8 Older Children Home From China!

Welcome Home! (2)Welcome Home!

We are THRILLED to announce that in the past two weeks, eight kids form our China adoption program have come home! Ranging in age from six to twelve years old, it is amazing to see that over half of this group of older children came to the US previously with our Orphan Hosting program. We are so happy for each of these kiddos and their new Forever Families, as they begin the next leg of their journey together. Congratulations from all of us at GWCA and CAN, and welcome home!

Orphan Hosting

Twice a year, our Orphan Hosting programs bring older children to America so that they can stay with a family for 4-5 weeks. While older children are often considered more difficult to place, this program gives them the opportunity spend time with a family that can get to know more about their personality and needs so that they can help them find the perfect Forever Family. Whether the host family decides to move forward with adoption themselves, or whether they advocate on behalf of their host child to help them find the perfect Forever Family, we have seen our hosting programs help to bring countless children home.

If your family is interested in participating in our upcoming Orphan Hosting programs, visit our hosting website or contact shannon@gwca.org. We are currently matching children in our Philippines hosting program with families living in New York, New Jersey, Texas, Georgia and Florida. If you are currently living in one of these states and would like to learn more about the kiddos in our Philippines program, visit our Orphan Hosting photo listing today!

Our hosting coordinators are finishing up their interview trips for our China and Latvia winter hosting programs, and we are anxious to get our photo listings up and begin matching kids. Contact us today to find out how you can sign up for VIP registration.


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