Lauren Found Her Family!

We are incredibly excited to announce that a family is working to adopt this sweet girl! We are so happy for Lauren and her new family, and we can’t wait to follow her journey home. It’s always heartwarming to see the children we advocate for find their forever families. Congratulations from all of us at GWCA and CAN!

China Adoption – Special Focus

Since this precious girl’s file was considered Special Focus, our China matching specialists were able to advocate for her on our Waiting Child photo listing. Once her family reviewed her file, they were able to submit their paperwork to be matched with her right away rather than having to wait until after their dossier had been submitted. All of the kids whose profiles are currently on our photo listing have the same designation of “Special Focus,” meaning families can be matched with them even if they’re just beginning the adoption process.

If you’re interested in learning how you can be matched with one of our Waiting Children, contact our matching specialists or visit our China adoption photo listing today!


– Learn more about China adoption
– Visit the Waiting Child Photo Listing
– Contact a China adoption specialist!

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7 New Kids on the Block

Meet Lily

Lily is a sweet 11-year-old girl who was born with cerebral palsy. However, she’s made amazing progress with her language and physical abilities and can complete self-care tasks. Lily is very polite, cheerful, and kindhearted. She loves helping people as much as she can and is a positive kiddo. To learn more about Lily, request her file today!

Meet Daniel

Daniel is a 7-year-old boy who was born with differences in his legs. However, he is able to walk on his own and is cognitively on target for his age. He’s an active and talkative kiddo who likes helping his caretakers. Click here to watch a video of Daniel singing! To learn more about him, request his file today!

Meet Brianna

Brianna is an adorable 4-year-old girl who was born with cerebral palsy and esotropia in her eyes.  However, she’s in daily rehabilitation and has greatly improved her strength. She’s also working hard on learning to talk. Brianna loves going to class, and she’s very active there. She enjoys playing with toys, making crafts, and drawing. Brianna can be shy, but she gets along well with all the other kiddos. To learn more about her, request her file today!

Meet Joey

Joey is a darling 3-year-old boy who was born with anal atresia and some differences of sex development. However, he can walk on his own and has great fine motor skills. Joey is extroverted, active, and bright. He is a sweet kiddo who would thrive with the care of a loving family. To learn more about him, request his file today!

Meet Laney

Laney is a precious 3-year-old girl who has Apert syndrome and some limb differences. However, she received reconstructive surgery and has made a fantastic recovery! She’s an active, charming, and lovely girl who’s extremely affectionate. Laney loves to be held and hugged by her caretakers. She’s hitting all of her developmental milestones and is very bright. To learn more about her, request her file today!

Meet Annie

Annie is a cute 3-year-old girl who has cerebral palsy. However, she has good flexibility and is working on walking. She adapts well to new environments and has a healthy attachment to her caretaker. Annie loves to play with toys and listen to music. She gets along well with the other kiddos in the orphanage. To learn more about her, request her file today!

Meet Melanie

Melanie is a precious 4-year-old girl who has cerebral palsy. However, she receives daily rehabilitation and can stand or walk with support. Melanie is a shy, cheerful girl who likes to listen to music and play with toys. She’s also made a healthy attachment to her caretaker. To learn more about her, request her file today!


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A Family for Ben

Meet this very special boy, Ben! He’s a sweet 11-year-old kid who is still searching for his forever family. He was hosted previously in the United States in 2016, where he had an amazing time and bonded extremely well with his host family. He loved playing with his host siblings and would make a fantastic brother.

Ben was born with very mild clubbed feet, but that has not stopped him from being active! He hasn’t needed any physical therapy or surgery to walk and run on his own. He’s very sociable and loves to speak words in English. In fact, Ben is a bright and intelligent kiddo who’s doing well in school. Click here to watch a video of Ben showcasing his talents!

Ben is an amazing and fun-loving boy who’s full of life, and we would love to see him find a family that he can call his own. If you or someone you know is interested in learning more about Ben, please contact our Adoption Specialist Alexandra at or 512-323-9595 ext. 3032.


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Gotcha Day Anniversary

Meet Caroline! She’s a sweet girl with an infectious smile, and we’ve enjoyed following her adoption journey from her matching process to her Gotcha Day to her life since she came home.

One year ago, she was united with her forever family. Since then, she’s grown and learned so much, and her parents are incredibly proud of her. Congratulations to sweet Caroline and her family on their first year Gotcha Day Anniversary! We’re excited to see what’s in store for them in the future. Watch the video below for highlights of Caroline from the past year!

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5 New Kids on the Block

Meet Tucker

Tucker is a precious 5-year-old boy in need of a forever family! He’s very friendly, smart, and helpful. Tucker was born with a congenital heart defect, but he can walk, run, and use the stairs by himself. He’s developmentally on track and does very well in school. He’s cheerful and loves to play with his friends. To learn more about him, visit our photo listing today!

Meet Shane

Shane is a sweet 10-year-old boy who was born with a congenital heart defect, but he’s received surgery to fix it. Currently, he lives with a foster family, and he gets along very well with them. He’s made great progress developmentally so far, and he would thrive in a loving family environment. For more information about him, visit our photo listing today!

Meet Will

Will is an adorable 5-year-old boy who’s described as quiet and introverted. He has some issues with his sinuses and is delayed compared to his peers, but he’s participated in many activities to assist his motor and cognitive development. GWCA is currently trying to obtain updated information on him. To learn more about Will, request his file today!

Meet Conner

Conner is a precious 4-year-old boy who was born with a congenital heart defect, but he has received surgery for it. Conner used to be shy, but now he’s very outgoing! He loves to play games with other kids. GWCA is working on obtaining updated information about him. To learn more about Conner, request his file today!

Meet Emmett

Emmett is a sweet 7-year-old boy who might have cerebral palsy. However, he can walk independently and complete some self-care tasks. Emmett is cheerful and polite, and he loves playing with other kids. Also, he enjoys drawing and playing with toys. GWCA is currently working to obtain new information on Emmett. To learn more about him, request his file today!


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Simon Is GWCA’s New Sponsored Star

Meet our new Sponsored Star for January, Simon! He’s a precious 7-year-old boy who is deaf, but he’s great at understanding facial expressions and can communicate using hand gestures and instructions. Simon is a self-independent and cheerful boy who laughs easily and gets along with others. He loves to dance, play sports and games, and paint in art class. Simon would thrive with the love of a family!

As our Sponsored Star for December, he has a $2,000 grant available towards his adoption fees! If you’re interested in learning more about Simon, visit our photo listing or contact our matching specialists today!

What is a Sponsored Star?

On the 1st of each month, Great Wall China Adoption will feature one of our Waiting Children as our monthly “Sponsored Star!” As our Sponsored Star, that child will be provided a $2,000 grant towards their adoption fees. Each of the kiddos selected is a Special Focus child, meaning they have not found their Forever Family yet due to their age or the degree of their needs. Together, we can find loving homes for these amazing kids!

We encourage any families interested in learning more about our Sponsored Star of the Month to visit our China Waiting Child Photo Listing, or contact our China Matching Specialists to learn how you can be matched today! Check back on the first of each month to meet the newest featured child!


– Learn more about China adoption
– Visit the Waiting Child Photo Listing
– Contact a China adoption specialist

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