Update: China Eligibility

Dear Families,

This morning we received the following notice from the CCCWA (China Center for Children’s Welfare and Adoption) regarding the newest ​updates to the China Adoption ​eligibility regulations.

Although we have our reservations regarding some of the changes that are being made​, we are actively reaching out to the CCCWA to seek further clarification in order to best counsel each of our adoptive families. While most of the eligibility requirements have remained the same, we anticipate that some of the changes made will impact families that are currently in process.

Please know that the Waiting Children that we advocate for and our adoptive families  are our top priorities, and we will continue to ​push forward as we seek the best solution for each family.

We are compiling a list of questions for the CCCWA to clarify some of the points mentioned ​ in the update​. If you are a current family in process that we foresee this effecting​,​ ​our caseworkers will be reaching out to discuss your case.   Please understand there are a number of families we are currently trying to communicate with and we will be in touch as soon as possible.

We know that more changes outside of eligibility are likely on the horizon for China adoption. We are at a place in which we could easily be discouraged​, however, ​throughout the past 21 years ​that ​GWCA has been working with China we have always found a way to continue to help the children waiting. Our passion, our mission, and our hearts are devoted to bringing orphans their forever families and nothing will stop us from continuing that mission.

Please read the below statement from the CCCWA:


Review Points for Decision on the Eligibility of Foreigners Adopting from China

 Relevant government departments and adoption agencies in receiving states,

In order to further promote the scientific and standardized level of inter-country adoption, and implement our working principle “everything for the children”, we have refined and improved the review points for deciding the eligibility of foreigners adopting from China, in accordance with theConvention on Protection of Children and Co-operation in Respect of Intercountry Adoption, andMeasures for Registration of Adoption of Children by Foreigners in the People’s Republic of China, as well as the practice of paper review of CCCWA.

Ⅰ. Age

1. The prospective adoptive parents (PAPs) should reach the age of 30, and the age difference between the PAP and the adoptee should be not more than 50 years.

2. When a couple adopts together, the age difference should be counted based on the age of the younger party.

Ⅱ. Marital Status

1. The PAP(s) should be a couple of one male and one female, or a single female with no homosexual tendency.

2. In the adoption by a couple (couple adoption), the PAPs should have a stable marital status, either party should have not more than 2 divorces. If one party has no divorce history or 1 divorce, their current marriage should last not less than 2 years. If one party has 2 divorces, their current marriage should last not less than 5 years.

3. In calculating the marriage lasting time for PAPs, the time living together before their marriage can be included. When calculating the number of divorces, widow and remarriage after divorce are not included.

Ⅲ. Health Conditions

The PAPs should be physically and mentally fit, with the ability to raise and educate the adoptee, but without any of the following conditions:

(1) Intellectual disability;

(2) HIV positive, or infectious disease that is actively contagious;

(3) Schizophrenia;

(4) Mental disorder including mania, depression, bipolar affective disorder, anxiety and phobia, etc. PAP(s) with minor symptoms and are under good control by taking medicine, assessed by a psychological professional as having no effects on their normal work and life and fit to care and educate the adoptee, will be exempt from this limitation;

(5) Binocular blindness, binocular low vision or monocular blindness with no ocular prosthesis;

(6) Severe facial deformation;

(7) Binaural hearing loss or language function loss; PAPs who adopt children with identical conditions, or with one party of a couple healthy will be exempt from this limitation;

(8) Non-function or dysfunction of limbs or trunk caused by impairment, incomplete limb, paralysis or deformation;

(9) Diseases that require long-term treatment, and have bad prognosis which will affect PAPs’ child care ability such as lupus, nephrosis, epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, etc.; In a couple adoption, if one party is completely healthy and the other suffers any of such diseases but is under good control after treatment, they will be exempt from this limitation if they can provide a doctor’s note to attest that the illness has no effects on their normal work and life and fit for caring the adoptee;

(10) Skin cancer, thyroid cancer, breast cancer and testicular cancer that has been cured for less than 3 years; other kinds of cancer or malignant tumor that has been cured less than 5 years;

(11) Vital organ transplant within 10 years; In a couple adoption, if one party is healthy and the other party had organ transplant within 10 years but has recovered to live a normal life, they will be exempt from this limitation;

(12) BMI (BMI=weight (kg)/ height2 (m2) )≥40;

(13) Short stature or dwarfism; PAPs who adopt children with identical conditions will be exempt from this limitation.

Ⅳ Educational background

The PAPs should have received senior high school education or above, or vocational and technical skills education of the same level.

Ⅴ. Family Financial Conditions

1. The PAPs (at least one party of a couple in a couple adoption) should have stable occupation and income. The per-capita annual income of a family including the prospective adoptee should reach 10,000 USD; When calculating the family per-capita annual income in an adoption by a single parent, the number of family members should be one more than the actual family member number after adoption

2. Couple adoption’s family net worth should reach 80,000 USD, and single adoption’s family net worth should reach 100,000 USD.

