4 New Kids on the Block!

Meet Justin!

Justin is an adorable 3-year-old boy! He has been diagnosed with mild Cerebral Palsy and exotropia in both eyes, which is a mild condition where his eyes sometimes turn outwards. Justin has been engaged in daily rehabilitation therapy, and he can stand alone with the assistance of a walker or his caretaker’s hand. His caretakers believe that he will be able to walk by himself in the near future.

According to an update from November 2016, his caretakers noted that he was able to follow simple instructions and is currently in the babbling stage of language development. He sometimes says “mom,” especially when he wants snacks. Justin has been described as an outgoing, active little boy who gets along well with others, and his favorite thing to do is to watch cartoons! Please reach out to us at GWCA if you would like to learn more about him!

Meet Cooper!

This adorable little guy is Cooper, and he is 9 years old! One of Cooper’s eyes is underdeveloped, and he does not have any vision from it. However, his other eye is only nearsighted, and he reports to be able to see with glasses on. His host mom says that he was not restricted in any way based on this need, and that he was able to keep up with other kids with no problem! Cooper was hosted in the hosting program last summer and had an amazing time with his host family!

Here’s something that his host family wrote about him: “He is independent, unbelievably well behaved, follows direction, and likes to help. Shy at first, but he quickly opens up to everyone. Very inquisitive, he is constantly asking questions. Wakes up in the morning and greets us with a cheery “Hello!”, one of the several English words he learned while with us. He has been as low maintenance as any child I have ever met. The way he adjusted to the drastic changes of hosting was unbelievable, he is so ‘go with the flow.’ Sounds too good to be true, but he didn’t misbehave for a second while he was here. I really don’t have any negatives to say about him. We honestly forgot that he had any vision issues at all. He rides a bike, power wheels, scooter, runs races, all no problem.”

Visit our photo listing to read more from his host family! Contact us at GWCA to learn more about Cooper!

Meet Brett!

This cute little boy is 3 years old and has been diagnosed with congenital clubbed foot. GWCA is working on getting an update on whether it affects one or both of his feet. His file indicates that he also has a delay in his psychomotor functioning. Based on an update from September 2017, he is slightly delayed compared to his peers. His caretakers noted that he is engaged in rehabilitation therapy and is able to walk and climb up the stairs with assistance. Brett is able to follow simple instructions and says a few words, such as hello, goodbye, drink milk, do not, and various fruit names. He is described as being a shy little boy who gets along well with others. Brett loves to sing and imitate animals. Please reach out us at GWCA if you would like to learn more about him!

Meet Jeremy!

This sweet little boy’s name is Jeremy, and he is 6 years old! His file indicates that he was diagnosed with latent spina bifida and post-operative congenital anal atresia. His file is outdated, and GWCA is requesting additional information. At the time his file was made, he was in kindergarten and was able to walk, talk, dress himself, and follow simple instructions. Jeremy has been described as a shy yet active little boy who loves playing outdoors. Please reach out to us at GWCA if you would like to learn more about him!


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