretakers describe him as a lovely child and they hope he is able to find a Forever Family soon.

You can contact the China Home Finding Team at Great Wall if you would like to learn more about adopting Christian. We hope we are able to find Christian her Forever Family soon!

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