3. Welfare allowance such as relief fund, pension, disability benefits, adoption subsidy, foster care subsidy and disabled child subsidy, etc. are not included in the family annual income.

4. Proper relaxation can be granted to foreigners living in China on the aspects of family annual income and net worth.

Ⅵ Moral Characters

The PAPs should have no record of criminal penalties, have good moral characters, honorable behaviors and abide by laws and regulations, without any of the following circumstances:

(1) a history of domestic violence, sex abuse, abandonment/abuse of children (even if they were not arrested or convicted);

(2) a history of taking drugs including opium, morphine, marijuana, cocaine, heroin, smokable methamphetamine and etc;

(3) a history of alcohol abuse and have stopped drinking for less than 10 years.

Adoption application will be given due consideration when the PAPs have had no more than 3 criminal records with minor violations and no severe outcomes, and the time for correction has reached 10 years; or have had no more than 5 records of traffic law violation with no severe outcomes.

Ⅶ Children in the House

1. The adoption of orphans, disable children, or abandoned infants and children whose parents cannot be ascertained or found, are not subject to the requirement that the adopter should be childless.

2. The PAPs should have enough time and energy to take care of the minors in the house including the prospective adoptee. In a couple adoption, the number of minors living in the house of the PAPs should be not more than 5; in a single adoption, the number of minors in the house of the PAPs should be not more than 2.

3. The youngest child in the house should reach 3 years old.

Ⅷ Adoption Frequency and Numbers

1. Adopters should submit post placement reports as required after the adoption; There should be a 1 year interval between the second adoption application and the previous one (from the registration date of the previous adoption to the current adoption application date).

2. In principle, the PAPs should adopt 1 child from China at a time.

3. In a couple adoption, if adoptee is a twin or multiple births or have siblings, the adoption will be exempt from the limitation of item 2.

Ⅷ Others

1. The PAPs should receive pre-adoption training to have a correct cognition and understanding of the possible risks of inter-country adoption, be fully prepared for the adoption and care of the adoptee. The PAPs should promise in the inter-country adoption application letter that they will not abandon or maltreat the child to be adopted, and will submit post placement reports as required.

2. As for PAPs residing in countries other than their birth country, if they intend to apply to adopt from China, they should reside in countries which have cooperative relationship with China in inter-country adoption, or in contracting states of the Hague Convention.

3. This document does not apply to stepchild adoptions. As for the adoption of a child belonging to a collateral relative by blood of the same generation and up to the third degree of kinship, relaxation will be granted properly.

4. Time or age is calculated based on the adoption application dossier’s log-in-date at CCCWA.

5. This document shall enter into force as of the date of issuance. In the event of any inconsistency between this document and previous CCCWA regulations or notices, the review points of this document shall apply.

China Center for Children’s Welfare and Adoption


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6 New Kids Added This Week


Dillon is a precious little boy from China who just turned 2 years old!  Dillon’s file was prepared when he was just 1 year old, so we’re working hard to learn some more updated information about him.  As of when his file was prepared it says that he was very cute and everyone likes him.  He could raise his head, roll over, sit against objects, can hold himself up with both hands when sitting, and can stand if being held under his arms.  He was babbling and laughing a lot.  He would hear a sound and turn his head to find out where it was coming from.  He could track with his eyes when someone was moving across the room.  If his caregiver walked past him without giving him a hug, he would cry so that she would pick him up and hug him.  He can hold toys and put them in his mouth.

Dillon’s file suggests that he did have some sort of cerebral injury when he was younger.  Dillon has a CT scan in his file that can be reviewed by a family when they request to review his full file.  It is suggested the CT scan results be reviewed by a doctor to get a full picture of how this injury may or may not affect his life in the future.

We hope to get updated information on Dillon soon!  If you would like to review Dillon’s file, please contact the GWCA China Home Finding Team today!


This darling kiddo’s name is Colton! Colton will be turning 3 years old this August. He was born with Prune Belly Syndrome, also known as Eagle-Barrett Syndrome. This means that he was born without abdominal muscles. Because of his need, he also has undescended testes, maldevelopment of his urinary system, and a spinal deformity. Despite his needs, Colton’s doing great in regards to overall fine and gross motor development. He can stand and walk without assistance, and he appears to be gaining strength overall. He is able to say “Mama” and does a great job imitating others words and sentences. He understands directions well. Colton loves to play with toys, listen to music, and spend time with other kiddos. He has normal eating habits and does not appear to have any difficulty with overall digestion. Colton is currently receiving rehabilitation training and other education focused on his overall needs. He is an extroverted, bright kiddo who would thrive with a forever family to call his own.

Please reach out to Great Wall to learn more!


Goodwin is a sweet boy from China that has just turned 4 and a half years old!  Goodwin was not abandoned and brought to the orphanage until he was 10 months old, so it is believed that he was receiving care from his parents during that time.  It took a while for Goodwin to get used to life in the orphanage, as he was grieving a lot because of the loss of his family, but over time he adapt to his new environment.

