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JettJett is a precious boy currently being hosted in the United States. Here’s more information about him from his host family!

“Meet Jett! This precious little boy is a 7 year old orphan from China. He is being hosted in the USA until August 18, 2016. We are praying that he will be matched with his forever family soon. Despite having hemiplegia on his right side, Jett climbs, swims, runs, plays and keeps up with his 11 year old host brother. He is learning English well, and soaks up everything around him like a sponge. He is a very smart little boy.”

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NoraNora is a sweet kiddo who is 8 years old! She is mildly mentally delayed compared to her peers. She has three consistent caretakers who speak very highly of her! Nora has a sweet and gentle nature and is considered to be the “younger sister” in the group home that she lives in. She loves to sing songs and often sings to herself. She engages well and can follow conversations with ease. Nora is always willing to help with chores around the house and is eager to assist her caretakers! Her file indicates that despite her delays, she studies hard and is eager to complete her schoolwork.

Contact one of our matching specialists if you’d like to review her file!


Sam** A Family has begun submitting their paperwork to bring Sam home***

Sam is a precious little boy from China that just turned 2 years old. Sam has CHD (TOF) but received a surgery for it when he was very young and it appears that this issue has been corrected. Sam’s left food was also slightly clubbed, but he received surgery on that as well and he is now able to walk on his own without issues. One of our GWCA staff members met Sam when she visited China earlier this year and she would be happy to speak with any interested family about Sam.

Sam enjoys playing with blocks and balls and is very curious about everything around him. He has great fine motor skills and is able to pick up very small objects off the floor. He is babbling and imitating the words of adults around him and he understands the word “no.” He also is able to point to the different parts of his face (eyes, ears, nose, mouth) when asked by his care takers. He enjoys listening to music and trying to sing along to the songs. Sam is extroverted and enjoys playing with other children in the orphanage.

You can contact the China Home Finding Team at Great Wall if you would like to learn more about adopting Sam. We hope we are able to find Sam his Forever Family soon!

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JeremyThis incredible kiddo’s name is Jeremy and he just turned 12 years old! Jeremy was in our Summer Hosting program, and his host family has a ton of wonderful information about him! He was born with a meningocele on his spine, but after having surgery he’s been doing great! Here’s what his host mom says about him:

“Jeremy is a very sweet 11-year old boy who is thoughtful and always wanting to share with others. Jeremy is somewhat delayed socially for his age but he is a smart boy, who caught on quickly, and actually learned several words and phrases in English over his four-week stay.  Whatever he was not able to communicate in Mandarin or Chinese, and not being shy, he was usually able to cleverly figure out a way to communicate his desires to us.  He loved technology and computers and was very adept at figuring them out, always finding buttons and keypads interesting.  During our visit to the Optometrist, he became fascinated with the equipment being used for testing his eyes, touching buttons and turning dials until the doctor had to ask him to stop.  Being a very obedient boy, he complied with no argument.  Even at the dentist he found the equipment interesting so he breezed through his check-up, and the dentist was impressed at how much he was smiling at the end!  He loved the ATM machine, elevator buttons, hotel room key pads, and anything that had controls.  Jeremy had a great appetite, and it was a pleasure to watch him enjoy eating, always willing to try new foods, never shy to have second helpings, but his favorite food while in America was a hamburger with French fries!  He seemed quite smart, but may have some of the typical developmental delays due to not being challenged academically in his environment. However I believe that he would overcome that once he was able to learn English, begin school and interact with other children.  We discovered one of the outings Jeremy most enjoyed was going grocery shopping!  That was fun for him, methodically going down the aisles, counting out the produce, and demonstrating his organizational skills by neatly arranging the groceries in the shopping cart.  He even enjoyed putting the bags into the trunk and unpacking them at home! I think he would do well in a family with other children. We really enjoyed having this sweet boy in our home for 4 weeks.”

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CadeCade is a smiley little guy who is 2 years old! He was born with a spinal meningocele which has been repaired with surgery. Cade still has some trouble using his legs but doctors suggest intensive rehabilitation for him to gain strength. Through rehabilitaiton services, he has grown strong crawling capabilities and upper body strength. He is currently practicing standing using some support. His update indicates that he has come a very long way since he first began his rehabilitation! Cogntiviely he is on target with his peers. He can complete puzzles, understand what is being said to him and he can communicate actively and clearly.  He is described as a pleasant, bright and active boy with a ready smile! He likes playing with kids his age and older kiddos too. He loves participating in group activities and loves to observe people around him. His caretakers indicate that he learns very fast and is quite the little problem solver! He is great at imitating adult’s language and actions and can understand some simple instructions.

Contact one of our matching specialists if you’d like to review his file!

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AuroraAurora is a sweet little girl from China who is 3 and a half years old. Aurora has Down’s Syndrome so she will be delayed in some areas, but other than that she is a healthy little girl. Aurora is described by her caretakers as kind-hearted and very attached to people in her life. She is well behaved and obedient. She can walk, run and go up and down stairs by herself. She can draw and scribble on paper. She goes to the orphanage school with the other children in her orphanage. She is said to be very nice to her caretakers and to other children. She is delayed on language abilities, but she is able to understand what others are saying to her and she is able to follow multiple-step instructions from her caretakers.

You can contact the China Home Finding Team at Great Wall if you would like to learn more about adopting Aurora. We hope we are able to find Aurora her Forever Family soon!


JenniJenni is a cute little girl from China that just recently turned 4 years old. Jenni has Down’s Syndrome so she will be delayed in some areas, but other than that she appears to be a healthy little girl. She has been in a foster family since she was a baby, so she has received more one-on-one attention than some children who live in the orphanage. She is described by her foster family as active, energetic and cheerful. She can speak simple words and identify the people she is close to in her life. She can walk, run and jump. She has good gross motor skills. She can scribble on paper. She likes to play with blocks, puzzles and puppets. She will often hold her toy bear and pretend to put him to bed and will pat the bear as he sleeps. She likes to play games with other children such as hide and seek, ball games, and stringing beads. She is not a picky eater and she likes to eat fruit.

You can contact the China Home Finding Team at Great Wall if you would like to learn more about adopting Jenni. We hope we are able to find Jenni her Forever Family soon!

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