Winter Host Kids Need Forever Families!

Over the past few months we have been delighted to see many of the kids from our Winter Hosting program get matched with their Forever Families! A few of our amazing host kiddos, however, are still hoping to find their families. Cal, Mya, Nathan, Nicholas and Jian all came to America to stay with host families this past Winter. While they were here, they were able to celebrate their first Christmas with a family, play with their host siblings, and bond with their host parents. They were able to see what it would be like to live in a family, and we want more than anything for them to have that feeling again. Please help us find them their very own Forever Families by sharing their information or speaking with our Matching Specialists today!

If you or someone you know is interested in learning how you can be matched with one of these kids, please contact our China Matching Specialists at or visit our China Waiting Child Photo Listing today! 


** $1,000 GRANT AVAILABLE **

Hi! My name is Cal and I am 9 years old.  I am the Great Wall SPONSORED STAR for this month & so I have a $1,000 Grant available for my adoption!

I have a growth delay and some urogenital needs but I don’t let this stop me from being a happy kiddo! I was hosted in the United States over the holidays but now I am back in China waiting for my forever family! I did very well with my host family and made great progress during my stay! I loved practicing my basketball shot and my host family said I was always up for the challenge of trying new and unfamiliar things! I am a very polite and well behaved kiddo that would do amazing in a family. Contact my friends at Great Wall if you’d like to review my file!

Mya** $1,000 GRANT AVAILABLE **

Hi there! My name is Mya and I just turned 11 years old. I am the Great Wall SPONSORED STAR for this month & so I have a $1,000 Grant available for my adoption!

I was hosted in the United States over the Holidays but now I am back in China waiting for my good friends at Great Wall to help me find my Forever Family! I am a healthy girl with some general developmental delays. The doctor my Host Family took me to while I was in America told us that most of my delays are just due to the fact that I was born premature and that I have grown up in an orphanage. I sometimes pull out my hair as a coping mechanism when I am anxious, but this is definitely something that my Forever Family can help me with when they adopt me. While I was in the U.S. I quickly picked up on many English words and phrases. I also learned to sing a lot of English songs like “We Wish You A Merry Christmas,” “Jingle Bells,” “Happy Birthday” and the “ABC’s.” I really liked my Host Family and I would often tell them that I loved them and would blow them kisses. Since it was Christmas time when I was in the United States I got to participate in several large activities like a Christmas Eve Church Service and I did very well in that kind of environment, saying “hello” to almost everyone I met (I’m very friendly)!  There is so much more information about me in my file and from my time in America, so you can contact my friends at Great Wall if you would like to learn more about adopting me! I hope my friends at Great Wall find my Forever Family soon!

NathanHello! My name is Nathan and I am 8 years old! I was born with a cleft lip and palate but some nice doctors repaired this for me when I was younger and now I am doing much better! I was recently hosted in the United States over the holidays but now I am back in China waiting for my forever family! I had a great time visiting the science museum with my host family and I got along very well with the other kiddos! My host family said I was a great listener and am really good at behaving myself. My overall health seems to be great as well! If you’d like to learn more about me, contact my friends at Great Wall for more information! NicholasHi there! My name is Nicholas and I am almost 11 years old. I was hosted in the United States over the Holidays but now I am back in China waiting for my good friends at Great Wall to help me find my Forever Family! I am a healthy boy that has some general developmental delays, but I don’t let that keep me down! I am in 3rd grade and I enjoy math. Sometimes I have a hard time concentrating in class, but with the guidance of my foster parents I have started to catch up in school. I like to play sports a lot, especially basketball! I am very good at expressing myself. I have good self-care abilities, I like playing outside and watching cartoons.  You can contact my friends at Great Wall if you would like to learn more about adopting me!  I hope my friends at Great Wall find my Forever Family soon!JianHello! My name is Jian and I am 10 years old! I was hosted in the United States over the holidays but now I am back in China waiting for my forever family! My file indicates that I may have Thalassemia but my host mom states that she didn’t recognize this to be present!  I visited a pediatrician, eye doctor, and dentist while I was here and am described as a very healthy kiddo overall. My host mother describes me as a happy kiddo who is very clever, respectful, and kind! While I was here in the U.S., I had a great time swimming, rock climbing, and spending time with my host brother. I even got to have my first birthday party while I was here! My favorite part of the party was blowing out the candles and having everyone sing ‘Happy Birthday’ to me. I am a sweet kiddo who would love to come back to the United States. If you would like to learn more about me, contact my friends at Great Wall!

