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Smiles, smiles, and more smiles! Preston is always full of joy with a huge smile on his face! This happy little 3 year old from China has been diagnosed with hydrocephalus, but he has had a shunt put in and now his situation appears to be normal. Preston loves life, understands fully when spoken to, and knows several words. Although he is almost always happy, Preston is happiest at meal time! This little man has one big appetite! Preston can sit up on his own and he is working on his mobility skills including crawling. He is on the quitter side and enjoys his sleep!

Learn more about Preston today by contacting the China Home Finding Team at Great Wall!

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Meet Joey! Joey is a darling 3 year old boy looking for a forever family! Joey was born with anal atresia and some differences of sex development. Joey’s caregivers describe him as extroverted, active, and restless! He is a smart, bright kiddo who can follow directions and express his needs clearly to his caregivers. He can walk steadily without assistance and has excellent fine motor skills. He loves to go to his caregivers for cuddles and can easily distinguish between his nannies and strangers. He is a sweet kiddo who would thrive with the consistent care of a forever family! Please reach out to Great Wall if you would like to learn more!Meet Silas!  This cutie is an easy going 3 year old from China who is super popular amongst his nannies! Despite having Prader-Willi Syndrome, Silas is just as active as any other kiddo his age! He loves playing with toys of all kinds, watch television, and he loves his sleep! He is an adorable little boy who is very curious about the world, always wanting to know what others are doing around him. Silas is known to be extremely laid back and a favorite at the orphanage! Although his speech is limited, Silas fully understands when spoken to. He is an extremely self-sufficient little dude who knows how to use his walker properly and independently. Silas loves to give love and we want him to be given some love back!

Learn more about Silas today by contacting the China Home Finding Team at Great Wall!

Meet Gideon! He is a precious 4 year old kiddo who was born with a Nephrotic Syndrome. This affects the way his kidneys function. Gideon seems to be doing very well! He can listen to his caretaker’s instruction, can cooperate with his caretakers to put away his toys, dress himself, brush his teeth etc. Gideon loves to play on the slide and ride his tricycle! His file mentions that he’s great at protecting younger children and looking out for them! He is considered to be active, kind and sweet. He loves to play games with other kiddos and dancing along to music! If you’d like to review Gideon’s file, please contact one of our matching specialists today!

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London is a precious little girl from China that is 4 and a half years old. London was born with cerebral palsy so her motor skills are delayed compared to her peers and her lower limbs are a bit weak. London can get around on her own by crawling but she needs some assistance walking. London is described as being a cute kiddo who is quiet and has a ready smile. She enjoys being around her caretakers and I loves to have them sing to her. London likes watching cartoons and especially likes playing dress up!

You can contact the China Home Finding Team at Great Wall if you would like to learn more about adopting London. We hope we are able to find London her Forever Family soon!

  Shiloh is a precious little girl from China that is 6 and a half years old. Shiloh was abandoned when she was 3 years old and came into care at that time. It is presumed that Shiloh lived with her family before that time. Shiloh now lives in a foster family and goes to school in the local orphanage. Shiloh’s file indicates that she has some cognitive delays and that she may need extra help catching up. Shiloh’s langue comprehension ability is good and she can speak 2-3 sentences at a time to express her needs. She has some trouble with pronunciation of some words and has a smaller vocabulary than some of her peers of the same age.

Shiloh enjoys group activities and likes playing with other children. Shiloh likes to be praised when she does a good job and so she will actively demonstrate her work to her teachers. She enjoys living in her foster family, where she has a younger foster sister that she enjoys very much. She likes to protect and care for her younger foster sister and she likes to give her hugs.

Shiloh has good motor skills; she can walk, run, jump and go up and down stairs. Shiloh also has good fine motor skills such as using a pen to color, eating with chopsticks, and picking out specific small objects from among other different small objects.

You can contact the China Home Finding Team at Great Wall if you would like to learn more about adopting Shiloh. We hope we are able to find Shiloh her Forever Family soon!

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