Goodwin is described by his caregivers as being a smart boy who has outstanding language ability.  Goodwin likes the company of others and he enjoys listing to music and singing songs.  Goodwin actually performed a song in the recent New Year’s Day celebration!  He has normal cognitive and emotional development compared to other children his age. Goodwin likes learning new things and has a good memory and understanding ability.  Goodwin is a kind boy who will share his snacks with other children and teachers and will encourage others in whatever they are doing.  Goodwin likes to play outside and when he sees an animal, like a bird, he will get very excited and point and exclaim, “Mum! A bird!  A bird!”

Goodwin is said to have decreased muscular tension in his left arm and some decreased muscular tension in both of his legs, most likely because he has clubbed feet.  Goodwin received corrective surgery in March 2015 for his clubbed feet.  He would wear orthopedics every day and would receive regular rehabilitation training to strengthen his legs.  He is a strong, patient boy who cooperates well during rehabilitation training.

At this time Goodwin has good physical development, but he is not able to walk.  However, our hope is that with time and the kind of therapies he could receive in the United States, he will flourish!  Goodwin just needs an American family to adopt him so that he can get the best care possible.  Will you be that family?

If you are interested in learning more about Goodwin, please contact the GWCA China Home Finding Team today! 


This sweetheart’s name is Jordan! Jordan will be 10 years old this August. He was born with albinism, but that hasn’t slowed him down! He is a smart, bright kiddo who will thrive with the love of a family. He understands directions well, has excellent fine and gross motor skills, and has a curiosity to learn. He is delayed compared to his peers, but he has made amazing progress since arriving at the orphanage in 2013. Jordan is described as being smiley and full of energy!

Please reach out to Great Wall to learn more about this incredible kiddo!


Meet Mikey! This darling kiddo is 2-years old. Mikey was born with differences of sex development and a webbed neck. He also appears to have maldeveloped feet, which makes it difficult for him to stand. Because of his needs with his neck and feet, he is delayed overall in regards to his motor development. His fine motor skills are excellent and he is able to grasp small objects and pass them from one hand to another. He recognizes his name and is able to track movement well visually. At the time that his file was prepared in 2016 he was unable to speak, but he has been babbling and is able to understand some words. He is active, and loves to play with toys and other kiddos! He is a very smiley kiddo and will get upset when his toys are taken away from him. Mikey is very loved by his caregivers, who hope that he will have a happy family and wonderful future!

Please reach out to Great Wall to learn more!


Rosemarie is a lovely little girl from China that is 10 and a half years old!  Rosemarie lives with a foster family and she really gets along well with her foster parents and foster siblings.  She is described as being kind to others, polite and sensible.  Rosemarie is extroverted and likes with play with other children and she has good self-estimate.  She is said to have normal physical development and normal cognitive abilities.

Rosemarie has a hearing impairment, but it is unclear how significant it is.  Her file says she is deaf, but it does not give any details about her hearing or speech.  We are asking for more updated information on Rosemarie and we hope to receive that soon.

If you would like to learn more about Rosemarie, please contact the GWCA China Home Finding Team today!


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Summer Has a $2,000 Grant!

As our Sponsored Star, Summer now has a $2,000 grant available towards her adoption fees! If you are interested in reviewing Summer’s file or learning how you can be matched with her, visit our China Waiting Child Photo Listing or contact our China Matching Team today!

Summer is a precious little girl from China who is 9 and a half years old!  She is described as being a smart, optimistic girl who is polite and likes to spend time with other children.

One of GWCA’s Staff Members met Summer when she was in China last year and she would love to speak to any interested families about her! Summer has told her caretakers that she very much wants to be adopted by an American family, and we’re so hopeful that she will find her family very soon.

Summer has atrophy of both eyeballs so she cannot see at all. She certainly hasn’t let this hold her back, however, as her cognitive abilities are on target and she has good language ability. Summer is currently going to a special school for blind children where she’s learning to read braille. She has good self care abilities and can get dressed and use the restroom by herself.

Summer loves to dance and sing children’s songs. She is clearly very smart and has a positive outlook on life.  If you would like to learn more about Summer and how you can adopt her, please contact the GWCA China Home Finding Team today!

What is a Sponsored Star?

On the 1st of each month, Great Wall China Adoption will feature one of the kiddos from our Orphanage Partnerships as our monthly “Sponsored Star.” As our Sponsored Star, that child will receive a $2,000 grant towards their adoption fees! Each of the kiddos selected will be a Special Focus child,  meaning they have not found their Forever Family yet due to their age or special needs. Together, we can find loving homes for these amazing kids!

We encourage any families interested in learning more about our Sponsored Star of the Month to visit our China Waiting Child Photo Listing, or contact our China Matching Specialists to learn how you can be matched today. Check back on the first of each month to meet the newest featured child!

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