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“Lou” Finds Her Forever Family!

One of the distinguishing aspects of China’s Waiting Child adoption program is that families are able to find the child that they want to be matched with rather than simply receiving a referral from the country. While this is a huge part of the reason that so many families decide pursue their adoption through this program, as they can look for a child with a need that they feel comfortable with, it also means that every single family’s matching process is different. Some families begin their adoption journey knowing exactly what they’re looking for and exactly where they want to end up, while other families nay need a little bit more time to find their child. Below is the story of how one family came to be matched with a young lady named Lou. Lou participated in our China Orphan Hosting program, and as a 13 year old girl, she was in danger of aging out until her Forever Family found her!


I think the processes of deciding to adopt for us came from the realization that the need was great.  Our daughter lives, works and volunteers in the an orphanage of China. She told us of the need of the children with special needs, and though we felt a great deal of compassion for these kids, we couldn’t see ourselves going back that far in our parenting journey.  Our children are 26, 23, 21.  Most of the children with special needs we saw would have required a complete change in our life. We really couldn’t imagine it.  We like to work on our farm, travel, hike, camp, kayak. We just couldn’t see how a child with special needs could ever be a part of that.  Sounds selfish perhaps, but to us it was real.  In reality, our biological children have just left home.  We couldn’t see starting again, with a child that could need our care for the rest of their life.

Between the two of us Dad was the one that was called the loudest. He knew we were supposed to do this when he was made aware of a little girl in our daughter’s orphanage “Jessica” that was Hep B positive. She was going to age out in a little less than a year.  She was slightly behind in school.  She didn’t like to go, as she had a slight defect in her eye and the kids knew she was an orphan, so they were less than friendly to her.  Dad felt great compassion for this girl.  He knew that her options in China were few, and her life would be hard.  He couldn’t imagine this beautiful girl going without a family.  He researched what the Hep B positive diagnosis meant, what that would look like for us.  He realized all of us and most every young person we knew was vaccinated.  There really wasn’t a problem. She was more than likely born with it, and was simply a carrier.  She had never had any symptoms of the disease.  It could someday become a concern, but anyone could have a concern “someday”.   He also learned her delays were probably from years of institution living and her dislike of the harassment at school.  He realized that bringing this child into our family would change everything for her.  It would give her the chance to have a bright future.  Here in the US she could be a normal person, with a life like every American.  Most people would never look at her as defective.  Just American.  The changes that would come to us for this little girl where none that we couldn’t see ourselves happily enjoying and living.  She was old enough to be apart of the life we have on our farm, the vacations we take, the outdoor activities we enjoy so much.  These would be enhanced for us with another child to share them with. We prayed.  Dad relayed this information to the family. EVERYONE, ALL our children were on board.  All were happy and excited.  We inquired and set out to be matched with this little girl.
With a heavy heart, and a sadness we did not expect to feel, we were told this little one was already placed.  It was like we lost a child.  We wanted to be happy for her.  We did not feel happy.  We were so sad. We prayed.  Within a week we realized the call was still there, that there was a little girl out there for us.  She was waiting for us.  We knew we had to find her.  We were so happy for “Jessica”.  We knew she was going to have the wonderful life we had dreamed of for her.  This little girl was just the catalyst to help us find our daughter.  We changed our sadness into excitement again at the prospect of finding her.
Lou1We combed through all the list, the agencies, and online resources available.  We talked with the many people we know that have adopted.  We asked them countless questions.  We went back to them and asked them more.  We talked with them, we prayed with them.  We prayed. We weren’t as afraid as we were before.  We were even starting to feel ok with the idea that this child might live with us in our home forever because she couldn’t live on her own.  We knew we were not looking for an infant or toddler.  We knew there were lots of people that would be more likely to take them.  We knew we were looking for a girl who was nearly “out of time”.  So, we searched the “aging out list”. For us the “age out child” made sense.  We are in our 40’s, we have children in their 20’s.  We have a 4 bedroom home, with just the 2 of us.  We have resources more than we need.  Dad is very close to retiring from his career and has time, and a more flexible schedule than ever before.  Mom is flexible and eager to have another daughter to love. We enjoyed our teenagers more than most of our friends.  Our 20 somethings children are our best friends and we can’t imagine life without them.  We even choose to hang out with 20 somethings from the local university.  Most of them, Chinese, as we are very involved in the international student hosting program at the campus.  This seemed like the perfect fit.
It really didn’t take very long at all for us to find our sweet “Lou”.  Her health problems were things we could deal with, all the negatives listed were things that seemed very easily remedied.  We ask for her file.  We prayed.   Her file confirmed that she loved the things we do. She had even been a part of the hosting program which gave us an opportunity. An american doctor confirm that her health problems were what was listed.  The host family was able to tell us about how she interacted with them and her personality.  None of this was something we expected.  We were thrilled.  It was a bonus.  She was the perfect fit for us.  She would be our daughter, we would lover her and we would all call her our own.  She would have a dad and a mom, a sister and 2 brothers that would melt her into our family.  We are so excited to be steps closer to bringing her home.  One less orphan in the world.
The hosting program is a unique opportunity for prospective parents to hear about how their child did in an American home, and what the care for them looked like.  It lets us see an American perspective of the challenges that might be there. It also answered some questions and even completely took out of play somethings listed in the file.  For us, even if adoption isn’t on our radar again, hosting may very well be.  Advocating for a child, could be the one thing that is needed to help find a child their forever home.
We think each home and parents will have different needs.  I think that the life they have will match up perfectly with the need of one sweet orphan somewhere.  I think doing research talking and talking to people who have done it is the most the second most important part of the process for us.  Praying was definitely the most important part.   We believe that this child was created knowing she was ours from the beginning.  We believe that the journey to bring her home will just be a part of her story.  The ending will be the same as with our other children.  “This is our Dad and, this is our Mom and they love us all very much.”
If you would like to learn more about our Orphan Hosting program or the other kiddos that have been hosted that are now looking for their Forever Families, visit our Orphan Hosting website or contact our hosting team at today!
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8 NEW Kids Need Families!


