5 New Kids on the Block!

Meet Ari!

This precious little girl is two years old. Her file is outdated, and GWCA is working on obtaining updated information. However, it indicates that she was diagnosed with hydrocephalus. She was placed in a foster family when she was one month old, and GWCA is seeking information on her current living situation. Ari was described by her caretaker as being a quiet, little girl with an adorable laugh, who likes listening to music. Her favorite activity is playing outdoors. Please reach out to GWCA if you’d like to learn more about her!

Meet Adrian!

This precious boy is 3 years old! Adrian was diagnosed with a need related to the brain, and his development is delayed compared to his peers. However, he is able to follow simple instructions, such as cooperating when his caretakers dress him and following his bedtime routine. Also, he can walk with assistance by holding on to rails or holding his caretaker’s hand.

Adrian has been described as being very active and optimistic. He loves to play games with other children in the orphanage and likes to dance in his crib. GWCA is currently working on getting updated information about him. Please reach out to us to learn more!

Meet Gabriella!

This sweet little girl is three years old! Her file is currently outdated; however, it indicates she was born with a cleft lip and palate. GWCA is currently working to get an update on her. As an infant, Gabriella was quiet and had a charming smile. She made great strides in her mental and physical development. Gabriella would happily smile and laugh whenever she was held, teased, or listening to music. Please reach out to GWCA to learn more!

Meet Erin!

Erin is an adorable 8-year-old girl in need of a home to call her own. Her file indicates that she has mobility delays in her lower limbs, but she has thrived with physical therapy! Erin’s caregivers describe her as a sweet little girl, who is strong and brave. With therapy, Erin has improved her overall mobility and can now walk up and down stairs with assistance!

Erin has incredible language development and is able to speak in full sentences with her caregivers. Erin has a very curious mind and loves to learn. She has excellent self-care ability and loves to take care of the younger kiddos in the orphanage. Erin appears to be on-target cognitively and overall is a bright, happy kiddo. If you’d like to learn more about this amazing girl, please reach out to GWCA!

Meet Jason!

Jason is a sweet boy who recently turned 12 years old. Jason was born deaf but received a cochlear implant, so he has quite a bit of hearing ability now. Since he received his cochlear implant 4 years ago, he has attended a special boarding school to help him learn language and speech.

Jason has great self-care skills, and he is very easy to live with. He has an easy-going personality and gets along well with others. He likes to draw and make models with his hands. Jason is good at math, and he likes to play basketball with other children at school.

Please contact the China Home Finding Team if you would like to learn more about adopting Jason. We hope we are able to find Jason his Forever Family soon!


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