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Lincoln is a sweet little boy that is 4 and a half years old.  Lincoln is described by his caretakers as being very cooperative and playful.  He likes to play with other children and doing group activities.  He can walk well on his own.  Lincoln is good at imitating the words of adults. He can hold a pen and scribble with it on paper.

Lincoln has a congenital heart defect (CHD).  His file says that his CHD presents as a single cardiac ventricle, ASD, PTA, mitral atresia.

We are currently working on getting an update from Lincoln’s orphanage to give us even more information on how he is currently doing.

If you would like to learn more about Lincoln, please contact the GWCA China Home Finding Team today!

**URGENT: AGING OUT** This amazing kiddo’s name is Colt! Colt will be turning 14 this September, meaning he will lose his chance at finding a family. Colt was born with tetralogy of fallot, but he had surgery in April of 2005 and has thrived since that time! Colt is an incredibly smart, social child who would thrive in a forever family. Colt is bright, independent, and mischievous! He loves his teachers and classmates, and he is currently in school! He also loves his brothers and sisters in the orphanage and hopes to one day be adopted and come back to visit them to tell them about the United Stated. Colt has wanted to be adopted for a long time, and told his caregivers to tell prospective parents, “Dear Father and Mother, I am waiting for you in China.” He is a sweet, charismatic little boy who needs to have the love of a family. His caregivers love him very much and hope that he is adopted soon. Please reach out to Great Wall to learn more about this incredible kiddo!Castle is a precious little boy who just turned 4 years old!  Castle can walk by himself and eat by himself.  He is described as being a more timid boy.  Castle really likes listening to music and eating sweet foods.

Castle has been diagnosed with hypospadis and cerebral dysplasia.  His CT report says that he has unsymmetrical of bilateral hemisphere, symmetrical of bilateral lateral ventricle.

Castle’s file is a little out of date so we are working hard to learn more about him.  We are hoping to have an update on how he is doing from his orphanage very soon.

If you would like to learn more about Castle, please contact the GWCA China Home Finding Team today!

Click Here to Watch a recent Video of Castle!

Meet Abby! Abby is a darling 4-year old girl in need of a home to call her own. Abby was born with Down Syndrome and a congenital heart defect. She had surgery for her heart in September of 2014 and appears to be doing great! She also had a tracheotomy in November of 2014 due to subglottic stenosis and acute laryngitis. Abby’s caregivers say that she is a bright, clever child who follows instructions well and can easily identify objects when asked. She is very independent and does not require much additional daily care from the orphanage caregivers. Abby is described as being outgoing, smiley, and curious. She loves to dance and is described as “having a desire to perform!”. She is very cuddly and loves to show affection to others. She is also great at imitating words that her caretakers say and responding to questions. She is an incredible kiddo who would thrive with the love of a forever family. Please reach out to Great Wall to learn more!Leo is an incredible and bright 13-year old boy who was hosted in the United States last summer! He will be aging out in April and is in desperate need of a family to call his own. Leo’s file is currently on the shared listing, meaning that it is available for all agency’s to access! Leo’s host mom and advocates have already raised $12,000 for his adoption, and he is also eligible for a $6,000 grant through Reece’s Rainbow! There are many advocates that know Leo well and are hoping to help him find his forever family. Here’s what Leo’s host mom has said about this amazing boy:

“Leo is a 13 year old orphan from China who stayed in our home with us last summer. It is our family’s intention to connect this sweet boy with his forever family so that he can return to the US as quickly as possible. Leo is full of joy and smiles, and loves music. He has taken a liking to American music and sings along often and also has been singing in Chinese. He also plays the piano in our home nearly every day. Though he doesn’t play a familiar tune, he plays it appropriately and even looks at the song books as he is playing. He also likes to push buttons and play with toys that make noise or move. Therefore, he has been drawn to toys that typically get played with by toddlers. He didn’t know any English when he arrived, but he has quickly learned some words and is very good at mimicking words and phrases that are spoken to him. We have also developed some hand motions to communicate. He can let us know when he is hungry, thirsty, finished, or needs to use the restroom. He also understands some of our hand motions which has helped with our communication. He is a very affectionate boy that loves to hug, hold hands, and snuggle on your lap. He is also very silly. He often does things to make the family laugh like wearing silly hats, and dancing around and laughing. Leo also loves to be in motion. He really enjoys riding in a car and giggles as we go up and down hills every single time. Swinging is his favorite activity at the park and he screamed and laughed with amazement as we went down waterslides. Leo has a diagnosis of PKU (Phenylketonuria) which is a genetic metabolic disorder that means he does not digest protein like most people. Leo will need to be on a special diet to address his PKU diagnosis. While here he has been an incredible eater! He is open to almost all foods including fruits and vegetables and he ate all of the special low protein foods that are manufactured for those with PKU that we offered him.”

Please reach out to Great Wall to talk more about this amazing kiddo!

Check out Leo’s advocacy page on Facebook!

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