Mary is a cute little girl that is only one and a half years old. Mary has something called congenital leucoma which means she has a lack or loss of transparency of the corneas of her eyes. This condition does cause Mary’s vision to be impaired, however it appears that Mary can see and that she is not blind. There may be some treatments for this condition in the United States that Mary doesn’t currently have access to in China.

Mary’s file was prepared when she was only 10 months old, so as of that time Mary was sitting up by herself and learning how to crawl. Mary was also babbling and was starting to say some simple words. Mary’s caretakers described her as being curious and eager to discover the world around her. Mary liked being held and cuddled by her caregivers while being rocked in a rocking chair. Her caretakers said that she is a sweet, pleasant baby.

You can contact the China Home Finding Team at Great Wall if you would like to learn more about adopting baby Mary. We hope we are able to find Mary her Forever Family soon!

LandonThis sweet kiddo’s name is Landon, and he is 9 years old. He has been diagnosed with Hepatitis B, but it doesn’t appear to affect his daily life in any way. He’s currently in school and doing a fantastic job! His cognitive development is on target and he has a lot of friends within his school. We received an update for Landon last July, and at the time he was living with a foster family! He has always gotten along well with his caretakers and says that he loves them very much. If you’d like to learn more about Landon, please reach out to Great Wall!


Lilianna is a sweet little girl that just recently turned 3 years old. Lilianna has cerebral palsy and so her gross motor skills are delayed. She also has exotropia of her left eye and poor eyelid strength on her left eye as well. Lilianna was abandoned when she was about 3 months old and has been in an orphanage ever since.

Lilianna is able to crawl and will crawl with great vigor when she sees a toy or a snack that she wants. She can sit by herself against a wall but she needs a teacher’s help to sit independently. She has good fine motor skills and can pick up small objects with her thumb and index fingers easily. She is currently babbling but not saying words. She does know her own name and she will turn her head to look when someone is calling her name. She understands adult’s facial expressions and she can distinguish strangers from familiar people.

Lilianna is a quite, introverted little girl. She really likes to listen to music and to dance with the music when it’s playing. She enjoys playing with her peers and receiving cuddles from her caretakers. When she is upset her caretakers say that she will be comforted by being held.

You can contact the China Home Finding Team at Great Wall if you would like to learn more about adopting little Lilianna. We hope we are able to find Lilianna her Forever Family soon!

