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We’ve added 6 more kids to our China Waiting Child photo listing this week! If your family is interested in being matched, contact our matching specialists or visit our photo listing using the link below!

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Maeve is a cutie who just turned 3 years old! Her file was prepared about a year ago and it indicates she was born with a meningocele and hydrocephalus. She has received surgery for the meningocele but it is unclear whether she has had surgery for her hydrocephalus. Maeve has improved in her language skills and can speak in simple phrases! She can imitate what adults are saying and can understand what is being said to her. She loves reading books and turning the pages to show her caretakers all of the pictures! Maeve can crawl and walk with her hands holding onto handrails. She is described as being a talkative and active kiddo! If you’d like more information on Maeve, please contact one of our matching specialists!

MaxThis adorable kiddo’s name is Max! He will be turning 2 years old this November. He has been diagnosed with Duchenne’s Muscular Dystrophy. He also has a hemangioma on his upper lip. He is a sweet kiddo who is extremely affectionate towards his caregivers! He seems to be doing well with his mobility development and is able to lift himself up, stand without assistance, and grasp small toys. He loves to listen to dance along to music and loves to play games with his caregivers. If you’d like to learn more about Max, please reach out to Great Wall!MatthewMatthew is an adorable 4-year old boy looking for a forever family! He was born with anal atresia, but since having surgery he seems to be doing very
well. He is currently living with a foster family and appears to be doing great developmentally. He loves to run, draw and count. His caretakers describe him as being very optimistic and active. Please reach out to Great Wall if you’d like to learn more!SophieThis darling kiddo’s name is Sophie! She just turned 2 this past June. She was born with hydrocephalus. Her fine and gross motor skills are somewhat delayed compared to her peers, but she is able to prop her head up and play with toys. She loves to laugh and understands facial expressions of adults. She also turns her head towards her caregivers when they call her name. Sophie loves to smile and is very attached to her caregivers. If you’d like to learn more, please reach out to Great Wall!CarterCarter is a precious little boy from China that just turned 4 years old. Carter had clubbed feet when he was a baby, but he received surgery on them and they have been mostly corrected. He still has some issues with his limbs, but it isn’t totally clear in his file what those issues are, so we’re trying to get some updated information from the orphanage on that. Carter is said to have normal mental development and is at the same level developmentally as other children his age. Carter goes to early education classes each day and is learning well alongside his peers. Carter is outgoing and likes to talk and sing songs. Carter can communicate well with adults and can speak 3-5 word sentences. He imitates what the adults around him are doing and saying, and he also asks “what” and “why” questions.

You can contact the China Home Finding Team at Great Wall if you would like to learn more about adopting Carter. We hope we are able to find Carter his Forever Family soon!

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