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One of GWCA’s amazing adoptees recently wrote a letter about adoption for a March Madness fundraiser at her school and won one of the grand prizes! In her letter, she wrote about the impact that adoption has had on her life as it brought her to her Forever Family. Thank you so much for sharing your story with us, Ting!

Dear March Madness Committee,

TingEditIn August the year of 2006 a couple decided to add a new addition to their family. On November 2 of 2009 a little girl was able to officially have a family of her own. What the little girl didn’t know was that it was all because of one organization that brought them together. That little girl was me. The “Great Wall China Adoption” agency has helped more than 9,000 children find their forever families. In addition, they help guide these families along the adoption process, from the multitudes of paperwork to traveling to their waiting child. Why is Great Wall China Adoption agency so special from the other adoption organizations? Well it’s because they have an international office in Beijing, the capital of China. Great Wall’s China Division is fully staffed by bi-lingual employees, who have strong relationships with the Chinese government. They are there for families every day of the week and not to mention, I’m here! Their mission is to help children around the world find loving and permanent families of their own. One of Great Wall’s core values is that children should grow up in a setting that offers them the “optimal conditions for full emotional, cultural and physical development”. I strongly agree. If a child is suddenly moved into a new environment that he or she has no clue as to where they are and who these people are who are trying to play with them, speak a totally different language and even smell different, a nurturing and loving environment is a must, in order to attach to that particular family. Great Wall China Adoption agency’s main goals are: to work with countries around the world to find homes for children who were abandoned and orphaned, help the United States and foreign governments to improve the international adoption process, to develop laws to protect children and act as ambassadors to educate people toward creating a better relationship between US and other countries. The organization was founded by President and CEO, Snow Wu, who has felt dedicated to helping children.

Every year on November 2nd, my “forever family day”, my family and I do something special like going to a Chinese restaurant and my parents give me a special gift that was brought from China while they went there to get me. I was around 7 months old when I was found in front of an orphanage gate with nothing but clothes and a pink blanket that was wrapped around me. I was taken in and cared for, provided with food, clothes, few toys and friends. When I was just turning 7, I met my parents. Of course at the time, I didn’t want to do anything with them, crying when I first met because the one place I knew was home and my friends, I would have to leave behind. Now as I look back, I am thankful for everything I have. For all the good memories and sometimes I look through all the videos and photos of when I was in China with my parents, and just smile and laugh. It was the Great Wall’s ambassadors that led my parents to the agency and Great Wall’s dedication, that my parents found me. It Great Wall which helped my parents come get me. It was Great Wall that helped me know what a family truly is.

The number of abandoned children in China has dropped steadily in the last decades but the numbers still remain too high. Today, almost all of China’s unwanted children have disabilities. In addition, Chinese law says kids can no longer be adopted at the age of 14. If you think about it, some people might not want a child who is has already established their personality or is mentally and physically ill. So those children will grow up knowing nobody ever wanted them. The estimated cost of adopting China is 20,000 to 25,000! But someone will spend that much, when they know that they’ll get a daughter or a son that they can call their own. People from the U.S. had adopted nearly 13,000 children from the 106 different countries in 2009, just a little more than two-thirds of all children come from only five countries: China (23%), Ethiopia (18%), Russia (12%), South Korea (8%) and Guatemala (6%). As you see here, more people like my parents, have decided to take a leap of faith and go through with adopting a child that is not their own blood. These families sometimes can’t create a family on their own so they look to adoption, desperate to have kids running around the house.

I want to give back to the people who helped me and many others to find an everlasting family. And I want a family to fall in love with the sound of a child’s laughter, their screaming, and their love. I want a family to be able to hug a child in their arms, to read a bedtime story. Or just simply hear the words  “I love you”. You too can help many child or a waiting family.

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