BobbyBobby is a cute little guy that turned 1 years old this past September! Bobby was born with hydrocephalus and spina bifida. He has received surgeries for both needs and his file indicates that they were successful. He has a regular and consistent schedule and he has grown to become adjusted to his environment and his caretakers. His file indicates that he makes eye contact with his caretakers and he responds when his name is called. GWCA is currently working on getting an update. Contact a Matching Specialist if you would like to review his file! JessaJessa is an adorable little gal who turned 3 years old in December! Her file indicates that she has cerebral palsy but it is unclear how severe her condition is at this time. Her caretakers assist her daily with rehabilitation services to stimulate her cognitive and physical development. Jessa has a routine schedule and does not have any issues with her sleeping or eating habits. Since coming to the institute, she has had no serious illnesses. Great Wall is still working toward gathering updated information on her cerebral palsy. Contact one of our matching specialists if you would like to review her file! RuthieRuthie is an amazing girl who just turned 7 in late March! When Ruthie was 1 year old, doctors observed that some parts of her brain were not developing fully. This effected her vision, language, and mobility. At age 2 Ruthie underwent a year and a half of rehabilitation, and was then able to walk without assistance and say a few words! At the time her file was prepared in 2014, Ruthie was doing great, even singing along to children’s songs and doing dances with the other kiddos! Her file indicates that she may be somewhat delayed cognitively, but we are working hard to find out more recent information for her. Please reach out to Great Wall if you’d like to review her file!MarigoldMarigold is a sweet little girl that is 8 and a half years old. Marigold was born with cleft lip and cleft palate, but she received a surgery when she was younger to correct her cleft lip and cleft palate. As of when her file was prepared back in 2013, she was able to walk and go up and down stairs by herself. Marigold was able to color and imitate drawing vertical lines on paper. Marigold was babbling at that time her file was prepared. Because she has a cleft lip and cleft palate her language has most likely been delayed to some extent. Her caregivers say that she has quick reactions and that she adapts to change quickly. She is an active girl that is fond of listening to music and she likes to dance. She is very energetic and likes to play with her friends. She also likes to play hand-clapping games with her caregivers.

You can contact the China Home Finding Team at Great Wall if you would like to learn more about adopting Marigold. We hope we are able to find Marigold her Forever Family soon!

Click Here to Watch Marigold’s Video!  

ZaneZane is an adorable little guy who will be turning 2 years old this July! He was born with a cleft lip and palate and a congenital heart defect. According to his file, Zane’s physical development is delayed compared to his peers but his cognitive development is normal. He can understand simple commands and always giggles seeing familiar faces! He can clap his hands, roll over and hold toys with both of his hands. His file indicates that he demonstrates an attachment with his primary caregiver. Zane loves watching TV and listening to music. Because of his heart defect, Zane has to limit his strenuous physical activity. Contact one of our matching specialists if you are interested in reviewing his file!

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Forever Family Friday!

Photo 1Hooray! We are delighted to announce that a family has begun submitting their paperwork to bring this little guy home forever! Congratulations from all of us at GWCA and CAN, we are so excited to see this kiddo come home.

We are currently advocating for many other children that are in need of Forever Families! If your family is interested in learning how you can be matched with one of them, our Matching Specialists would be more than happy to speak with you. One of the benefits of our China adoption program is that families can be matched at any point in the process, so you can find your kiddo right away and get started! Visit our Photo Listing today to learn more bout the kids that we’re advocating for!

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Letter from an Adoptee

One of GWCA’s amazing adoptees recently wrote a letter about adoption for a March Madness fundraiser at her school and won one of the grand prizes! In her letter, she wrote about the impact that adoption has had on her life as it brought her to her Forever Family. Thank you so much for sharing your story with us, Ting!

