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Penelope is a very independent 4 year old who lives with Down’s Syndrome. She is at the point where she is able to walk and eat independently. Penelope understands when she has been naughty by trying to hide, just as many others her age do. Although it takes time for Penelope grasp and understand certain concepts, she is capable to do so over time.

Despite her quite nature, Penelope loves people and is far from shy. She enjoys dancing along to the beat and hanging out with her friends! As extroverted as Penelope is, she does enjoy her quite time from time to time. Penelope has a healthy appetite and is not picky when it comes to food. She has wonderful relationships with her caretakers and loves spending time with them.

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AustinThis adorable kiddo’s name is Austin! Austin is 2 years old and was born with Down Syndrome. He is an active, happy kiddo who loves to laugh! At this time he is able to walk a few feet without assistance and go up and down stairs by holding on to the handrails. He babbles to express his needs and is able to differentiate between his caregivers and strangers. He also recognizes his name and turns when called! He is a darling kiddo who would thrive with the love of a forever family. Please reach out to Great Wall if you would like to learn more about Austin!BonnieBonnie is an easy going 2 year old girl who has been diagnosed with Down syndrome. Due to being diagnosed with Down syndrome, Bonnie shows mental, fine motor skill, and language delays. As she has developed, Bonnie is able to pick up small items and walk alone, but sometimes needs assistance. Although she is a giggly child, she is not a very talkative or a noise making child. Despite her language and mental delay, she responds when called to, is always interested in new thing, loves saying goodbye, and is full of wonder. She loves music and is always ready to play with a new toy or game.

Bonnie is a laid back child who shares her toys easily with others. She is a people person and loves her nannies and other caretakers very much and loves to show this through hugs and kisses!

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CatherineCatherine is a precious 1, almost 2, year old girl who has been diagnosed with Down syndrome and congenital heart disease. Because of her Down syndrome, Catherine does have some limb, mental, and language developmental delays. She does need help with her fine motor skills, such as holding her milk bottle, but has made great strides when it comes to her language development. She is able to call out and respond to her caretakers. Despite her disabilities, she is a ray of sunshine who has a big and beautiful smile. Like many peers her age, Catherine is an active 2 year old with a healthy appetite and loves her caretakers dearly. Although she can be restless from time to time, she enjoys the great outdoors and musical toys. Get to know Catherine better by contacting Great Wall China Adoption today!EmmettMeet Emmett! Emmett is an adorable little guy who is 3 years old. He was born with Down\’s Syndrome and is considered to be delayed compared to his peers. He needs some support to stand and walk. Emmett is able to feed himself and perform tasks that allow him to use his fine motor skills. He can understand basic instructions from his caregivers and imitate adult\’s actions. Emmett is very comfortable around his caregivers, peers and strangers. He gets along very well with others but prefers to play alone. Contact GWCA if you’d like to review his file!BrunoBruno is a spunky little 3 year old from China who has Down Syndrome!  Bruno leads a very independent life. He has no problem with walking and eating without assistance. His fine motor skills have developed with age as well. Bruno is able to do things such as squeezing lotion bottles. Bruno does not show a lot of communication through spoken language, but he communicates through pointing and noises such a “oh-oh”.

Bruno enjoys self-entertaining and playing with his caretakers and often likes to imitate them! He is a loving child who loves smiling and cannot wait to find his forever home!

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QuincyMeet Quincy! He is a sweet 2 year old boy with Down’s Syndrome. Quincy responds and interacts well with his caretakers. He can turn the pages of a book and play with toys that make sound. Quincy loves to giggle in front of the mirror and babble to his caretakers! He is especially interested in toys that make sounds and toys with vibrant colors! Quincy loves interacting with his caretakers by rolling the ball back and forth. Due to his Down’s Syndrome, Quincy is delayed on his language capabilities. Despite this, he is interested in new things and people and is always smiley and giggly! Contact GWCA today if you’d like to look at Quincy’s medical file!TroyThis adorable kiddo’s name is Troy! Troy is 2 years old and has Down Syndrome. He is a sweet, happy kiddo who loves to play with the toy piano and drums! He is able to walk with the assistance of his caregivers and he has excellent fine motor skills. He recognizes his name and can follow instructions extremely well! If you’d like to learn more about Troy, please reach out to Great Wall!NatalyaNatalya is a sweet and adorable 1 year old from China who has Down Syndrome.  Her motor skills have progressed over time, along with her language and intellectual development as well. Natalya responds and interacts with her caretakers and others easily.

Natalya does not let her Down syndrome stop her! She is very active with other children her age and is wonderful at sharing with others. Natalya loves music and is intrigued by bright and vibrant colors. Natalya loves cuddling with her caretakers and has wonderful bonds with all of them.

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AmyMeet Amy! Amy is a darling 4 year old girl looking for a forever family! Amy was born with cerebral palsy and a clubbed right foot. She has made fantastic progress since arriving to the orphanage and is able to stand and take a step with the assistance of a caretaker. She is also able to drink water with some help from her nannies and is now able to sit alone without assistance. She is also able to understand simple commands from her caretakers. She can be shy when you first meet her, but she has attached very well to her caretakers. If you’d like to learn more about Amy, please reach out to Great Wall!WilliamMeet William! William is an adorable 5 year old boy who has Cerebral Palsy. He has been receiving rehabilitation services in the institute since arriving. He has made great strides since he came to the orphanage and his overall development has improved! Currently he can walk freely, go up and downstairs on his own, can communicate with adults, and help his caretaker complete tasks. William is excellent at expressing his needs and emotions. He is described as being a slightly introverted kiddo who is on the quieter side. He is closest to his caretakers and always loves helping them. If you’re interested in learning more about William, contact one of our matching specialists today!CullenThis darling kiddo’s name is Cullen! Cullen is about 2 years old. He has Down Syndrome and esotropia of both eyes. He is a shy, sweet kiddo who is very attached to his caregivers! He is able to walk with assistance and gets stronger each day. He recognizes his name and can differentiate between his nanny and strangers. He would thrive with the love and care of a forever family. Please reach out to Great Wall if you would like to learn more about Cullen!NikoNiko is a little bundle of joy who is about to turn 2 this upcoming Spring! This quiet-natured boy has Down Syndrome which results in some developmental, motor skill, language and delays.

Today, Niko is able to stand with assistance, crawl, pick up small toys, and can respond to name when called. He is sensitive to sound and will lean in when trying to listen. He enjoys quite time and playing alone. Despite his quite nature, Niko warms up to others very easily. Niko enjoys spending time with his caretakers and often plays ball with them. Niko enjoys showing affection through smiling!

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