5 New Kids on the Block!

Meet Nolan!

This sweet kiddo’s name is Nolan, and he will be 10 years old this November! Nolan has astigmatism in his eyes, but it does not appear to impact his vision or daily life in any way. He is a smart, happy little boy who loves to sing and dance with the other kiddos in the orphanage! He loves to learn and is described by his caregivers as being very independent. His teachers say that he is the best dancer out of all of the kiddos in class! Please reach out to us at GWCA to learn more!

Meet Talia!

This beautiful girl is Talia, and she is 11 years old! Talia was diagnosed with a cyst in her brain, but it does not appear to impact her overall development. Talia is a smart, independent girl who does very well in school! She is very popular with the other kiddos and is described as having a shy personality. She has fantastic language development and is even able to say some simple English words! She is a bright, happy girl who would thrive with a family to call her own. Please reach out to GWCA to learn more!

Meet Milo!

This precious boy’s name is Milo, and he is 11 years old! Milo was born with cleft lip and palate that have been surgically repaired. He was also born with deformity of his toes. He is a very smart kiddo who is able to read and communicate with his caregivers clearly. He loves to play sports with the other kiddos in the orphanage, and he is very well loved by his caregivers. Please reach out to us at GWCA to learn more!

Meet Audrey!

This precious little one’s name is Audrey! She is 2 years old and was born with Down syndrome and congenital heart disease. Audrey is a snuggly, sweet little kiddo who loves her caregivers! She loves to play with toys and has excellent fine motor skills. She is an adorable little one who would thrive with the love of a forever family. Please reach out to the GWCA China Home Finding Team to learn more!

Meet Matilda!

Matilda is a precious 8-year-old girl in need of a family to call her own. Matilda was born with a cleft lip and palate that were repaired, as well as clubbed feet that have been corrected over time. She was also born with syndactyly of both of her feet and a need related to her knee development that was corrected with surgery. Her file also indicates that she has differences of sex development, but our staff is currently working to learn more from her orphanage.

Matilda is described by her caregivers as being active, studious, and strong! She has lived in a foster family for several years and has worked very hard in school. She is a bright, happy kiddo who would thrive with access to ongoing education and physical therapy. Despite her needs impacting her leg development, she has excellent range of motion and has made incredible progress in rehabilitation therapy.

She has incredible language ability and can clearly speak in complex sentences. She communicates extremely well with others and can express her thoughts and needs to her caregivers. Matilda is described as a gentle, sweet girl who loves to play outside and loves rag dolls in particular. Her orphanage clearly loves her very much and hopes that she has a happy and healthy life. Please reach out to GWCA to learn more about this amazing kiddo!


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