Dear March Madness Committee,

TingEditIn August the year of 2006 a couple decided to add a new addition to their family. On November 2 of 2009 a little girl was able to officially have a family of her own. What the little girl didn’t know was that it was all because of one organization that brought them together. That little girl was me. The “Great Wall China Adoption” agency has helped more than 9,000 children find their forever families. In addition, they help guide these families along the adoption process, from the multitudes of paperwork to traveling to their waiting child. Why is Great Wall China Adoption agency so special from the other adoption organizations? Well it’s because they have an international office in Beijing, the capital of China. Great Wall’s China Division is fully staffed by bi-lingual employees, who have strong relationships with the Chinese government. They are there for families every day of the week and not to mention, I’m here! Their mission is to help children around the world find loving and permanent families of their own. One of Great Wall’s core values is that children should grow up in a setting that offers them the “optimal conditions for full emotional, cultural and physical development”. I strongly agree. If a child is suddenly moved into a new environment that he or she has no clue as to where they are and who these people are who are trying to play with them, speak a totally different language and even smell different, a nurturing and loving environment is a must, in order to attach to that particular family. Great Wall China Adoption agency’s main goals are: to work with countries around the world to find homes for children who were abandoned and orphaned, help the United States and foreign governments to improve the international adoption process, to develop laws to protect children and act as ambassadors to educate people toward creating a better relationship between US and other countries. The organization was founded by President and CEO, Snow Wu, who has felt dedicated to helping children.

Every year on November 2nd, my “forever family day”, my family and I do something special like going to a Chinese restaurant and my parents give me a special gift that was brought from China while they went there to get me. I was around 7 months old when I was found in front of an orphanage gate with nothing but clothes and a pink blanket that was wrapped around me. I was taken in and cared for, provided with food, clothes, few toys and friends. When I was just turning 7, I met my parents. Of course at the time, I didn’t want to do anything with them, crying when I first met because the one place I knew was home and my friends, I would have to leave behind. Now as I look back, I am thankful for everything I have. For all the good memories and sometimes I look through all the videos and photos of when I was in China with my parents, and just smile and laugh. It was the Great Wall’s ambassadors that led my parents to the agency and Great Wall’s dedication, that my parents found me. It Great Wall which helped my parents come get me. It was Great Wall that helped me know what a family truly is.

The number of abandoned children in China has dropped steadily in the last decades but the numbers still remain too high. Today, almost all of China’s unwanted children have disabilities. In addition, Chinese law says kids can no longer be adopted at the age of 14. If you think about it, some people might not want a child who is has already established their personality or is mentally and physically ill. So those children will grow up knowing nobody ever wanted them. The estimated cost of adopting China is 20,000 to 25,000! But someone will spend that much, when they know that they’ll get a daughter or a son that they can call their own. People from the U.S. had adopted nearly 13,000 children from the 106 different countries in 2009, just a little more than two-thirds of all children come from only five countries: China (23%), Ethiopia (18%), Russia (12%), South Korea (8%) and Guatemala (6%). As you see here, more people like my parents, have decided to take a leap of faith and go through with adopting a child that is not their own blood. These families sometimes can’t create a family on their own so they look to adoption, desperate to have kids running around the house.

I want to give back to the people who helped me and many others to find an everlasting family. And I want a family to fall in love with the sound of a child’s laughter, their screaming, and their love. I want a family to be able to hug a child in their arms, to read a bedtime story. Or just simply hear the words  “I love you”. You too can help many child or a waiting family.

For more information about GWCA’s China adoption program, contact our Matching Specialists or visit our Waiting Child Photo Listing today!

Contact today to learn how you can share your family’s adoption story!

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8 New Kids on the Block


Jacob is an amazing 12 year old boy that has cerebral palsy.  One of our Great Wall staff members met Jacob when she visited China last month and she said that he is happy, smart, kind and charismatic kiddo!  Jacob was just beaming with joy and enthusiasm the entire time our GWCA staff member was there!  Our Great Wall staff member said that even though he has cerebral palsy that it doesn’t affect his ability to walk, run or dance. He does not need any assistance with getting around at all. He can play with his friends normally just like any other child. His CP also doesn’t affect his ability to write or pick up small objects. He can speak and have conversations, but his pronunciation is sometimes unclear due to his jaw muscles being quite tense. Jacob is in 5th grade and is one of the top students in his class. His caregivers say that he is very smart. He has great self-care abilities such as dressing himself, bathing himself and eating on his own. The caretakers at Jacob’s orphanage said that he is always asking when he will be getting a Mom and a Dad.  Jacob told our Great Wall staff member that he really wants to be adopted!Jacob will age out of the China adoption system in about a year and a half, so he really needs to find his Forever Family soon. Will you be that family? If you are interested in learning more about Jacob, or if you would like to talk to the China Matching Specialist that met Jacob in China, please feel free to contact us! We look forward to helping Jacob find the parents he has always dreamed of! Watch My videos: Video #1Video #2Video #3

