A Family for Leo

Leo is a sweet boy that is near and dear to our hearts! He’s 8 years old and is in need of a family to call his own. Leo was previously hosted in the United States in 2016 and made leaps and bounds since then! He made incredible progress with his strength, learning capacity, and English.

Leo is incredibly adaptable and resilient. Amazingly, he’s been able to adjust to any situation he’s given and develops trusting relationships with adults and kids. He leaves a lasting impact on everyone he meets! Also, he giggles often and has a big belly laugh that will bring a lot of joy to his forever family.

His medical need is unclear at this time, but CT scans indicate that he has a brain need. However, Leo is a bright and smart boy who would be a wonderful addition to any family. If you or someone you know is interested in learning more about him, please contact our Adoption Specialist Alexandra at alexandra@gwca.org or 512-323-9595 ext. 3032.


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10 New Kids on the Block

Meet Payton

Payton is a precious 2-year-old girl who was born with Down syndrome and a congenital heart defect, which she received surgery for and recovered well. Payton has been described as a quiet and obedient girl who gets along well with others. She likes to clap her hands, play with toys, and give hugs! She gets a big smile on her face when she is being teased. To learn more about Payton and watch her video, request her file today!

Meet Trevor

Trevor is a sweet 2-year-old boy who was born with CHD and Cri-du-chat syndrome. He can sit up by himself and crawl short distances. His favorite activity is being held by his caretakers, and he enjoys playing with toys. Trevor needs a loving family who can provide him with the resources he needs to thrive! To learn more about Trevor, request his file today!

Meet Maisey

Maisey is an adorable little girl who is 6 years old. Maisey was born with cerebral palsy and currently has some developmental delays compared to her peers. Her caretakers describe her has being extroverted and happy! She likes to smile and say hello to people. Maisey gets along very well with other children, and she loves being around them. To learn more about Maisey, request her file today!

Meet Chance

Chance is an adorable 3-year-old boy who was born with Down syndrome. Chance is a happy kiddo who is very affectionate and obedient. He is also super helpful around the orphanage with housework tasks. He loves to play with toys with other kiddos, watch cartoons, and listen to music! To learn more about this sweet little boy, request his file today!

Meet Evie

Evie is an adorable 2-year-old girl who was born with Down syndrome and a heart defect that she has received surgery for. Evie is active, cute, and loves to play. She has formed an attachment with her teachers and interacts with them very well. Evie loves to give her caretakers and friends kisses and hugs! To learn more about this sweet little girl, request her file today!

Meet Anthony

Anthony is a sweet and active 5-year-old boy who was born with Down syndrome. Anthony is self-independent and very helpful around the orphanage! He always helps clean up. Anthony attends school within the orphanage, and his favorite class is music. He loves to play outside and watch cartoons. To learn more about Anthony, request his file today!

Meet Marissa

Marissa is an adorable 2-year-old girl who was born with Cri-du-chat syndrome and a congenital heart defect, which she received surgery for and recovered well. She has an easy temperament and rarely cries. She loves to be held and cuddled by her caregiver! Marissa has been described as a quiet, obedient, and active little girl who likes to play with other kids. To learn more her and watch her video, request her file today!

Meet Sam

Sam is a precious 6-year-old boy who is delayed compared to his peers, but he would thrive in the care of his forever family! He is shy around strangers but is very cuddly and affectionate with his caregivers. He feels very secure when he’s in their care and laughs happily. Sam is very active and likes to play chase with other kiddos in the orphanage. To learn more about Sam, request his file today!

Meet Caroline

Caroline is an adorable one-year-old girl who has Down syndrome. She has been described as a quiet, obedient, and extroverted little girl who has a striking smile and good temperament. Caroline loves to hug and cuddle with her caregiver! She loves uplifting music and she starts to smile and dance whenever she hears it playing. To learn more Caroline and watch her video, request her file today!

Meet Hudson

Hudson is a precious 1-year-old boy who was born with Down syndrome and a heart defect that he has received surgery for. Hudson is a cheerful, happy, and enthusiastic little boy. He loves to interact with others and frequently wants to be in the center of all the action! He likes to give hugs and smile at his caretakers. He is especially fond of toys with music. To learn more about Hudson, request his file today!


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Intercountry Adoption Changes

Dear Families,

As you may already know, each adoption service provider (ASP) is licensed to process adoptions within their state, as well as accredited by the Department of State (DOS) via an approved accrediting entity. An accrediting entity effectively governs compliance with the Hague Convention rules and regulations, under the supervision of DOS. Since the inception of the Hague Convention, the accrediting entity governing compliance has been the Council on Accreditation (COA). Recently, due to conflicts with DOS centering on how ASPs should be overseen, COA has resigned from its role as an accrediting entity. In its stead, a new agency, Intercountry Adoption Accreditation and Maintenance Entity (IAAME), has been approved. The transition of duties is still taking place, but in the meantime new requirements have been announced and we would like to make everyone aware.

Last week, IAAME released its fee schedules for accreditation, monitoring, and oversight, which are applicable to every ASP currently operating. Included in this fee schedule is a “Monitoring & Oversight” fee of $500 per adoptive child that will be assessed on any new adoptive families contracted on or after February 15, 2018. GWCA/CAN (and all other APSs) will be required to report new adoptive families each month, and then pay this fee per family the following month. As this is a fee charged by IAAME (and approved by DOS), this is what we would call a “pass-through fee,” wherein GWCA/CAN is merely a third-party processor. We want to stress this fee is NOT charged by GWCA/CAN, nor does GWCA/CAN have any say in this fee moving forward other than the requirements of reporting and billing. This fee is non-refundable per IAAME.

