6 More Kids Home!

We are so incredibly happy to announce that over the past few weeks, SIX KIDS from our China adoption program have come home with their Forever Families! While the wait time for many international adoption programs continues to grow, China’s Waiting Child adoption program makes it possible for families to welcome a new member in less than one year. Thanks to this quick process and the hard work of each one of these families, these kiddos are now safely home in their parents’ loving arms. Congratulations to each and every one of these families from all of us at GWCA!

Just as no two adoption journeys are the same, each of these kids came to be matched with their Forever Families in their own way. While some of these kids’ files were considered Special Focus, meaning their families were able to be matched with them right away, other kids’ files were LID, meaning their families had to have their dossiers logged in before they could learn more about them.

If your family is interested in being matched with a child through our China Waiting Child adoption program, visit our Waiting Child photo listing or contact our China matching specialists

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