ChandlerChandler is an adorable little 2 year old who loves to smile! Chandler was born with aplasia of his optic nerve. There is limited information in his file regarding how this affects his vision, but Great Wall is working to get an update. At the age of 10 months he entered an infant program where he thrived. He was able to roll over, grasp toys, babble and giggle. At the age of 1 year and 4 months he could sit up on his own with some support, imitate adult’s words and actions, and has a routine schedule. He is described as being an introverted kiddo who loves listening to music and playing with rattles. Contact Great Wall if you’d like to review his file!JennaJenna is an adorable 7 year old girl who is blind in her right eye. Her file indicates that she has some mobility impairment as well, but her orphanage has done a fantastic job providing her with rehabilitation services. Her caregivers have also provided her with sensory integration training to assist with her partial blindness! She loves to learn and spend time with her caregivers and teachers. Although she has some trouble walking, she loves sports and loves to play with balls and cars. If you’d like to review her full file, please reach out to Great Wall!MarnieMarnie is a sweet 8 year old girl with mild cerebral palsy and an outer ear deformity. Although her outer ear formed a little differently, she is able to hear well! Her caretakers say that she loves to play games with the other children and does well studying and following along with her teacher. From her file, it sounds like Marnie can walk, but she may have trouble moving her right side. If you’d like to learn more about Marnie, please reach out to Great Wall!EstherEsther is a great little girl that just turned 12 years old. Esther’s right hand doesn’t work very well and her right foot has a little less flexibility than her left foot, but other than that she seems to be doing very well! She can walk, run and jump normally and she can write and do other tasks with her left hand. She has normal intelligence compared with her peers and she is in school in a regular class with other children. Her best subject in school is math. She can communicate well with adults. Like many young girls she likes going shopping and buying new clothes. She also likes playing with water toys and playing outside.

You can contact the China Home Finding Team at Great Wall if you would like to learn more about adopting Esther. We hope we are able to find Esther her Forever Family soon!

AbigailHello! My name is Abigail and I am 9 years old. My doctor’s say that I have cerebral palsy, but that doesn’t stop me from being a happy kiddo! I am very close to my caretakers, and love to spend time with the other kiddos in the orphanage! My file is a little outdated, but my friends at Great Wall are working hard to find out more about me! Please reach out to Great Wall if you’d like to learn more!SadieSadie is a sweet girl who will be turning 10 this May! Sadie has significant hearing loss and unable to speak, but she does a wonderful job communicating her needs to her caregivers. She also has some motor delays, but is able to walk on her own without assistance. Sadie is partially deaf, but is sometimes able to hear music or hear her name being called by her caregivers! Her caregivers describe her as a generous, sweet kiddo who loves her teachers and the other children in the orphanage. She likes to study for school, and often sits in on other children’s lessons in order to learn more. She also loves to draw and will sometimes sing if she can hear the music playing. She does a wonderful job caring for herself and other children, and is extremely helpful to the caregivers. She can also write numbers and words and is always eager to learn more. If you’d like to review Sadie’s full file, please reach out to Great Wall!SallySally is a precious 10 year old girl who was born with cerebral palsy. She has been receiving rehabilitation services in her institute since she was 6 months old. She has great self-care ability and is able to follow directions well. Her caretakers mention that she gets along extremely well with other children and she often shares her toys when she sees that other kiddos are upset. She is loving, active and always smiling! Her file is a little outdated so GWCA is working hard to learn more about her progress. If you’d like to review her file, contact one of our Matching Specialists!

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Limb Difference Awareness Month – Bella Takes First Steps!

It’s Limb Difference Awareness Month, and we wanted to take a moment to share the story of one little girl who came home in 2012. Bella is an adorable little lady who was born with a limb differences. Despite the fact that her legs are a little bit different than her friends’, she was able to take her first steps after being fitted for prosthetic legs. With the love and support of her family, she has continued to flourish and become more independent each day. Watch the video below to see her taking her first steps.

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Two New Orphanage Partnerships in Zhejiang Province!

OP Feat FlipWe are very excited to announce that our agency has recently gained two new Orphanage Partnerships in Zhejiang Province! Our China Orphanage Partnership team visited the orphanages and screened many kids that are waiting to be placed. We are extremely grateful to CCCWA, Zhejiang Civil Affairs  and our new orphanage partners for trusting our agency with the responsibility to find forever homes for their children.