Beginning February 15, any contracts signed will be assessed this fee. In addition to other fees due with the signing of your contract, you will need to remit payment for one child (or the first child, if intending to adopt multiple children). If you are a family intending to adopt two or more children, please note that you will not be required to pay the additional fees for each child until you accept the referral which will be unique to each family’s case.

We understand that additional fees in an adoption, especially those not expected, can be frustrating. For this reason, we would like to once again stress that this is not the choice GWCA/CAN (or any ASP). GWCA/CAN is following the directions of IAAME, who is operating at the direction of DOS. If you do have any questions, please feel free to contact your application case manager.


Great Wall China Adoption/Children of All Nations

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11 New Kids on the Block

Meet Nina

Nina is an adorable 1-year-old girl who was born with cleft lip and palate and a heart defect. However, she has received surgery for the heart defect. She’s friendly and loves to play with people and listen to music. Nina is currently babbling and saying phrases like “bye bye!” To learn more about Nina, request her file today!

Meet Noah

Noah is a precious 2-year-old boy who was born with a congenital heart defect, but he has received surgery for it. He’s slightly introverted with strangers but loves to play with other kids and is close with his caretakers. Noah is developing on track and can speak short phrases. To learn more about him, request his file today!

Meet Sydney

Sydney is a sweet 6-year-old girl who is cognitively delayed compared to her peers but doesn’t have other medical needs. Sydney gets along with other kids very well and likes to play games with them. She’s loves to read, listen to music, and participate in musical performances. To learn more about Sydney, request her file today!

Meet Jonathan

Jonathan is an adorable 9-year-old healthy boy who’s doing really well! He’s obedient, honest, and kind. His favorite activities are reading, drawing, singing, skating, and playing games. Jonathan is very social and likes to help care for younger kids. To learn more about him, request his file today!

Meet Stella

Stella is a cheerful 4-year-old girl who was born with cerebral palsy and is delayed compared to her peers. However, she’s fairly self-sufficient. Stella is well-liked by everyone in her orphanage and is always smiling! She loves to watch TV, listen to music, and dance. To learn more about Stella, request her file today!

Meet Corbin

Corbin is an adorable 4-year-old boy who was born with CHD but has had surgery for it. He’s doing very well cognitively and doesn’t appear to be delayed. He’s doing well in kindergarten and likes to sing and paint. He’s active, polite, and enjoys playing with other kids. To learn more about him, request his file today!

Meet Bailey

Bailey is a lovely 6-year-old girl who was born with dislocated hip joints. However, we are requesting updated information about her. Sometimes her caretakers ask her, “Are you close to me?” and Bailey will reply by smiling and pointing at her chest, meaning that they’re close to her heart! To learn more about Bailey, request her file today!

Meet Austin

Austin is a precious 2-year-old boy who was born with finger deformities, but he’s received surgery for them. Austin is outgoing, tolerant, super sweet, and has a positive attitude! He’s very active, and his favorite things to do are dance or play with other kids. To learn more about him, request his file today!

Meet Collin

Collin is a lively 8-year-old boy who has been diagnosed with hypospadias. He’s self-independent and is doing very well in school. Collin is sociable and likes to play on the playground and play sports with his friends. He’s cheerful and always has a big smile on his face when he dances to music. To learn more about him, request his file today!

Meet Shelby

Shelby is an adorable 8-year-old girl who was born with cerebral palsy, but she is receiving rehabilitation services and can complete activities by herself. She’s described as introverted but loves to play with her peers. Her favorite activities are playing catch and playing with dolls. To learn more about Shelby, request her file today!

Meet Ruby

Ruby is a sweet 5-year-old girl who was born with cerebral palsy. However, she’s cognitively on track and is receiving daily rehabilitation. She’s outgoing and gets along great with other kids in the orphanage. She’s always smiling and laughing, and she loves to dance. Ruby has a bubbly personality and would bring joy to your family. To learn more about her, request her file today!


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Ben Is GWCA’s New Sponsored Star

Meet our new Sponsored Star for February, Ben! He’s a sweet 11-year-old boy who’s still waiting to find his forever family. We’ve advocated for him previously, and he’s been in our hearts ever since we heard his story. Ben is an amazing and fun-loving kiddo who would make a fantastic son or brother, and we hope that he will be adopted soon.

He was born with very mild clubbed feet, but that hasn’t kept him from being very active and outgoing! He loves playing with other kids and can walk and run on his own. Ben is very sociable, bright, and intelligent. Watch this video of Ben demonstrating his talents!

As our Sponsored Star for February, he has a $2,000 grant available towards his adoption fees! Could you or someone you know be Ben’s forever family? If you’re interested in learning more about Ben, visit our photo listing or contact our matching specialists today!

What is a Sponsored Star?

On the 1st of each month, Great Wall China Adoption will feature one of our Waiting Children as our monthly “Sponsored Star!” That child will be provided a $2,000 grant towards their adoption fees while they are a Sponsored Star, which lasts for two months. Each of the kiddos selected is a Special Focus child, meaning they have not found their Forever Family yet due to their age or the degree of their needs. Together, we can find loving homes for these precious kids!

We encourage any families interested in learning more about our Sponsored Star of the Month to visit our China Waiting Child Photo Listing, or contact our China Matching Specialists to learn how you can be matched today. Check back on the first of each month to meet the newest featured child!


– Learn more about China adoption
– Visit the Waiting Child Photo Listing
– Contact a China adoption specialist

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