6 New Kids Are Waiting

Meet Harper! Harper is a darling 8-year old girl in need of a forever family! Harper has delayed language and motor development, as well as maldevelopment in her hip joints. Based on her file it is unclear if she is able to walk without assistance at this time. Great Wall has reached out to her orphanage and is hoping to learn more about her soon! At the time the file was prepared, Harper was living with a foster family and attending classes during the day. She loves to be read to by her teachers and will point at the contents of the book when teachers as her to identify pictures. She is able to follow instructions from caregivers but often has to be reminded a few times before completing the task. She can express her needs clearly using body language. Harper is a sweet, happy girl who loves to laugh and spend time with her peers!

Please reach out to Great Wall to learn more!

Meet Poppy! Poppy is a darling 4-year old girl with Down Syndrome. She is a sweet kiddo who is described by her orphanage as being shy to strangers but close with her caregivers. She loves listening to music and playing with toy cars!

If you’re interested in learning more about Poppy, contact Great Wall China Adoption today!

Meet Abigail! Abigail is a darling kiddo who just turned 11 this past April! Abigail’s diagnosis is intracranial hemorrhage. She also appears to have had kidney issues soon after her birth, but it is unclear at this time whether or not she is still impacted by this need. Great Wall has reached out to her orphanage to try to receive updated information on her medical file! Abigail is a sweet kiddo who has lived with a foster family since June of 2007. She has excellent self care ability and is able to put on clothes, eat, and use the bathroom without assistance. She is described by her caregivers as being shy and introverted, but when she is in a familiar environment she is much more active and outgoing! She loves her caregivers and has attached well to her foster family. Abigail loves playing computer games and watching television! She’s a special kiddo who would thrive with the love of a forever family.

Request Abigail’s file today to learn more about her!

This little guy’s name is Calvin! Calvin is a sweet 6-year old boy in need of a forever home. Calvin is believed to have a brain development need which may have affected his mobility on the right side of his body. Great Wall has reached out to his orphanage and is trying to learn more about his needs and how they impact his daily life! Calvin’s right side of his body is delayed compared to his left, but he appears to be doing well in regards to his cognitive and language development. At the age of two, Calvin was able to use simple words to express his needs and communicate with his caregivers. He loves the outdoors and loves to play with toys! Although his mobility is delayed on his right side, he is able to accomplish much of his daily self care using his left hand. Calvin also has esotropia and weakened sight in his right eye. He is a bright kiddo who would thrive with the love of a forever home.

Please reach out to Great Wall to learn more!

Jessa is a sweet girl who is turning 13 this May! She was diagnosed with cerebral palsy and malformed ankles and joints. Jessa had a surgery for her legs in 2012, and since that time she has been in rehabilitative training to increase her overall limb function! She is able to walk alone but has some difficulty with stability. Jessa is doing extremely well in regards to her overall cognitive and language development! She loves to read poems and studies characters and numbers in school! Her caretakers say that she has a rich imagination and a love of learning and exploring. She loves reading books and likes to act out scenes that she reads! Jessa is an amazing girl who would thrive with the love and resources a forever family would be able to provide.

Please reach out to Great Wall to learn more about her adoption process!

Carter is a cute little boy from China that is 1 and a half years old. Carter can walk by himself, he is babbling, he is imitating what others say, he is a quick learner, he can point to his eyes, nose, ears and mouth when asked by his caregivers. He likes to climb up and down from things, like his bed and the playscape on the playground.

Carter likes playing with other children but he gets upset when other children try to take his toys. He likes to go outside and play and when he sees that it is time to go outside he will run to get his shoes and quickly put them on.

Carter likes snacks and meal times.  When Carter hears someone calling his name he will turn around and look at them. He can follow simple instructions given to him by his caretakers.

Carter’s file says that he has congenital dysplasia of the left temporal lobe and he has paranasal sinusitis.

If you would like to learn more about Carter you can contact the China Home Finding Team at Great Wall by requesting to review his full file!

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