What is an Orphanage Partnership?

GWCA’s Orphanage Partnerships work directly with our agency to prepare children’s files so that we can place them with loving Forever Families as quickly as possible! Once a child’s file has been prepared by one of our partner orphanages, it is given directly to our agency rather than being placed on China’s Shared List. This means that our families have the opportunity to be among the first to see these children’s files when considering if they would be a good fit for their family. If you’re interested in learning more about the kiddos from our OPs, contact our China Matching Specialists, or visit our China Waiting Child Photo Listing today!

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6 New Kids on the Block


Hi there! My name is Lily and I am 7 years old. I was born with something called Down’s Syndrome, but I don’t let that keep me from being a happy little girl! One of my friend’s at Great Wall visited me in China earlier this year and she would love to speak with prospective families about me! I am a very smart girl who goes to school and learns alongside my peers, most of whom don’t have Down’s Syndrome. I get along well with others, follow directions well and am a good student. I can identify different colors, animals and can identify the different parts of my face and body. When my friend from Great Wall visited me recently I went right up to her and held her hand, which shows what a sweet little girl I am. You can contact my friends at Great Wall if you would like to learn more about adopting me! I hope my friends at Great Wall find my Forever Family soon!

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NateHello there! My name is Nate and I am 12 years old. My file indicates that I had hydrocephalus when I was younger, but I seem to be doing great! I am currently with a foster family, and they are teaching me English! I love to learn new things in school and help my caregivers and teachers. I also love to play with toys, sing, and dance! I am described as being a very happy and independent kiddo. If you’d like to learn more about me, please contact my friends at Great Wall China Adoption!DeanHi there! My name is Dean and I am 8 years old. I had spina bifida when I first came to the orphanage and clubbed feet, but I have had surgeries for both and have been doing extremely well! I can stand up on my own, and my friends at Great Wall are working hard now to find out if I can now walk! My Chinese name means “brave”, and my caretakers describe me as very brave, resilient, and clever. I also love to laugh and spend time with my caregivers and the other kiddos! If you’d like to learn more about me, please reach out to my friends at Great Wall!LexiHi my name is Lexi and I am 6 years old! My file indicates that I have high muscular tension but my friends at Great Wall are still trying to learn more about me. My file is a little outdated but I was receiving rehabilitation training at the time that my file was prepared. This helped me become stronger and more independent. I began being able to sit up on my own, crawl, eat by myself and babble. I’m closest to my caretaker and I am described as being an active kiddo! Great Wall is working hard to learn more about me! Contact them if you’d like to review my file!TaraHi my name is Tara and I am 3 years old! My file indicates that I was born with cerebral palsy but I don’t let this stop me from being a happy kiddo! I receive rehabilitation services that have helped me a lot! I am described as being active, extroverted and smiley. I love to be held by my caretakers and I light up when people talk to me! I love listening to music and I always have a ready smile. My friends at Great Wall are working hard to learn more about me! Contact them if you’d like to learn more about me!FreddieHello there! My name is Freddie and I am 9 years old. I have a cleft lip and palate that has been repaired, and my ear developed a little differently than my friends! I also have congenital heart disease, but I seem to be doing really well! My caretakers say that I love music and love to dance! There’s even more information about me in my file, so please reach out to my friends at Great Wall if you’d like to learn more about me!

Visit the China Waiting Child Photo Listing to learn more about our New Kids on the Block!

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Forever Family Friday!

Maas - LID Photo 1smMatched with “LID” Family!

Hooray! A family is working towards bringing this little guy home forever! We are so incredibly happy for him and his new family, and we can’t wait for him to come home!

This sweet kiddo was born with a cleft lip and palate, and has already had surgery to help repair his lip! His file was considered LID, meaning the family that was matched with him had to have their dossier logged in before they could see his file.

If you’re interested in being matched with a kiddo like him, contact our China Matching team to get your journey started today!

What Does “LID” Mean?

In our China adoption program, children’s files are labeled as either Special Focus or “LID” (Log in Date) depending on the severity of their needs. Children with more moderate to severe needs are considered Special Focus, and children with more minor or correctable needs are considered LID. While families can be matched with a Special Focus child form our Photo Listing at any point in their adoption process, they must submit their dossier prior to seeing files for LID children. If you’re interested in being matched with a child with minor needs, contact our adoption specialists to learn more!

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