6 New Kids on the Block

This week we have 6 New Kids on the Block! Elle, Parker, Kelsey, Benji, Jillian and Colton are all hoping to find their Forever Families. If you’re interested in learning how you can be matched with one of these amazing kiddos, contact our China matching specialists or visit our Waiting Child photo listing today!

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KidsElle is a beautiful little girl from China that just recently turned 5 years old. Elle has a minor heart condition where the heart points to the right side instead of the left side, and this issue doesn’t seem to affect Elle in her daily life. Elle also has one ear where the outer part is slightly malformed, but her hearing is normal. Otherwise Elle appears to be doing well physically and cognitively. One of our GWCA staff members met Elle when she visited China earlier this year and she would be happy to speak with any interested family about Elle.

Elle is in a regular school outside of the orphanage where she is currently in kindergarten. Elle is described as being a polite child who gets along well with others. Elle’s growth development is the same as other children of her same age. Elle is a more of a shy, introverted child, but she always likes to play with others, especially playing with dolls. She likes to give performances and show off her dancing skills. Elle’s mental development is described as being normal.

You can contact the China Home Finding Team at Great Wall if you would like to learn more about adopting Elle. We hope we are able to find Elle her Forever Family soon!

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Parker is a sweet little baby boy that just turned 1 year old. Parker has Down’s Syndrome so he is a little delayed compared to his peers, but he is a happy boy that is progressing well for a child with Down’s Syndrome. One of our GWCA staff members met Parker when she visited China earlier this year and she would be happy to speak with any interested family about Parker.

Parker can push himself up when laying on his tummy and can lift his head up, and he can also turn over by himself. Parker can grasp toys in his hands and can exchange them from one hand to the other. He can also track when a toy is moving and he will look for missing toys when he drops them. Parker is babbling and he enjoys imitating the sounds adults make. If he hears a voice or a sound he will look to see where it is coming from and will track it. Parker enjoys listening to music and he will often become happy and calm quiet if he hears it. Parker can feed himself snacks like biscuits.

You can contact the China Home Finding Team at Great Wall if you would like to learn more about adopting Parker. We hope we are able to find Parker his Forever Family soon!

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KidsThis cutie is named Kelsey and she is 3 years old! She was born with a cleft lip and palate, Hep B and a heart condition known as a PFO. Based on the information in her file that was prepared in 2014, Kelsey was receiving rehabilitation services to improve her motor skills and her caretakers believed she would make progress. At the age of 1 years old she was able to turn over on her own, sit up by leaning onto support, grasp toys and respond to her name being called. She liked to be held by her caretakers and is described as an adorable and smiley little girl. GWCA is currently trying to get some updated information on Kelsey’s condition. Contact one of our matching specialists today if you’d like to review her file!

KidsThis darling kiddo’s name is Benji! He just turned six years old last May. He has Down Syndrome, but overall he seems to be doing great! He loves to play with the other children, is great at counting numbers with his teachers, and loves to dance to music. He has excellent language development and likes to point out his favorite animals. He goes to school and seems to be doing great. He’s very empathetic towards the other children, especially when they are sad or upset. He’s a darling kiddo who will thrive with a forever family! Please reach out to Great Wall if you’d like to learn more.KidsJillian is a smiley girl who just turned 9 years old! One of our GWCA staff members met Parker when she visited China earlier this year and she would be happy to speak with any interested family about Parker. She is currently in regular school where she is learning to read and do math problems! She is doing well cognitively when compared to her peers with Down’s Syndrome. Jillian loves dancing and singing! She is described as being a little more introverted but she enjoys being around other kiddos her age! Jillian’s personality shines through in all of the videos below! Contact one of our matching specialists if you would like to review her file! KidsThis little cutie’s name is Colton! Colton is 4 years old, and he was born with Down Syndrome and a congenital heart defect. He has had surgery on his heart and his orphanage states that he does not need any additional surgeries moving forward. His language development is delayed, but he does appear to be understanding words that are spoken to him. He can respond to his name, loves to laugh when being teased, and can distinguish between familiar caregivers and strangers. He loves to hug his caregivers and the other kiddos and is described as being very affectionate. He also loves new toys! Colton is currently in a special kindergarten at the orphanage and seems to be doing great. If you’d like to learn more about him, please reach out to Great Wall!

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Help Nash Find His Family!

 | 2 | Boy

Meet this 2 year old cutie from China named Nash! This sweet boy’s favorite type of food is just like him: sweets!  Nash is not only known to have a sweet tooth, but he is known to be a sweetheart among his peers. Nash does have exceptionally thin, long fingers and toes, and he has a speech delay, but that does not slow him down!  Nash is able to craw and even can walk when he assisted! His fine motor skills are on par with his peers. Nash is able to tear paper, use his thumbs, etc. Nash is on the shyer side, but is definitely an active two year old. He loves playing with toys and jamming out to some awesome music!

Nash is looking for his forever home! Help make that happen by visiting the Great Wall of China Adoption today!

Visit GWCA’s Waiting Child photo listing to request Nash’s file today!